Does Locke have “the sickness”?

If “the sickness” that is caused by Smokey is really a deep understanding of the island’s mysteries, like what we saw with Robert when he told Rousseau that it wasn’t a monster, but a security system for the temple, then has Locke had “the sickness” since the 4th episode of the show?

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5 thoughts on “Does Locke have “the sickness”?

  1. I love this one.
    Going back to Walkabout Locke’s actions do seem to be dictated from outside himself.
    There may very well be several types of sickness on the island.

  2. 1988 Rousseau tells Robert that the monster made him sick. That gives me the impression that this “sickness” is entirely different than the temporal displacement that is indicated by the nose bleeds.

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