In ” Jughead” Faraday suggested that they bury the bomb under concert. In Season Two Sayid tries to find out what is behind the concert wall in the Swan. Could the Bomb be what is behind? Comment with your feedback.

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22 thoughts on “Jughead

  1. I also think that where the bomb was buried eventually became the swan station. In season 2, Sayid said that the only other place he knows with lead that thick was Chernobyl.
    I thought that a nuclear bomb could be buried there, way back in season 2, when I heard that. It made perfect sense with the whole

  2. umm, that is possibly one of the simplist, easiest, thoughtless (good memory tho) theory i have read in a while….and one of the best Ive heard in a while as well. and i am very upset that i didnt think of it first. excellent job :]
    Shaunamomma, good input with the ‘chernobyl comment

  3. Swanstation, I seriously want more on this. Now it is really bothering me. This has the most promise of any theory ive read in a while. Dig deeper and prove it to people…i would give you 10 stars if i could

  4. If the Jughead Bomb was buried where the Swan eventually came to be built, could the radiation leak be part of the quarantine and sickness threat that was told to those who manned it?

    I don’t think just a bomb’s EM could cause whatever it was that was going on in the Swan, but with the unique properties of the island anyway, could Richard and the others inadvertently buried the Jughead Bomb near something that magnified the bombs EM field? The DI come along and like all scientist with good intentions, proceed to dig and build at the sight of what they think is just a massive amount of electromagnetism, not knowing, maybe until it was too late, that the jughead bomb was in the same vicinity.

  5. I mentioned this very thing, Shaunamomma in my theory “Jughead” about the bomb.

    I think it is entirely possible this happened. In fact I’d bet on it. I’m just thinking it may be encased in the underground area where Faraday passes by Halliwax.

    I was wondering if the drilling somehow disturbed it. Is this what caused him to lose his arm, and the start of ‘the sickness’?

  6. ok, now wait a min, dabiatchishere…unless I am just totally LOST, the scene you are referring to, is at the orchid station. I personally think the H-Bomb was buried at what becomes the Swan station (AKA the Hatch).

  7. Sorry Shauna, I should have clarified my point.

    I agree with what you are saying, only I think it is at the Orchid instead of the Swan.

    My theory, is “Is it safe…the bomb that is”, if you’d like to check it out. Some of your thoughts were discusses there.

  8. oh man, two good thought, one has to be right, I actually posted a seperate theory also on the bomb being the inner orchid. but that chernobyl comment is really bothering me now…and i think i am wrong…damn i hate doubting my own theories..nice work

  9. There is a mater of distances.

    Isn’t the Swan Station a little far from the place where Locke, Faraday et. al. walk to see Richard?

    Maybe its just me, but it seems that if it is 1954 and I have to bury a leaking friggin’ H bomb, I would just dig a hole in the open field next to it and dump it in, not drag it half-way across the island into a patch of dense jungle…

    Unless Jacob tells me otherwise of course…

  10. Another point occurs to me as well…

    What does electromagnetism have to do with H bomb radiation?

    Would a burried H bomb account for anything at all we witnessed in the Swan (aside from perhaps a glyphe on the 108 minute counter)…

  11. And another thought which I voiced elsewhere…

    If you look at the buckets that were just dumped and left to set in at the foot of the cement wall in the Swan, they look like they cannot be more than twenty years old.

    They look like plastic buckets to me or is the resolution on my old t.v. set too low for me to tell?

    All these things, terrain, nature of the Swan station, age of the cement works, indicate to me that the H bomb was burried elsewhere…

  12. I don’t feel it would be in the ‘Swan’ for the following reason.

    An excerpt from my theory, Uh Oh Is it safe?? the bomb that is:

    Hydrogen bombs combined with electromagnetism, travels at the speed of light when they are detonated, and create nuclear effects similar to what occurred in Chernobyl.

    I am not certain, the ‘Swan’ would be the best choice.

  13. This is a great discussion. There are 2 very good thoughts, one of which I backed up with a theory, and another, that made me question my Lost brain.
    Hmmmm, food for thought, there are a lot of comparisons to the LHC at Cern, which involve many underground tunnels. Is it possible that the H bomb could be buried at the Swan, and the energy could be distributed, filtered, and released for research/time travel at the Orchid.
    Not saying its more safe by any real means, but in 1954, who knew a whole lot about Hbombs. The south pacific was Americas testing grounds at that time and even, the US military didnt know the true effect, long or short term…well, maybe short term, but not long. We have to go a little outside the box to maybe figure this out before it presents itself, which i assume to be soon.

  14. This is a little different view, but in this case, instead of figuring out why either location would work, maybe some points on why they would NOT work. As Andre said, for one, thats a hell of a haul for an Hbomb across the island. Why else would the bomb NOT make sense in either location?

  15. AES, I am going to apply some logic to the point in question.

    We know Richard Alpert KNOWS where the bomb was placed. I find it unlikely, given the capabilities of the bomb, Alpert would advise Ben to manipulate Locke into blowing up the Swan. Quite a risky proposal.

    Specifically, when the effects of the EM produced such devastating effects when it blew up the Swan. Sky, turning purple and all.

    Given what is known about the bombs nature when combined with EM, I find it unlikely, but you never know.

  16. ok, these are all very valid points.
    I mean you are right, it doesn’t make much since to drag an unstable H bomb clear across the island, but it just got me thinking when Sayid made that comment about Chernobyl. However, it doesn’t make much since to me that it would be buried at the orchid either. who knows, maybe they didn’t bury it at all, and just encased it in concrete and disguised it as …I don’t know….a giant 4 toed statue? haha

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