Back to Jacob’s identity…

Can Richard communicate with Jacob in 1954? Probably not. But he knows who Jacob is, as he reacts to Locke telling him ‘Jacob sent me’.

Jacob seems to exist in the 1954 skip of the island. This is prior to Horace arriving with Dharma or Christian Sheppard arriving on 815 (dead OR alive)… So this seems to discount theories that either of these are Jacob.

Of course time is relative… But I am favoring more and more the possibility that Jacob was on the island prior to anything we have yet seen on the show. The clue to that is the period costume on the person we see in a flash the first time Locke visits Jacob’s cabin. Either he is linked to the Black Rock or Jacob is just a name someone stuck to a powerful presence, or to the island itself.

Maybe Horace (the mathematician) calculated a specific time and place on the island where he could build an artifact that would allow mere mortals to communicate with Jacob more effectively (like a telephone booth). He built the cabin (perhaps telling his Dharma superiors that he was building a retreat where he could work in peace and quiet). Then at a specific time Jacob’s presence showed up to inhabit the cabin. While it was there Horace spread a line of (possibly volcanic) Ash to contain it and render it inert.How this would work is beyond me.

The cabin seems to be a place where people get caught (as in a net). Christian, Claire, the other mysterious presences… In Hurley’s vision we see someone in a chair in the cabin and he is startled by ANOTHER face that suddenly pops up in foreground. This is possibly a second person. Or assuming time and space do not operate the same way in the cabin or on the island, it could be the same person in two places at once or moving at the speed of light from one place to another.

These are probably old ideas to most of you…

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I have shared a few thoughts about the contradiction of changing the past yet altering the future in various posts, but I thought I might need to expand a few of these thoughts, even though I will borrow from a few other posts out there. I really began to notice this contradiction while our island Losties (Sawyer, Miles, Daniel, Juliet, Locke) are in the past and what they do ‘changes the future’ – even though we have apparently seen the future. I think the island is a place where ‘course correction’ is allowed, and could be one of its main purposes for existing. This could be one of the main reasons we see the ‘game’ of seizing power and control of the island being played out between Charles Widmore and Ben.

Here are some of the factors I used to draw this conclusion, looking at a few inconsistencies that could be ‘reveals’ in a way.

Who actually is ‘traveling’ through time, therefore determining/manipulating the future.

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So a good friend told me, who is very knowledged in watches. A watches worst enemy, is magnetism. When a watch is exposed to magnetism and malfunctions, the hands snap to 12, and stutter the seconds, 1, 2, 3, then snaps back to 12, then 1, 2, 3, then snaps back to 12, a constant loop until its fixed.

The island seems to be snapping to different time periods..

now whats even cooler is that, when watches are made there is a special casing that is put around the watches “engine” so to say (what makes the watch work) and that casing is to stop magnets from ruining it, and that cage is called a “Faraday Cage”

pretty need huh.

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So I just saw the episode “Jughead”.

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I learned through watching the re-run of ‘The Lie’ from the information box, the disease affecting Charlotte and what ‘the losties’ will eventually become afflicted with is called Temporal Displacement. It is when the mind cannot distinguish between the past, present and the future.

The symptoms are headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness and memory loss. When it becomes severe, the blood vessels in the brain burst, causing death.

This sounds very similar to what Minkowski and Desmond were suffering from. Perhaps, there are other mitigating circumstances in certain individuals which effect them faster than others.

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One of the mysteries which had been nagging at me was solved, IMO in last nights episode.

John Locke was never ‘destined’ to be the leader of ‘the others’. Richard Alpert believes him to be. He believes this to be true, only because of Locke’s visit from the future back to 1954. How could anyone blame Alpert for thinking this, when Locke says, ‘If you don’t believe me, than come to the hospital in 1956, on the date I was born’. Not to mention Locke telling him that he does become the eventual leader of ‘the others’.

This is why we see throughout Locke’s childhood and adolescence, Richard show up at various times in his life. We see Richard administer a test to young Locke, and Locke fails at it, leaving Richard very frustrated. After all, a natural born leader would have demonstrated the abilities to choose accurately immediately.

Later on in Locke’s teen years, Richard shows up again. This time, he wants Locke to go to a ‘special school’. Locke, although good in science, displays rage at the thought of attending such a school. He sees himself very differently than others. He sees himself as a ‘man of faith’, and not a ‘man of science’.

I believe John Locke is afforded the opportunity to fulfill a destiny far greater than we have been led to believe. So far, we have only seen John, continually being ‘played’ by Ben. In time, I think we will view John Locke and his contributions to ‘the island’ as an integral part of ‘changing the future’.

The remaining mystery is, if not John Locke as leader of ‘the others’, which one of ‘the losties’ was/is destined to become the future leader.

So, what do you think?

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Better not to waste time extolling the superb quality of tonight’s episode. Suffice to safe, excellent. Here are some completely new revelations, and some old ideas that found new life tonight.

1.So the obvious: is Jughead (the bomb) the “chernoybyl” like thing guarded by all the lead and concrete beneath the Swan? They covered it with concrete. There was some kind of leak. Somehow it can interact with the “time wheel substance,” potentially destroying everything. They devised a way to “release the energy,” devised a “fail safe key,” yada yada. Food for thought at least.

2. A new perspective on life viewed through the eyes of Richard (and to some extent Ellie, Widmore, and the rest of the others. But especially Richard.) Time travel narratives typically follow the path of the traveler. But I love to look through the eyes of people living in the times they traveled to. Imagine this. You’re Richard Alpert. An old man with a limp wanders into your encampment, proclaims himself to be a charge sent by Jacob, hands you an old compass, tells you he has seen the future, asserts himself your leader, gives strange hints about his birth in two years, pleads with you to tell him how to get off the island and then…completely disappears. In Richard’s timeline, Locke would have been yelling “how do I get off the Island” and then gone the MOMENT after the flash (and, assuming Richard too sees the flash thats double: a flash and a disappearing Locke). Ellie would confirm the same happened with Faraday, Sawyer and Juliet, while Widmore et al would say the same for Miles and Charlotte. The matter surely would have left Richard in somewhat of a funk. I do surmise he lost some sleep over the matter. Then he decided it merited a visit to Tustin California. And there, in the hospital ward, Richard would find younge John Locke, just as future Locke told him. Its no wonder that “Locke” would take on a mysticism to Richard and the others; no wonder they would later tell him “we have been waiting for you a long time.” If the flashes continue, I presume Locke will make more entries into Richard’s life at various points. Each time he will stay a little, perhaps telling Richard what he knows, perhaps obtaining information about the Island’s secrets from Richard. And each time he will disappear, and things he says may/will come true. I think this may even further express why when Richard went to visit age 7 Locke he got SOOOOO PISSED. This is before he truly understood the principles guiding Locke’s journey. He tried to reach out to him to early, slowly learning he may never “officially” meet Locke until after the plane had crashed on the island.

3. Eloise. I have been on the fence since last week about whether Hawking is Faraday’s mother. I now believe it to be true. In addition, I think Ellie (the gun wielding blond) is Miss Hawking. Reason: Ellie is short for Eloise. Daniel says to her “you look really familiar to me.” This would be because she is his mother. And the final evidence (something that randomly fell into place tonight: a memory that “came to me” just like Desmond) Farday named his test mouth Eloise. After mommy dearest.

4. Why Walt Finally Makes Sense to Me!! (The actor at least). First of all, did anyone else’s broadcast network have the “hot pockets” (or something) commercial with Walt? That boy needs a new agent. But on to the business at hand. It has always perplexed me how the writers would deal with Walt’s age. This has probably become apparent to others already, so I apologize for reiterating what is already in your mind. But when we saw abnormally pubescent Walt visit Hurley, it was THREE YEARS after he left the island. So he would be 13-14 at that time. And though still a mighty pubescent 14 year old, a 14 year old he remains, making his age plausible. Thank goodness!

So, tell me what you think. And lets continue the conversation.

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I know that lost-pedia has a place for questions within certain pages, but I am curious if there is a post on here that has an ongoing list of questions to reference as we watch this new season unfold. (I know this is a theory site, which means that actual answers take some of the fun out of it all. But there is some satisfaction to some “aha” moments, for me at least. Three episodes into this season, and I am liking some of the distinct connections and reveals that are happening.) I was thinking the same thing about the Oceanic 6 and the supposed discovery of all 346 passengers…and why that hasn’t been addressed. So anyone else up for adding a few things to this list of nagging questions that might make their way into this season? My natural tendency is to start with characters, but of course there is room for all the other stuff, too.

1. Visions –

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First off…. If you haven’t watched episode 3 of season 5 DO NOT READ!!

We saw when Faraday talked to Desmond in the hatch in the first episode of the season that Desmond wakes up from a dream with a new memory.

In THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME in season 4 Widmore tells Ben he kept a bottle of macutcheon when the NIGHTMARES began.

Well tonight we learned Widmore is on the island when Juliet, Sawyer , and Locke and company travel back.

Remember Widmore has to kill his friend among other things concerning Juliet Sawyer and Locke.

Anyways…. These are the nightmares!

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Ok so the girl holding the gun to Daniels head, named Ellie, thats Mrs. hawking when she was young right? so that was Daniels mother perhaps…and maybe Mrs.Hawking and Charles Whidmore are his parents since they both seem to be on the island at the same time in their teen-ish years?…

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That was possibly the best single hour of television ive ever watched. Thats it. Phenomenal. I have nothing else here. How does it get better? Wow.

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I am normally paying more attention to the physics/religion/literature of Lost than the simple things, i dont mean to publish a question in a theory slot..but i want answers.
Why does noone question the O6 return, when they found the plane on the bottom of the ocean WITH ALL PASSENGERS ON BOARD?
Please dont easy way out me with miscalculations of passengers and whatnot. HELP!!!

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I wont be surprised if most think that this is a bizarre theory but do have a read and let me know what you think. To make it easier to relate to, I have put down my supporting argument in points. And it is important to note that all these happened before Ben ‘moved’ the island.

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Trying to establish some sort of chronology for the Dharma stations… can anyone help to correct my data?

Dharma Initiative founded in 1970 (the orientation film says so).

The Looking Glass;
The Arrow; 2 of 6 (orientation video in 3/4 “, shot in which year?)
The Swan; 3 of 6 (orientation film in 16mm, copyrighted 1980)
The Flame;
The Pearl; 5 of 6 (orientation video in 3/4”, copyrighted 1980)
The Staff;
The Orchid; (built about the time the Arrow Orientation video was recorded)
The Tempest; Looks rather elaborate

Sonar Fence; construction unknown. I would says some time after the Arrow.
New Otherton (The Barracks); built Between 1970 and 1980)

Broadcast Tower and Communications Shack;

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In my mission to prove that the TIME LOOP theory, or TIME LOOPS in general are not a part of what’s going on in LOST, I realized something that may be of THEORY MATERIAL.

Let me start with a simple question?

What do the Black Rock, the Boat Rousseau’s Team came in on, Desmond’s Boat, Henry Gale’s Baloon, the Beach Craft (Yemi’s plane), and Oceanic 815 all have in common?

Well, I can’t necessarily prove this yet, but I suspect each of these transportation mechanisms all arrived on the island unexpectedly or at very least without the use of the correct bearing.

In an island very protected by whatever it is being protected by, I think it’s important to look at what exactly allowed these transportation devices to enter the islands radius.

Based on last week’s episode and some light answers given throughout the first 4 seasons, I think our answer is coming close to revealing itself.

Let’s start with the easiest one, Oceanic Flight 815. We have received confirmation from the producers that 815 crashed because Desmond was late on pushing the button. Let’s call this an EVENT.

Now, how did the outside world and Widmore find the island? That was through the turning of the FAIL SAFE KEY. This has been confirmed by the producers as an event that ‘SAVED’ the world’either way, it’s an opening the island gives off. Let’s call this an EVENT

What happened after the first FLASH or TIME TRAVEL after the Donkey Wheel was pushed’..We see the Beach Craft (Yemi’s Plane) crash into the island. Let’s call this an EVENT.

So, the build up and release of the special ELECTRO MAGNETIC build up opens the island up for entry’thus giving outside ‘vehicles’ ways to get into the islands Radius.

So here is my thoughts and a mystery puzzle I’ll be putting together the next couple episodes. Each flash is taking us to a time and opening up and acting like an EVENT on the island. This is how Mrs. Hawking is tracking when and where the island will be next (in space) and how they can re enter the island with the 06. They have 70 hours before the flash works in space and time for the 06 to return. In time, all these flashes are creating WINDOWS of ENTRY for things to enter the island.

For now’..I’m keeping my eye out. Location of the island is being traced by EVENT WINDOWS in Mrs. Hawkings lab’.along with those EVENT WINDOWS there may be RELIC like vehicles entering the island. I’d suggest keeping an eye out’because I have a prediction, one of the FORWARD Flashes is going to be the entry point for our O6 to return. We may also come across the Black Rock, Henry Gale’s balloon, Desmond’s Boat, and of course Rousseau’s expedition team’.and in turn solving the Danielle Rousseau back story problem.

In the end, it will fit like a puzzle’.nice and neat, and we’ll know exactly how everything got to the island.

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This idea came to me while responding to Saucyrossy’s theory on Island’s Constants.

I apologize for the rambling, but I’m still working out a lot of the ideas here. Let’s think about what we know for certain and what we might know.

First we know that the island has traveled backwards in time. We know this from seeing Yemi’s plane crash and the reappearance of the Swan station (pre-implosion).
We don’t know if one or more of the other time jumps the island has endured has moved it forward past the moment that the O6 left.
We do however know that Locke was able to move past that moment since he appeared to each of the O6 before his death in 2008.
We know that there is another way off of the island since Locke was able to leave.
We don’t know if the means off the island is via the donkey wheel. Unless Locke has a means of setting the time period he needs to travel to it would seem unlikely that he’d use the donkey wheel. (Since Locke’s reason for leaving was to talk the O6 into returning he would need to be able to insure that he ends up in a time that they are still alive.)
It appears that the island changed locations as well as time periods. This is implied by Yemi’s plane crashing on the island – a plane with a range of roughly 1,000 miles.
As much as people may hate the idea, the island is definitely in a time loop. We know this again because of Yemi’s plane. Locke encountered the plane prior to Ben turning the wheel, yet his turning the wheel appears to have caused the plane to crash there.
We know that at least one of the remaining survivors (Dan) has the ability to travel back in time to a period that precedes the DI’s ability to manipulate time. He was present at the building of the Orchid station that allows them to time travel. Whether the means to travel to this time was via the Orchid station or by another means we don’t know. Seeing some of the other survivors there might help to answer that question but he certainly appeared to “belong” there and there’s the 2 hour period where he was missing from the rest of the survivors when they went to the beach.

As Dan explained the current situation, either the island or the remaining survivors (or both) have become ‘dislodged’ from time. He used the analogy of a needle skipping on a record. As Saucyrossy points out in the theory linked above, it seems as if the island needs all of the survivors back for some reason. Remember that Locke practically pleaded with Jack not to leave – all the while repeating the statement that they aren’t ‘supposed’ to leave. Yet they did . I believe that without them all present on the island, the island itself can’t continue moving forward in time. Instead the island is bumping backwards in time each time it approaches the time period in which the O6 left. The remaining survivors are also being bounced around along with the island.

If this is the case it certainly changes the meaning when the O6 say they need to get ‘back’ to the island. Let’s assume for a moment that the island isn’t allowed to move forward physically because of the missing survivors and instead is “skipping”. This would mean that at some point along the time line Jack and the rest didn’t leave and doing so now has created one of the situations Mrs. Hawking referred too as needing a course correction. Since the O6 are off the island and are still moving forward in time (currently living in 2008) yet the island can’t advance past 2004 it puts them in a difficult situation. They need to return to a place that doesn’t exist in their time. The answer would seem to be then that the O6 must go back to a time when the island is there.

Let’s also assume for a moment that there is another means to go back in time. We’ve seen Desmond’s ability to move back and forth in time off the island and certainly Richard Alpert appears to have this ability as does Mrs. Hawking. My suspicion is that she is working with Ben for this very purpose – thus the 70 hour window she mentioned in ‘The Lie’. So if she is able to get the O6 back in time, what time point would make the most sense? If it were my job to get back to the island I’d be going to the one place I know for certain will get me there – flight 815 out of Sydney. They know for sure that if they’re on that flight they’ll end up on the island again. This obviously opens up all sorts of issues and ugly paradoxes about dealing with the ‘original’ O6 members who are on the flight but I’ll save that for another theory. (In a nutshell I think it may help to explain Jacob’s lists and the people who are ‘taken’ in the first several nights on the island but as I said I’ll save that.)

Before they board that flight I think they will undertake one other task. What if it’s the O6 who staged the fake crash site and not Widmore? That would explain a lot actually. If Ben and the O6 staged the crash and they are responsible for pulling the strings to make sure everyone who should be on the flight is – it simplifies things and begins to make more sense to me.

Most of us have assumed that Widmore had some way of knowing about the crash before it happened and undertook the extravagant task of creating the fake site. But there are a few problems with that idea. One of issues that has been bothering me is that the freighter Captain shows Sayid and Desmond the black box from the fake plane. It was stated in a TV report shown in ‘The Lie’ that the FAA was examining that black box. This means that even getting access to it so soon after the crash would have been a large undertaking. Why would he go to the effort of obtaining it if he knows it’s fake? What would be the point? And why put it on the freighter? What are they going to use a fake black box for? Also for him to stage the crash means that he would need to know where NOT to put the plane. That means he would need to have a some idea of where the island is located in order to avoid accidentally inviting dozens of recovery vessels off the coast of the real island.

Now consider that it’s the O6 and Ben who fake the site. Ben knows the location of the island in 2004 since he allows Richard, Tom etc. to travel to and from the island. He knows where to put a decoy that will ensure that the island isn’t accidentally located. Ben certainly has the means to pull off the fake crash site. Meanwhile Jack and Kate and the rest of the O6 can begin to put the pieces into place to make sure that some of the others (i.e. Sawyer, Anna Lucia, Claire, Eko etc.) are on the flight. There were a lot of strange circumstances surrounding many of the survivors means of boarding that flight and I believe it very possible that the O6 are at least in part responsible for the conditions that led to them being there.

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Ok, so the obvious choice for Daniels mother is Ms. Hawking, right? But what if it isn’t her? What if it’s someone we’re aware of but have completely forgotten about?

I’ve been thinking about who else it could be and then a name came to me. What if Daniels mother isn’t Ms. Hawking, but Annie?!

Annie, as we know, spent a good few years on the island with a younger Ben, but we’re still not 100% sure what happened to her.

I feel the Lost writers wouldn’t have introduced us to her unless she is important, so I think there is a possibility she could be Daniels mother.

She could have got off the island before the purge and made a new life for herself. Got married and had a baby boy – Daniel. I don’t want to go as far as to say that if Annie is his mother then Ben must be the daddy because she could’ve got pregnant after she left the island. But again, with the island pregnancy issues maybe she did get pregnant on the island and maybe Ben is the dad? Maybe Ben just doesn’t know it?

I seem to be rambling on a bit now, so I’ll leave it here. What do you think? 🙂

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discussion on the event window with possible spoilers

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An open letter to ANGELOCOMET.

I am a big fan of yours and am hoping you will give serious (but not serious if you get my meaning) study to the Tempest…

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

The island is volcanic. I am told, knowing nothing on the subject myself, that when a volcano erupts molten lava flows down the sides of the mountain and cool down like fingers. The surface of the fingers cool down first as lava and gases push through like blood through vanes. Eventually these hollow out and lava tubes are formed.

On our Lost island these would become natural ducts through which electromagnetic power flows. According to the maps some of you have posted on-line, many of the stations are situated in a circle around the extinct volcano (I am way out on a limb here by the way, as I am rotten at reading maps). Some maps show the pearl in the middle of the cluster, but this could be wrong.

On Radzinski’s diagram there is a question mark right smack dab in the middle. AC, would you care to hazard a guess or do you have evidence of what this is? The volcano crater? The Tempest power station? The Orchid?

So 1970. Alvar Hanso, backed by Widmore industries, gets the DeGroots, Chang, Enzo Valenzetti and others to move in and start building. How much do you want to bet they are constructing stations in locations that have convenient sources of energy they can harness, like perhaps exit vents from the lava tubes flowing out from the crater. By 1980 (the year two of the three orientation films and videos we see are copyrighted) they have just completed the Arrow and are well into construction of the Orchid.

One station is used to harness, convert, control and regulate the awesome power of the crater. That station is THE TEMPEST. Where power can flow one way, it can be reversed and flow back. So when Charlotte and Daniel invade the station they are trying to prevent some nerve agent from being released into the lava vents and pumped into every powered living space on the island.

Here is another thought:

If you remember Shakespeare’s play of the same name (and I barely do) … The scholar-magician Prospero (read Jacob) is shipwrecked on a magical island with his young daughter (Christian – Claire? or Ben – Alex? or Charles Widmore and Penny?) where faeries and imps dance about making mischief and mayhem. Prospero harnesses the magic of the island and becomes an omnipotent semi-deity. Far below the island in a dark cavern lurks Caliban, the half man half monster (smoke monster? or Benjamin inus?) who emerges and conspires to bring down Prospero.

The play opens when another ship is wrecked onto the island and lo and behold who washes up on shore? The handsome young son of a duke who originally plotted against Prospero and brought about his banishment. Prospero’s daughter Miranda falls in love with the boy (Karl – Alex? or in a gender reversal, Jack and Kate?)… Memory fails me, but you can look it up. Deus Ex Machina and yada yada and they all live hapilly ever after except for Caliban who returns to his cave to rot.

Maybe there is something there you can start with, maybe not. As they say at this time of year in Los Angeles … For your consideration …

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Ms. Hawking tells Ben he has 70 hours to get all of ‘the 06’ back to ‘the island’. Ben asks her the question, what if he can’t, or requires more time, to which Hawking replies, then ‘God help us all’. This indicates to me, that ‘time’ is of the essence, and it may be the only ‘window’ they have to accomplish this.

Ms. Hawking was using Focault Pendulum to determine a specific timeline when ‘the 06’ could return to ‘the island’. I believe the importance of ‘when’ they return, effects the ‘how’ they will return as well.

The map indicates more than one location, and includes the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Florida, and in the North and South Pacific Ocean. The ’06’ may need to return from different locations. This could answer why they have to return ‘together’.

Perhaps it’s not from the same place that matters, but more importantly, they need to arrive on ‘the island’ together, at a precise moment in ‘time’. This makes more sense to me, if they are attempting to prevent the remaining ‘losties’ from danger, and/or certain death. They may also have to return under ‘secrecy’, and/or in cognito. No doubt, Ben has this covered!

Perhaps this is how Juliette and others travelled to ‘the island’. Through the use of the pendulum, predicting when and from where. I am still uncertain, of the travelling method that is employed, but I’m certain one of the requirements is a nice glass of orange juice, with a bit of a kick to it!

I’m not into physics, but have an appreciation for it, and an interest. If somebody would care to elaborate on the Focault pendulum, feel free.

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