Horace and the magic tree-challenge, winner earns my repect and changes my view of lost

Now, Im not trying to be the pessimist here in a room full of optomists, but Im just trying to figure out what I feel is one of the things that will key us in to what could possibly be going on on Lost.
By now, if youve been at the site for say…5 minutes, youve probably figured out that I think there is a timeloop going on on Lost.
Many naysayers feel different. So I extend a challenge to anyone to explain Horace repeatedly cutting down the same tree, in a way that makes sense…without a timeloop.
If noone else cares, so be it. But I do. That is all, my respect and many theories reutation (if anyone cares) is on the line.
I await answers, they dont even have to go into detail. They just have to make sense..thats all i ask.
Thank you, I hope this will be cleared up without the use of a timeloop, because then we all can rest easy, and focus on other mysteries of Lost.

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20 thoughts on “Horace and the magic tree-challenge, winner earns my repect and changes my view of lost

  1. Naysayer 1 reporting for duty.

    It was a dream. For whatever reason, some people get visions of where ‘the island’ or whatever force is behind these visions wants the characters to go. Locke followed this vision and found Horace’s corpse which led to him finding the cabin.

    He also took a tour around the airport with Boone in a vision. That doesn’t mean the island is an airport.

    Just my take 😉

  2. Thanks for the quick comment naysayer (but why repeatedly cutting down a tree) and by saying that it was just a dream, which is possible (im only 99.9% on this “loop” thing. I dont doubt the power of dreams and visions on this show, whether they are real people, smokey, Jacob, or…just a dream. But why the cutting of a tree repeatedly, there is more to it, if not, wouldnt Horace have cut several trees to biuld his cabin, instead of the same one? Pretty sure he was there to represent more than just the advice he gave John

  3. True. It’s just that all the dream sequences seem to start out apparently ‘normal’, then turn a little surreal. Think Hurley in the Swan’s pantry – Jin show’s up in the chicken suit; Eko building his church – Ana-Lucia shows up with a bullet in the gut; Charlie alone on the beach – massive biblical tapestry effect rendered beach scene.

    It’s up in the air which side of this theory the show will land on, but I’d need to see more concrete proof before I believe that the Losties are re-living anything, in any way other than reflecting on their previous lives or observing past versions of themselves. Except Desmond.

  4. again an understandable response. If there is NO timeloop, i’ll peacfully admit my wrong and walk away. I am just trying to come to the conclusion, that judging by what weve seen on lost, the allusions, the time travel, the fact that desmond ‘looped’ for at least a bit, it REALLY is a logical and realistic interpretation of what is happening. A year ago, many who say “no timeloop” are the same who said that there was no time travel on lost. And not bragging, just saying that I used a lot of the same logic leading me to looping, that i used to believe there was and is timetravel.

  5. I will take this challenge that should have been on the FUN page in my (humble) opinion. Most peeps believe that in fact it was a dream,But I got the real.


    This may be the most unique, interesting, and forgotten scene from an Island standpoint we have. Nobody talks about this scene which is difficult to build around.

  6. Oh, on other sites, i talked about this and got almost no feedback. This was HUGE. and by the way, I REALLY was going to put it in fun or questions, but sometimes tthings become…lost there, and I feel like if worded differently say…”Horace and the Lost Timeloop” a)people would blow it off, and b)i really feel that, as you said. this is a unique and interesting scene, that should be discussed

  7. I am pissed for the record. Uh mm I haven’t been able to pull up episodes off the internet for a couple days now. I do not own the dvd set , And am now considering buying the series hoping it may give me appreciated insight.

    Any suggestions?

  8. Good topic of the tree scene!!

    Are you suggesting it proves the island is looping because the vision is also loopng…..don’t get me wrong I tend to follow a looping theory too…..just curious why this particular vision would repeat? any ideas?

  9. The thing that struck me during the dream, that made it seem less like time skipping/looping was when Harace says “That’s probably because I’ve been dead for 12 years”. To me, your suggesting that what Locke was watching was something that has happened before and is playing over and over, but why would he be telling Locke that he’s been dead for 12 years back at the time when he was originally building the cabin/cutting down the tree. To me this was a dream, as he talked to John quite abit about Jacob and finding the cabin and whatnot. To simplify, i think of this being the first time he’s said these things, not just some loop playing over and over again. I don’t believe he had this conversation in the past.
    but maybe i’m taking your question in the wrong way, and if thats the case, feel free to rip this apart lol

  10. i dont really rip, i try to…dissect, cleanly and neatly. And ive said that im not 100% sold, only 99%. What im looking for, is..something. Either way to make more of a case. Im very open minded, just need convincing

  11. Bigger question, why Horace, why like that? I see it as not exactly as happening, but an alusion as to what is happening, like the skipping record or the reiterating (tx dabs) message of danielles

  12. Why horace? because he had the map to the cabin in his pocket, and locke needed it.

    Why like that? because they had set up camp right near where Horace once cut down a tree for wood. The island needed Locke to find the cabin, Horace had the map. The island needed locke to find Horace. To me, the island chose Horace to be the messenger to Locke because the map was in his pocket.

  13. Stupid me, thats the perfect why Horace, and I must say, I like your answer for why like that, but the repetition…oh the repetition haunts me. Why not just cutting down tree(s) for the cabin, or chopping wood. Why does it repeat. I know, for someone buiding a bridge, I bring a lot of dynamite to blow it up…it just drives me nuts.

  14. Wait, just thought of something. Yes, it makes sense that Horace helped because he had the map, but why would Horace help in general. What would his ghostly presense have to gain. Why did Horace want to help Locke find the cabin, aside from ben killing him. Which, i dont even know if that makes sense

  15. Okay…random thoughts. Lets see if I can work it out…

    The island used this vision of Horace to direct Locke to Jacob’s cabin.

    If the island was trying to direct Locke, couldn’t Horace have just said, “Go look in my skeleton’s uniform…”?

    Therefore, it would seem that there had to be multiple reasons that this scene was set-up as it was.

    Horace was stuck for this particular vision. Doing the same motion, the same tree, the same nosebleed, etc. Stuck on repeat. Kind of like the islanders eventually would be.

    OR, from another perspective, perhaps like Jacob is stuck, and as he said, needs Locke’s help.

    Horace didn’t have anything to gain as much as he had a PURPOSE of existing to reveal something, I don’t think he was actually “alive” doing the same thing for 12 years. This I think we’ve seen with other “dead” people on the island, like Christian. And Christian led us back to Jacob, which is what Horace did. So I think it was ultimately a clue to Locke about what would be happening and ‘is’ happening to Jacob.

    (Along with helping us along since we would be seeing some scenes replay themselves, outside of the normal understanding of linear time.)

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