the “restart” theory

A friend of mine and I have tried to give construct to the time loop theory, which we deem quite solid. This theory is not intended to solve the multitude of excentricies displayed on lost, but does a good job at tackling quite a good portion of them.

We believe the World is seemingly under the influence of a time warp, probably man-made, in the form of an time loop or “restart” driven by a certain future event (or less likely recurring at a specific time). Concurrently, inherent laws of the universe work to repell whatever changess are made to the timeline, making it virtually impossible to deviate from the original timeline and

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11 thoughts on “the “restart” theory

  1. What do you mean by ‘prevent IT’?

    The restart is probably the consequence of a specific event, therefore it should be theoreticly possible to stop it. but why would you? the astrophysicist’s broadcast from the alleged past(/future) pleads that the dharma project be reinitiated, which suggests to me the restart is a means and not the ends to solving whatever problem still lies ahead.

  2. Well, the show has to have a purpose and if time restarts itself periodically, wouldn’t the purpose of the show be to prevent that restart?

    I don’t understand that if time does restart and it’s made a known fact on the show, then why wouldn’t the show become about preventing the restart? I don’t see the writers not addressing the restart or not solving it by the end of the show, otherwise what would’ve been the point to it?

  3. Are you assuming there haven’t been any restarts yet?((flashback, brightlights, dunno)
    must the show rewind and replay 4000years for it to make “fair” use of the restart?

    I revised the theory page a bit as I realized that it perhaps missed the essence of the theory. The idea is that the characters should already what to do, because they have been there already. they have revisited different points in time, and maybe this restart they will succeed at fixing whatever needs fixing so that the restart can be shot down?

    watch all the mind tricks, the test Richard performed on Locke, there suggest one thing- only fools are inslaved by time and space….

  4. Well, no.
    It’s hard to tell what importance the “restarts” have in the grand scheme of things just because there are so many unanswered questions, so my theory doesn’t even attempt to guess what the point of the show is.

    … but if I had to gamble I would say the “restarts” are more “the scene of events” or “a battleground” than “the point of the story”.

    hey, maybe the world was about to end, and they used the time loop to try and save it. in that case stopping the restarts will just end humanity…

  5. Nice thoughts Martin! I ‘get’ what you are suggesting, and it’s plausible.

    In addition, I was thinking about ‘the island’ in terms of it being a unique place, where time; past, present and future are playing out simultaneously. A place that encompasses all ‘planes of existence’. The ‘control centre’, capable of manipulating events in time.

    Should this be the case, ‘events’ could be altered on ‘the island’. Perhaps, this is what the battle between Ben vs. Widmore is all about. Controlling, manipulating, and/or changing the outcome of some major event in time.

  6. Very good read and very possible. Similar to an episode of Star Trek NG where the Enterprise was traveling in a time loop and Data had to send a message to himself to break the loop. After last nights episode, you can see some hints of this.

    I still think a time machine spaceship somehow got trapped on the Island, perhaps it was at one end of a worm hole. This idea is also kinda from an episode of Star Trek NG where a space ship got caught in a meteor while cloaking. The ship itself would have to have ability to cloak and travel through time/space using the same types of methods that Faraday was experimenting with.

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