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First post and I have not backed it up with pics or quoted transcript so please bear with me… Also, you old hands may have already discussed this at length…

When Jack Sheppard argues with the employee at the ticket counter to get his dad on flight 815, I believe the writers are using Mathew Fox’s very emotional plea to cover a bit of very interesting information. Despite a cursory autopsy to uncover the cause of death, on the whole, Christian Sheppard’s body has not been messed with. This seems to me to be an important point being made by the writing team.

His organs have not been removed, he has not been embalmed or prettied up. He is pretty much intact. The whole point of the arguement is that Oceanic has a policy of not shipping corpses unless they have the proper paperwork from a licensed mortician.

Anyone who has watched ‘6 Feet Under’ remembers that this was a big issue in the final two seasons. This means that Christian Sheppard’s body was pretty much up for grabs to be used as a host for Jacob. If you add to this some major un-finished business he had with Jack…

How this all fits in with Boone, Shannon, Alex, Rousseau, Ana-Lucia, Libby and (shudder) Nikki and Paulo, I do not know… Maybe they are all in Jacob’s cabin playing gin rummy (along with Elvis and Jim Morrison)…

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Christian Sheppard Whole

  1. Hi Andre7, I like this a lot. Should be placed in theories, so you may want to edit and place it there.

    You make an interesting observation about the condition of Christian Shepard’s body. I recently started thinking that all of ‘the losties’ who have died, (achem) on ‘the island’ have not been embalmed.

    In particular, I had wondered if Locke was embalmed until Ben took him to be ‘put on ice’ with Jill at the butcher shop. I think Locke has not been embalmed, and I have no doubt Ben could have neatly arranged that.

    One could argue against it, but I do think there is definitely something to the theory.

    Very nice catch, and they likely are playing a game of gin rummy at Jacob’s pad.

  2. I love it. I was actually torn between Locke was drugged to look like he was dead (like Juliet to Romeo) and he was really dead. But the ICED thing really does suggest life from lifelesness… Wonder if J.J. Abrams will have Spock say something about Genesis effects in the New Star Trek movie… So that’s what happened to the other torpedo Khan mislayed…

  3. Andre7, I’ve heard some people are leaning towards the ‘medusa’ spider theory, but dead is dead, and I like your analogy….life from lifelessness.

  4. I am such a newbie here, but absolutely love Lost, so please forgive me if I repeat what’s been said. (Plus, with my kids, I am lucky if I have a minute to read all the new theories/questions and actually formulate a thought!)

    I was thinking about the spider thing, too, but it doesn’t totally fit with what Richard told Locke about him having to die to save the island. I was thinking he died the way that other people have died in the show…that is, that it’s all relative apparently.

    Okay, so my real thought about Locke and the coffin that you bring up Andre has more to do with it being so similar to Christian Shepard going to the island in a coffin the way that apparently Locke is going to get himself back to the island. (All while Jack is wearing a suit nonetheless?!?)

    So something about Jack, in a suit, on a plane, with a coffin of a person who is supposed to be dead but when they arrive at the island, they mysteriously start appearing and make their way to Jacob’s cabin. That’s what struck me.

    I really like the addition of the thought of the body being a “host for Jacob.” Very interesting. I’d love to hear more thoughts on this.

  5. Death is relative… Good thought.

    When Charlie appears to Hurley at Santa Rosa the big guy says: ‘You’re dead.’ to which Charlie says ‘Yes. I am also here’.

    This series crosses the lines between science and faith all the time. Can hardly wait to see how they finally reconcile all the seemingly paradoxical threads.

  6. Kimberly. I also have two young kids and an ailing mother (Alzheimers). I know how hard it is to find the time. I am also a newby. Only started posting tonight. Looking foreward to hearing more from you.

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