Dharma are the others


I watched the latest episode last night and it just gets better.

Something that crossed my mind was when Mrs Hawking stated that Dharma built the lighthouse to find the island. She didn’t say to find a island but the island. To me this means that Dharma already not only know of the island but also its specialness. They built a machine to find it. For them to know the island is special and that it moves in space/time could only mean someone from Dharma had been their before

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3 thoughts on “Dharma are the others

  1. The Others purged Dharma as they were there to exploit the islands power/properties the Losties weren’t actually a threat apart from there curiosity and wanting to find a way off the island

  2. I do wonder if Daniel plays a larger role. We know he’s integrated with Dharma and also when they travel back to the 1950s, Ellie tells him, “you just couldn’t stay away, could you?” Now, I know a lot of people think this has to do with them being mistaken for military, but Ellie clearly demonstrated that she doesn’t believe they are military. I think Daniel is far more prominent than we know.

  3. prosperoburns, I like your ideas here! We know Charles Widmore was originally an ‘other’, and was on ‘the island’ as a young man.

    We also know that for whatever reason, he and Ben are at odds with one another. He accuses Ben of taking from him, all that was once his.

    We also know that currently, Ms. Hawking, Ben and ‘the others’ are all affiliated now.

    We also know Ben purged Dharma because they were detrimental to ‘the island’. Ben says Dharma couldn’t even get along and co-exist with ‘the island’s’ so-called ‘hostiles’.

    My guess would be, based on the above, that Charles Widmore had his hands in the Dharma Initiative. And, Ben ‘took him out’, for lack of a better term!

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