OK, Alot happened in these 2 hours, and i just want do share what I think may be going on. First we got to see Chang in a real episode situation, and ya know what, the doctors kind of a stressed out jerk…well, maybe a little understandable. He is dealing with possibly the most powerful energy in the universe. He goes on to explain, much to my delight and many others sorrows that the islands energy has the ability to cause time travel. To everyone who said they wouldnt go too sci-fi…well im modest so i wont gloat. :] I published a theory on the old LT site in summer titled something along the lines of how to use a black hole. i will now try to cram 3-4pages worth of info into a paragraph for this theory so if you need more info, i will elaborate at a later time.

Basically the jist of my theory is explaining what a BH is, what happens upon entering and how one would exit if possible, and what the effects would be in this situation. WHAT: BH made of of many different parts, for this theory, using the “important” ones for quick explanation. The SINGULARITY: the hole part of the black hole, the center. THE EVENT HORIZON: The point of no return, imaginary line, think of sunset horizon, which once crossed one cannot leave a “black hole”. THE CAUCHY HORIZON: again imaginary line, same concept, but this would be more of the line that represents the very edge of the BH. it is before the EVENT HORIZON with an area in between. This area is called the ERGOSPHERE. The ERGOSPHERE: is between the event and cauchy horizons and in a hypothetical theory, would be if presented in the right situation, the area where one could exist inside of the range of the hole between where the cauchy horizon and the event lie.

I originally gathered this info after the finale last year, then it was further pressed by the Chang Comic Con vid when he used the word “wormhole”. This year in the premiere, Faraday says right after the island moves, something like “good, we were inside of the radius”. This radius he refers to I believe is the edge of our cauchy horizon. The Event horizon would be the area where the drilling was happening when a drill melted and a worker had Desmond/Constant like symdroms with the nosebleed and probably a little consience time travel if Im correct. And the singularity would be the actual hole/area where the wheel is located. Oh and Faraday being there cements peoples theories on him being the camera man for the Comic Con Vid. I know, they showed the camera man and it wasnt him, well, that wasnt the same video as ComicCon either.

There are 2 ways to leave the island, and two ways to leave our hypothetical Black Hole. One is through the singularity, (ben turning the wheel). By doing this, you are actually travelling through the singularity and could come out at anywhere if you didnt know…but didnt it seem like Ben knew not only where he was, but when he was…someones been timetraveling already. The other way is the bearing, or in BH terms, the poles of the black hole. (Sidenote= to understand better, grab a piece of paper and pen, in the center of paper, draw a dot, this is our singulrity, or where wheel is on island. Next, draw as perfect as you can a circle going about 3inches away from the dot all the way around, this is our event horizon, or area where they are drilling in the premiere. Now draw an oval around the circle, makin about 3 inches again from the left and right, but making sure the “oval” touches the top and bottom of the circle. this is our Cauchy horizon, area where the bearing gateway is to enter and leave the island, and the are where Faraday is talking about when he refers to the radius. The area in between the circle and the oval is the ergosphere, where the actual island and a little water is, where our Losties live basically.

Also Chang refered to the islands Electromagnetic properties, (which i believe are the healing factors on island) causes a casimir effect, which along with another, to my belief unexplained yet, property, (possibly the islands “volcano” weve heard of) allows the energys effect to not kill everything inside.

Back to your drawing. you should have a dot, with a perfect circle around it. With an oval, which touches the top and bottom of the circle and protrudes evenly to the left and right. Now to explain the poles I refer to, draw a line straight down the middle where the oval touches the circle on the top and bottom. It should almost resemble a rounded off eye. (even more creepy, with the pole drawn in, actually resembles Lockes eye :])

This is turning longer than I planned so Ill try to wrap it up. What Im saying is the islands center is like a Black Hole. It may not be a black hole, but it exhibits the same qualities, giving it the same capabilities. The incident, probably caused the reason the swan had to be erected, and why Des was there to push the button. A purge of its own after the incident to let out some of the buidup of energy to not destroy the island and earth.

Moealli, spoke of creation in his pandoras box theory…hes dead on. This energy is capable of moving faster then the speed of light ala timetravel. There has been comparison of Lost to the LHC at Cern, and for good reason. They are supposedly trying to recreate the Big Bang. This is the original source for all life in the universe. The Big Bangs Occurance produced enegy that travelled faster than the speed of light and produced energy that in the long run caused our life on earth…after a few billion years, but impressive non the less. HeHe, I actually almost posted a theory of how the Big Bang was actually a black hole opening up due to something that happened in Lost in a parallell dimension and we are the result, but this is too much already.

This energy, I believe is “natural”…think like a waterspring or an oilfield. Hopefully, I have given a strong presentation of my Black Hole theory and you can understand what I think is up with the island. On to what is happening with the people.

Everyone keeps saying to look at the way the timelines as being presented in almost an Einstein way, by using a flat piece of graph paper with different timelines and splits, well phooey to that. That makes understanding for a normal person with no concept of the situation almost unable to understand. Instead us simply a timeline graph with many things that occur in ones life…except take away the TIMES and DATES. In theory, time is nothing but a way for us to track what is happening, but on Lost, time is irrelavant for the most part. Think about Locke, Faraday, and Desmond. They all have shown us things that happened in their past, but not until the future. Father Time/ the Universe is no fool, he knows people have travelled to the past and course corrections have already been made by the universe and technically…this has already happened. Think how Ethan saw Locke in the past. This is Ethans present, he doesnt know Locke Yet, but Locke knows him. For Locke, his timeline has gone from paralysis pre island, to walking again, post island. When John sees Ethan, and Ethan sees John, this could be the reason why Alpert needs to find Lock. At some point in time we havent seen yet, John does something to save the island. Die, maybe, but they knew they needed John. Johns timeline has no actual sense of time as we know it because he has already been affected by the BH/Timetravel. I think we will see this season Alpert go back to the “past” to find Locke and “test” him. Because this is Lockes true path, he just cannot achieve it without help. Des already showed in the constant that he was off the path of true time as we know it, and I believe we will see Faraday go through the same type of thing. I come to this conclusion because of the scene when he watched the news of 815. When asked what was wrong when he burst into tears and replied “I dont know..boohoo”.

These people who travel like this, they must live life with a different perspective. When Daniel tell Des about his mother in Oxford (has to be Mrs.Hawking) Des wakes in the middle of the night and has a memory that comes to him like a dream because Des lives outside the metaphorical box. This is why Daniel says he is special, he has the ability to fix things, our DR Manhattan if you will of Lost. There is no cosmological order in Desmonds life (or Locke/Faraday in my opinion). There event timeline is simply an eventline because as they live, their past time fluctuates.

If anyone can actually comprehend what I said…I’ll be more impressed than you are, not because of technical mumbo jumbo, but my random thoughts that fly in while Im already writing something else. Sometimes I have to put it out of order oddly enough because there is soooooo much info forgotten about, it just has to be there to make sense, so thank you for your brain and patients. I hope you understand what Im getting at and enjoyed a very long confusing post. I felt necessary to put it out there before anymore happens. And if you do remember my old Black Hole theory on LT, you will know its a lot more organized and sensible, and I would have probably edited and reposted if I still had it.

BTW…I also think that the flashbacks wil play more of a role in terms of actually having a use to clue us to what is going on. Maybe along the lines of the Losties actually experiencing these as consience travel or something…I dont know. My brain is fried. Be brutal please, it is the only way Ill learn. :]

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

25 thoughts on “WHAT I THINK IS GOING ON(…LONG)

  1. AES, I think your theory is awesome!

    If time on ‘the island’ is operating on the basis of a ‘string’, all time is occurring simultaneously. I think this may explain many things, such as ‘the whispers’, ‘the dead’ appearing, etc.

    I think Desmond’s recall of his conversation with Dan in his dream, is ‘deja-vu’. His recollection of it, occurring, at the precise moment in time, it was meant to.

    I think you are right about the flash-backs holding new meaning. For instance, if the flash-backs are/were occurring on ‘island’ time, as opposed to actual ‘time’ off ‘the island’, does it/would it, change the effect??

    The example which comes to mind, is Charlie’s differing recollections of his ‘swimming’ abilities. They went from, he couldn’t swim, to he could swim, to, he was an accomplished swimmer.

    What do you think?

  2. Dabs, not much youve been saying i disagree with. And you reminded my absent mind of something I wanted to throw in, which is DEJAVU. I seriously think that when things are changed it is what causes dejavu, like you know something, you just dont know how. Do the words “This isnt supposed to happen” mean anything to you? :]

  3. AES, I believe the phrase does mean something. It is a ‘knowing’ of certain events, without possessing any of the logic, understanding or reasoning for knowing the ‘why’ of it. Just, that it is, and that it is so!

  4. lol Sorry, I forgot to actually address the phrase!

    You really did answer it on your own, and I just said the same thing, only using different wording.

    When I have heard Locke say ‘this isn’t supposed to happen’, I take it, that some part of him knows it for certain, but the actual knowledge is not present on ‘the surface’. If, as Alpert has indicated, that he has awareness of future/past events, I think Locke and others do, as well. Some being more in touch with that,
    more than others.

    Hope I got that right.

  5. Dabs my dear, I think our Losties may get the “why” question answered this season. Just the first week and I am very impressed with the amount of info given. What do you think about Mrs Hawking being Faradays Mother? Has anyone for that matter heard any chatter of that yet?

  6. AES, I agree with you. Our ‘loveable losties’ will definitely find out why this season.

    I think most peoples $$$ are on Ms. Hawking being Dan’s mother. It’s the obvious choice. If this were true, one would think Ms. Hawking would have been more helpful to Dan, if he were her son. So, I tend to think, she may not be.

    I’m leaning more towards her being grandmotherly, in age and nature. My guess……Charlotte’s Aunt or grandmother???? hmmmm

  7. AES, old Chang was indeed very tetchy! I always thought he would be a chilled out dudester, I guess he just puts that on for the cameras!

    One thing though, in the video he uses the word ‘Pinhole’ & not ‘Wormhole’ & whilst I am not sure what ‘Pinhole’ really means, for the message to have been sent to the future, it must have involved some sort of tachyonic pulse.

    So I see we have some very similar ideas and also some very disparate ideas!

    I liked your description of the island and it’s proximal parameters in relation to a black hole, may I be naughty and suggest to you that a few diagrams would have made your post much more interactive! 🙂

    We are singing from the same hymn sheet on the linearity of time and how it affects our losties, I couldn’t agree more.

    Space itself expanded faster than light at the BB, and carrrying (or being pushed) by the all pervasive’Dark energy’, they ‘mysterious’ force which is also described (aptly for Lost methinks) as ‘Quintessence”; such an elegant word and one which I believe will apply to Lost.

    So I found it very interesting that you mention this ‘energy’ & in the ‘New Scientist’ (24th jan) there is an article talking about a new contstruct/idea called ‘Dark Flow’ which ties in with your ideas. Well there are several competing theories of this ‘dark flow’ but one of them I think is akin to what you have been saying in your theory.

    The bit I liked the best was when you said:
    “There is no cosmological order in Desmonds life (or Locke/Faraday in my opinion). There event timeline is simply an eventline because as they live, their past time fluctuates.”

    That actually makes total sense to me! and Dr.Manhattan eat your heart out! (How on Earth has Zack Snyder managed to fit all of watchmen into a 2 hour film?!?!?! better be good!). Also Billy Pilgrim from SH5 knows just what you mean!

    I would like you to elaborate a bit, if you don’t mind of course, about Desmond & the metaphorical box. Make(help!) me understand that bit better please,as Farday/desmond I think bothered me more than Locke/Ethan.

    I totally agree with you about Faraday’s crying in front of the tv, I do think it is a deja-vu’ thing?!?
    So deja vu is when you
    experience something ‘familiar’ but without complete knowledge. I think that could apply to dnaiel and the Tv.
    I think it’s just too easy that Hawking is Dan’s mum! It may well turn out that she is of course, I do find it interesting that out of the Freighties, the only 1 of the 4 he didn’t come face to face with was Daniel. Considering Linus was their objective, if she is his mum and he is in league with her than Faraday must have known. I wait with eager anticipation.

    I read a theory on Darkufo a while back, where someone theorised that the flashbacks were not really flashbacks, that they were ‘happening’ as we watched kind of thing, but I have totally forgotten it’s title! if i find it I will let you know.

    Some deep thinking going on at your end! what’s that smell?

    fried-brains?! I can see the cogs and wheels furiously turning in your mind. Keep it up, can’t wait until next episode!

  8. sorry I just realised how long my reply was, equalling a theory! as the page goes down you can’t see the top and I forgot how far I had gone! so what did I do to minimise the length you have to read…add this redundant secondary post which really only added another 7 lines. LOL.

  9. Oh, also sorry about no pics. Do most posting away from home on capability. Hope my drawing directions are easy to get. And as for the flashbacks, i was trying to decide how to word it. If you base off my theory, they would be happening at same time. But originally, thought flashbacks were ‘future’ and island was past. Guess now they could both be right.

  10. A.E.S – I haven’t had chance to read this in full yet and don’t want to comment on it until I’ve taken it all in… it’s 1am here now so I’ll leave it until tommorrow when my brain and eyes are awake 🙂

  11. This theory is great and very well written. I read somewhere earlier a little theory that when Desmond woke up after Daniel had spoken to him in the past, that Desmonds consciousness had gone back to the time when he met Faraday.

    Similar to when he went back to 1996 I guess. And his constant was right by his side 😉

    Nonetheless, I like your theory and the Deja Vu aspect explains it perfectly. I’m looking forward to seeing who else the Losties encounter on their time jumps. It’ll be interesting to see if any of their jumps caused any of the events that we’ve already seen.

    BTW – #11 is a trackback, which basically means a site is linking to this theory. It doesn’t display the URL though as I’ve set it to display users profiles.

  12. Basically, there are “automatic blogs” out there that pull snippets from here, there and everywhere, so they can fool search engines into thinking they have original content.

    I’m not entirely sure why they do this as there isn’t any real benefit to them.

    Anyhow, they show a snippet then place a link to this site.

    I grabbed the URL for you to see:

  13. Hi AES, great theory! I have a question about BH though….my understanding is that black holes occur high mass density, which has a greater gravitational pull then the spead of light so there for no light escapes, hense “black hole”. so i’m not sure i understand how your theory woul dwork in relation to that. Would it be the negatively charged matter thats so abundant there has the high density masss? wouldn’t Ben and John have been sucked into the BH when they went down to the orchid?

  14. thats the beauty, its not a black hole like in space, it just contains the properties of a black hole (somehow). Im thinking the casimir effect and the metal from the lava from the supposed island volcano. Not to mention a little serious sci-fi thrown in by writers. Im not saying im completely right, but at this point, it makes the most sense to me. Thx 4 the props.

  15. EMZI, THX FOR THE COMMENTS, and i think that the ‘jumping may have caused many major plot points from earlier seasons of lost….MANY!
    BAILY..the ‘energy is contained by the surroundings that the workers were drilling..remember, black hole like..not actual outerspace black hole.

  16. if you guys enjoy this at all, or hawking/ faraday connection,check out a theory i accidently put in fun, and if you didnt read it Admin, can you please move it to ‘theories’ if possible. Im such a pain.

  17. AES I vaguely remember reading this the first time around but don’t remember why I didn’t comment that time. I was just looking over some other theories and you mentioned this post. I’d forgotten what a gem of a theory this is. And I remember reading the original on the old site.

    This goes a long way in explaining the Island and it’s properties and it is understandable.

    Great Read!

  18. This is a really great theory! I don’t know how I missed it before.
    Have you ever read David Brin’s novel Earth? It describes manmade blackholes which were very small roaming around inside the mantle. Putting a Lost twist on it, electromagnetic energy could be used to keep a blackhole in a stable enviroment. It could also cause the casimir effect with two different energies being so close in proximity to one another.

  19. Im glad this theory was resurrected before I did it myself…its a few years old, and gained little recognition on LT…

    I’m on vacation in a very “sinful” place right now, and will add to and elaborate more in a few days upon returning home…

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