At any point in time any of the main characters could have been good or evil?

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I know this should probably go in the fun section, however I have been thinking, is it possible that baby Charlie is OUR Charlie? It would fit into time loop theory wouldn’t it?!!!

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There’s something fishy about Rousseau. Even though she’s dead, I have a feeling her story will tie a few of the show’s loose ends together with some surprising twists.

I just watched the season 1 finale when Rousseau tells the 815 survivors of the black smoke and the impending onslaught of the others. While watching, I noticed an inconsistency with her explanation and what we saw in This Place is Death.

In Exodus I, Rousseau explains her past this way, ‘I delivered the infant myself. The baby and I were together for only one week when I saw black smoke’That night they came. They came and took her.’

In This Place is Death, we see the black smoke when Rousseau snaps and kills her team’she’s still pregnant, and by her same account, seven months pregnant. Something doesn’t add up.

Also in the season 1 finale, Jack and Locke take Rousseau to the hatch. When she sees it, she claims she’s never seen anything like it and asks what it is. Are we supposed to believe this woman has been on the island 16 years and hasn’t seen anything like the hatch? We already know she has seen the temple. To me she sounds a lot like Ben. Always telling these half truths, like when Ben tells Jack Bentham didn’t come to see him only to later say that he went to see Bentham.

Another Rousseau mystery is how Rousseau manages to catch Ben/Henry Gale in one of her traps. Seriously, Ben would not get caught in a net. I believe Rousseau had her daughter taken when she was an infant. Ben confirms this with Keamy and Rousseau has never seen her.

I believe Ben cut a deal with Rousseau in season two. If she helps him get ‘caught,’ she’ll get her daughter back. Ben delivers Alex to Rousseau in season four as payback for helping him infiltrate the 815 camp.

Hope we find out soon!

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I’m not one of the people who thinks the show is based completely of Christian lore. However, one must admit that the shows lays on the allusions pretty heavy. The references to CS Lewis, the Christian author (Charlette Staples [CS] Lewis) and The Chronicles of Narnia, a novel where one of the characters represents Christ and His sacrifice (as represented by the Lampost) are enough in and of themselves. Next, add the show’s battle between science and faith and the episode 316. There is a science station underneath a chapel and Ben even explains the story of Thomas and the resurrection.

Anyway, as of now, the show seems to be pointing to Locke as some sort of savior. He must sacrifice his life to save his friends. As far as Christian tradition goes, Christ had to die in order become the savior and a leader of mankind. Christ’s nemesis is Satan. In an effort to prevent Christ from inheriting his throne, Satan has Christ killed. Little does Satan know that by killing Christ, he has actually made it possible for him to fulfill his mission (be resurrected and mankind to be resurrected as well).

Ben is the show’s Satan, Locke’s nemesis. He doesn’t want to let anyone other than him control the island. In order to prevent Locke from inheriting what should be his, Ben kills him. However, in doing so, Ben has actually provided Locke with the means to take his throne on the island. The same way that Satan paved the road to Christ’s throne by killing him, Ben provided Locke with the means to return to the island.

This was just something to come to my mind. Once again, I don’t think the Christian allusions drive the plot, but you have to admit their significance. I have a feeling that Ben will tell Locke he killed him to save him when he wakes up, you know the whole “I always have a plan” thing.

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After my last theory on why Ben was beat up, I’ve come to this theory on how Desmond will return to the island…

I think we all know that the Island isn’t done with Desmond. Whether he returns to avenge the death or assault of Penny by Ben we won’t know until later. But I believe he’ll be motivated to return somehow. Eventually he will return to the locating station and find out his ‘window’ of return to the island. The O6 had their own ‘window’ they had to fly through. Desmond will have his own ‘window’, but he’ll have to SAIL through it. Remember, he reaches the island by boat. Now he must do this alone to replicate the circumstances he was in when he first landed on the island. Does he go alone and leave Penny safe from Ben’s wrath? Or is he alone because Penny is dead? Or maybe he brings Penny’s dead body on the Island to ‘resurrect’ her like John Locke and Christian Shepard? (thanks Rhino) Or maybe Penny and their son, Charlie, go with him? I would bet that’s how Desmond comes back. Any takers? LOL.

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Consider this a work in process.

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What are the possibilities that Walt is this guy? And why could Locke walk? If he was crippled in 2004 and he’s now back in what 2006, 2005? he wouldn’t be able to walk.

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I was writing this in response to oldsmokeys post about the pilot but it got too long.

I have just watched the 1st episode again and a couple of things stuck out to me

1. When Jack first sees christian on the island (deadish) Christian walks into the trees, Jack runs after him and Locke appears with the wild boar, this is just after Kate had told him Locke did not make it back from the hunt – looking now and seeing the similarities between locke and christian it is interesting that Jack sees dead christian, Kates tell jack locke is dead, he sees dead christian again and runs after him and finds the not dead locke in his place – is it me or is there someting there?

2) Watching Jack running around the plane crash reminded me of groundhog day – he seems to know where to go and what to do, other people on this forum have mentioned him going through a time loop and doing the same thing over and over again, and after watching the 1st episode again i agree, could it be that he has done it many times and this time (the lost show) he finally does what he is supposed to do and he gets out of the loop – it may explain why the writers have told him the ending but nobody else.

I do not know what

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I don’t know if anyone posted a similar theory, but here goes…

In last week’s episode, Ben tells Jack that he has to keep a promise to an old friend. The next time we see Ben, he’s obviously been roughed up and is almost scared for his life. I believe he tried to keep his promise to Widmore that he was going to kill Penny. Notice that he was soaking wet and making a call from the Marina. Desmond and Penny were obviously in Los Angeles, so why not fulfill his threat? The only problem is that we’re not sure if he succeeded or not. The wounds to his face looked like scratch marks, and the arm in a sling? Seems like he paid a price for attempting/succeeding in killing Penny. Desmond did leave the church/station before Ben. Maybe Desmond caught Ben in the act and whooped him good, but Ben escaped overboard before Desmond could do worse to him. If Penny were killed or hurt, that would be all the motivation Desmond needs to follow Ben to the island and kill him. Remember, Faraday’s mother said “The island isn’t done with you Desmond.” Looks like that will come true. This will bring me to another theory…How does Desmond get back to the island? Coming soon!

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It has been a growing peeve of mine that we have not yet seen how people get to and from the island en masse…

I am sure there were many other ways of getting to and from the island aside from the submarine. It is not an efficient way of getting necessary supplies, and especially materials to the island for the massive construction projects being undertaken at the time. Even air drops cannot account for the Dharma vans and possibly cranes that would be needed.

Construction on the barracks makes a certain amount of sense. They are clapboard bungalows. Cheap 1970s construction for the most part. Most of the smaller hardware (even the radio tower and adjoining shack) could have been air shipped or dropped in on palettes in pieces. Same goes for the essential components of the sonic fence.

Take a good look at the Looking Glass Station. Even if the thing could be built in pieces and shipped or towed into place using the submarine, it is hard to imagine the resources and coordination needed to do such a thing.

The Hydra station is a multi-floored complex of several buildings. It has deep foundations and underwater tanks. The only way I can see it being built is with large scale heavy-machinery. I am talking bull dozers and mobile cranes folks! I cannot see a small construction crew assembling something like that. We have yet to see the tool-shop garage or hanger they built to assemble and and house that kind of hardware.

Then there are the underground bunkers. The Pearl with its miles and miles of audio-visual and power cabling, the Swan with its underground geodesic dome, the Orchid with its 3 story elevator and complex teleportation chamber, the flame up on the plateau.

And there is no sign anywhere of a road system !

But the subject was transportation TO and FROM the island. I have written before that I do not think Ben, Richard, Ethan and Tom (whom we have seen off the island in various episodes) use the submarine exclusively. I think the submarine is a front for the real way on and off the island. I do not think the Donkey wheel was the way onb and off the island either. At least not for any practical travel.

I think that somewhere in the temple there is something else. Maybe a portal or gateway. Maybe Ben dislodged the island from TIME by turning the Donkey-wheel. I think that the island has some kind of tether to the rest of the world, possibly through one of the larger pockets of electromagnetism that Ms. Hawking refers to at the Lamp post station. I think the portal has to be large enough to drive a truck through and onto the island.

What do YOU think?

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This theory was inspired after reading beccaann’s theory/question about (Charles) Widmore’s timeline. The answer I was going to post turned out to be a theory. So here it goes:

Let us begin with Charles Widmore and what we know about him on the island. Widmore is on the island in 1954 as a 17 year old following orders from Richard Alpert. Whatever happens, Widmore becomes the leader of the Others and remains the leader for three decades before being “benipulated” and exiled from the island. Then, as Miles says, Widmore has been searching for the island for 20 years. So shortly after 1954, Widmore becomes the Others’ leader, gets exiled in the mid 1980’s (conveniently shortly before Rousseau’s crash on the island) and immediately starts searching for the island again, where he lead his tribe for 30 years.

Now to Penny. We can broadly assume she is from 30 to 40 years of age, based on her being an adult in 1994, when she met Desmond. This coinciding with Widmore’s time frame leads us to believe that Penny was born from 1965-1975, when Widmore was on the island, as the leader of the Others. So I want to say that Penelope Widmore was BORN ON THE ISLAND. Some support: We don’t know who her mother is, and have not had any references to her, which is explained as mothers die on the island when giving birth, so her mother would have died.

A line from Lostpedia: “Soon after Desmond crashed on the island, Penny began searching for him. At some point, she managed to learn about the island, but the extent of her knowledge, and where it came from, is unknown. (“The Constant”)”
– I think that her knowledge of the island comes from the fact that she was on the island. I do not see her father telling her about the island, as he doesn’t even want his son-in-law getting involved with the island, and at one point Widmore rejected Desmond’s wish of marrying Penny. So if he doesn’t want Desmond, someone who he does not love, getting involved, I doubt he would ever let Penny know about the island, if she hadn’t already.

My next thought is when Hurley asks Penny earlier on in season 5, “Why don’t you just ask your dad to call it off” when referring to the freighter (I think). Penny responds saying “There’s no stopping my father” or something that talks about her father’s leadership and refusing to be told things to do (much like Locke’s “don’t tell me what I can’t do!” attitude come to think of it). This could be because she saw how Widmore lead the Others on the island, and the things that he did, the people he punished or killed possibly.

Another point to take note of is that after Desmond’s dissapearance and Penny looking for him, she gets a call from the 2 Porteguese men at the listening station who say they found “it”, not “him” which would refer to Desmond. So Penny also has an interest in the island, or at least finding it. She also has the Looking Glass station conencted to her, as Charlie playing the song “Good Vibrations” on the control pad sends a call to Penny (Penny claims she did not initiate the call). So with the listening station, and the Looking Glass station being connected to her, she definately has something to do with the island.

Penny never mentions being on the island, but I can never recall her saying she has never heard of or has never been on the island.

I think she ultimately got off the island when Charles Widmore did when he was exiled by Ben. This would be around the time Penny was a teenager. I think Widmore had the mindset of “If I’m going, my daughter (his only family – his wife/baby’s mom is dead) is as well.”

Ben does know a lot about many characters, especially about his main adversary, but I think when he tells Widmore he will kill his daughter, Ben actually knows who she is, not just through research, but through knowing her on the island. She could even be someone we have seen on the island in the past, but I don’t want to go as far as saying that she is Annie.

I’d also like to say that going with this theory, that Eloise Hawking cannot be Penny’s mom, and Penny has, if anything, only half-sibling(s). But evidence suggests that she has been on the island.


[My one argument against my theory is that since Widmore is a guy (obviously), he did not have to be around for Penny’s birth, only her conception. So he could have inpregnated Penny’s mom, who then left the island and gave birth to Penny, with Penny never going to the island. However, this would mean that she would not meet her father until she was a teenager, unless Widmore was able to frequent on and off the island in the 60s-70s, which I doubt. And her not meeting Widmore until her teenage years would have come up by now]

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I see one important tidbit from Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham that seems to have been overlooked thus far in the discussions here, and that is Widmore telling Locke that it was BEN who exiled him from the island. Reason tells me that Widmore had to be off the island by the late 60’s (he has at least one child off the island in Penny who has to be about 40…and we presume he founded the Dharma Initiative about 1970, right?). On the other hand, Ben does not purge Dharma and take over leadership of the Others until the late 80’s/early 90’s….so did Widmore stick around until the purge? If so, how did he father off-island children? OR did future Ben, post 316 crash, find a 1960’s Richard Alpert like Locke did and declare his leadership, banishing then-leader Widmore, only to flash away again? This could explain Richard’s approaching Ben as a child as he does Locke…but in this case, who led the Others between Widmore’s banishment and the Purge?

I’m confused.

Any ideas?

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This came to me when watching Widmore talk to John. He says he saw him 17 years ago and John hasn’t aged a day. It seems Widmore was describing the same thing that the audience has been seeing with Alpert since season three.

Alpert’s agelessness is simply due to him being disconnected in time. When we’ve assumed he’s the same age year to year, for him, it’s actually one day after another. Just like it was for John when he saw Widmore four days (17 years for Widmore) after their island encounter.

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People are talking about the groups from 316 flashing into separate times. Can all the people who support this as a theory explain why this is plausible and consistent with anything else we have seen in the temporal shifts?

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Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it seems most people are thinking that Jack, Kate and Hurley are the only ones that flashed back in time to the 1970’s, while Sun and Sayid are with the Locke and Ben in the present time.

I think one of the reasons is that the writers want to keep Jin and Sun separated for a little while longer until we end up with a Desmond/Penny type reunion. But this of course does not sit to well when it comes to the actual story of Lost so how about this …

Remember the list back in season 2 only certain people were on? I think Ben mentions this list was given to him by Jacob. Well Jack, Kate and Hurley were all on this list, while Sayid and Sun were not.

Coincidence? Maybe, but if the 05 are indeed in different times, it could be a possible explanation as to why.

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I’ll be laughed at for saying it, but isnt it odd, that Jack ends up in the exact same position this time, on his back in the middle of the jungle, as in the pilot episode. And Im noy talking about Bens rod beside his head, or reflection in his eye. This is a whole new thought based on the new episode.
Maybe its just coincidence. Maybe when the flash hapened it was different then the first time.
Or maybe Jack flashed into the jungle, flat on his back, in the pilot episode, just like the beginning of this one, and we are too busy saying thats too obvious, just like we do every day, and missed it. Well, caught it and dropped it on purpose maybe.
I dont believe in coincidence on this show, never have, never will.

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This is not a theory, I was wondering if anyone had a theory on why this happened?

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Im guessing the people chasing the boat that the leftover losties steal (Sawyer, Locke, Juliet, Miles, and the gang) are the survivors of the new crash. Not sure if it wasnt meant to be and i am presumputious, or if it was just too obvious to talk about. But the boats, and the Ajira airlines bottle, it would probably be Illana, Cesar, and some of the other survivors. They may see Locke even and think he is the John that is in the suit saying he died. They could possibly be chasing the wrong Locke….Or if Locke is on the boat, he could be chasing himself.
Either way, let me know, didnt see this discussed anywhere.

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So flight 316 seems to have done a much better job at delivering people to the island than flight 815 did. The plane looks like it managed to land in pretty much one piece with a much better survival rate.

So this is the purpose behind the runway the Others were building for “the aliens”. The emergency landing of flight 316. I wonder who actually told them to build it.

It could have been just Ben looking out for himself. He was on the plane afterall and I guess making sure there’s a runway to land on is a good way of improving the odds that you’ll survive a plane crash. The question is how the heck did he know he’d need one? If this is the case then Ben has quite a bit of knowledge about the future (his future in particular) which wouldn’t actually surprise me that much given his previous behavior and how he always seems to have a plan (like he knows what’s going to happen next).

Maybe it was Jacob. In that case it looks like maybe Ben is supposed to be back on the island. That kind of makes sense to me as well. Based on what Christian told Locke at the bottom of the well it was supposed to have been Locke who moved the island, not Ben. So Ben wasn’t supposed to leave in the first place.

Anyway, mystery solved (I think). The runway was for flight 316.

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Why can I sometimes access the “recent comments” section, by clicking and seeing all recent comments, kind of how you can with theories, fun, and questions? It seems sometimes the option is there, and sometimes it is not. Can I access any other way?
Just wondering because sometimes I mass post on several different posts, and would like to be able to check if there were responses to my comments that I have not looked at for a few hours.
Thank you, no big deal, just wondering if this happens to everyone and if anyone can lend a clue?

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