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Hi everyone

I am new to the site and have enjoyed reading some of the theories. I have a theory, sorry if it duplicates or is an old idea you have already debated and thrown in the bin. Any comments

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  1. I do like your theory. I do believe Jacob to be connected to the Black Rock. Perhaps even Richard too. The crew members is very interesting!

    I wonder when the island began its time travel and its powers of everlasting life and healing. In 1954 it appears that Richard doesn’t know the island moves yet or does he? If not what is in place to stop it from moving? What if the special qualities weren’t always there either but brought there or created later by either the BR or some incident.. the bomb….? I’m just throwing things up in the air here.
    I can’t at all figure the black smoke out unless I think its man made to protect the island.

  2. Im not so much a people theorist as an island theorist. I like a lot of what you have done here and dont worry, Steven King does that kind of thing to you.
    Lostfan, as for the bomb causing the islands properties, please read my “Faraday and his time machine” theory. I trust you will find it interesting

  3. prosperoburns, I like your theory. I definitely believe an ancient civilization link will come into play.

    I also think ‘The Black Rock’ will play a significant role, and perhaps introduce some of the characters into the story.

    I am not certain how ‘the losties’ themselves fit in, yet. I just know they do.

  4. My only criticism to this very interesting theory is the fact that the Black Rock departed in the mid 1800s and we see Widmore and Mrs. Hawking in 1954 on the island as young adults. Of course a theory that says that the island does not let people age could be used with the support of:

    -Walt gets older off the island while the other losties on the island seem the same until season 5 (of course this could be an actor thing…),

    -Richard, who was only about (a guess here) 10 years older than Widmore and Hawking in 1954 seems 30 years younger than them in 2004 times. Of course we know that both Widmore and Hawking left the island, which could lead to their aging. Maybe Widmore knows this so he wants to find the Island so he stops aging (or maybe reverse ages? Could he run into his old self?).

    Based on this mini theory that could make my criticism on the original post’s theory invalid, it would mean that Widmore and Hawking, each of whom look around 65 in 2004 and around 23 in 1954, approximately 40 years of off-island aging, so they would have left this island around 1964, or 10 years after we see them in the past on the island.

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