to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes Chapter 3). dharma however attempted to play god and control this purpose.

the 815 crash was not suppose to happen. it happened because the past was changed. what changed? everything, from the purge and the hostile takeover to the crash of 815. dharma, who had mastered the art of time travel via the use of the islands vast electromagnetic properties brought this upon themselves. only fools are enslaved by time and space?

how? dharma’s raison d’être was to study and determine how the past could be changed to sculpt the future as they seen fit to ultimately bring about an utopian society to the world and to thwart the predictions about the end of time. to change the core values of the valenzetti equation.

this power turned out to be to much in the hands of dharma – as sawyer put it to jack, you act and don’t think. we have seen this with dharma as well when they voted to kill off sayid even though they had no proof he was a hostile, they are rash at making decisions out of fear.

what exactly did they do then? well, i suspect they used the ability to see the future to counter the hostiles and gain an upper hand. dharma made the ultimate decision to wipe out the hostiles completely in order to rule the island for good. ben came upon this knowledge as a dharma operative and provided the intel to richard and the hostiles. the hostiles decided to act and kill off all in dharma who were onside with the plan.

the net result was the purge and a massive change in the present timeline. subtle changes could be absorbed via course correction, but the mass execution of dharma by the hostiles was not written in the proper future.

so what now? in order to restore order to the universe (gods plan) and converge the diverging timelines, the losties must correct the actions that caused the changes that brought about the future that was not supposed to happen. in return they would be free from the island and in the future they would have either not flown on 815 or 815 would not have crashed.

how? they must first stop the purge from occurring. second, they must destroy the island or hide it for eternity to stop anyone from changing the future. as sayid said, i know why i am here now.

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hi dabs,
got an idea for a theory i would like you to piece together – everything is changing, how do we get back to what the future should have been. think about it or not 🙂

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How come we haven’t talked about this?
And don’t give me that anagram crap about ‘other man’ either.
Also an aside:
I want to know what pushed Ethan to help purge Dharma. Essentially, Ethan and Ben have killed there own fathers. And Richard told Locke that Cooper did have to die for Locke to join the Others, so I’m certain there’s something to this.

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Read here: Are you there Future? It’s me, Swan! by Matt

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We’ll be seeing Charlie Pace again soon . . . er I have a weird hunch that Charlie somehow ends up programming the code to the Looking Glass. It was written by a musician. I watched that episode a few days ago and it seemed strange for some reason. Could be a coincidence and one that allows Charlie to fulfill his destiny. Now I have no idea HOW he might end up back in Dharma days or how he’d be the one to program the code (the jamming code) but . . . ah, perhaps I’ll be wrong. Also Vincent’s presence has been driving me nuts. In the early episodes, Vincent’s all over the place and they cut to him watching the Losties and he seems to be leading or provoking things. Where the hell is Vincent now? This stuff is driving me nuts. I do believe Jacob’s got something going on with Vincent. I’m starting to like the parallel worlds thing. In that case Charlie could be somehow alive in Dharma Days . . . sheesh!

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I am not really great with theories. But I hae this hunch. A little tingle that is saying that all of our Losties have had some kind of contact with him, maybe when they were younger, like an imaginary friend or smoething that has helped shape who they are and paved the way for them to come to ‘the island’. Kind of like how Christian got a lot of people on the 815 flight. Maybe Jacob is God on a holiday (you know like in Dogma, but is beat up and goes into a coma and can’t get of his earthly form completely, so he has to build up a little strength a time to reach out by astral projection or possesses people to reach out to the key people who he knows can and will help and in exchange for their help their journey redeems them and they are now worthy to enter His kingdom). I don’t know…It’s just something that popped into my head and kind of makes sense, to me anyway. Let me know what you think.

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Ok, so I have been thinking…
about how Lost is going to end.
It is driving Me crazy.
Matthew has said that he knows how Lost ends.
It is rumored that he is in the last scene of the series and this scene has already been shot (around the end of season 3).
It is also rumored that Walt is in that very scene with him.
I guess it was so that he wouldn’t have appeared to age all that much (but we have seen him since all big and tall and strapping, so now I am not so sure about this).
I just want to kidnap and torture him until he tells me how it all ends (kidding, mostly).
Lost is getting on my nerve.
I am tired of tossing and turning at night, waking up in cold sweats screaming, “whatever happened, happened!”
So whoever wants to help… let me know.

I could use a nice hawaiian vacation right about now.

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See title. i went into edit profile and found no place for changing the picture. i must express my individuality in a small square!

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First time blogger long time reader, my theory is comprised of this. Richard never ages and it has been made known that Sawyer recognizes that it looks like he has eyeliner on. The statue also has egyptian liniage. Is it possible that they foud this island so long ago that it was before christ? Maybe everyone on the island is some sort of decendent of the original founders of the island? And if not that then maybe Richard and his men are pirates that wrecked on the Black Rock Ship? Either way I need to know who he is, his back story is gonna be the SHIT!!!!

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Just wondered if anyone had found any correlation between fathers of the losties (and/or mothers actually)?

Example –

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Now, i know this international man of mystery has us all confused to no ends, but I was wondering if anyone had any theories that could be answers to my question.

To put it bluntly – what is up with his hair?

It sounds daft, but my teacher and I were discussing this today and both of us are confused by the matter. Richard Alpert, I am going to pressume, is ageless. We see him visiting Locke amongst other people and he has always looked the same, in 1954 (Jughead) and in 1974 (LaFleur) and the 2000s (Man From Tallahassee, Through The Looking Glass) always looking his usual tidy, second in command, eyeliner wearing (only joking) self.

Yet if we go to The Man Behind The Curtain, a Ben-central episode when Ben has a flash back to when he was a child, presumably in 1973->, Richard all of

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events you have been watching have been happening on

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We all watched wide-eyed when we witnessed Sayid shoot young Ben! Many thoughts raced through our minds. One of our main thoughts, was did Sayid kill young Ben?

Given, that we have seen Ben in the future, I would think this did not happen. However, people who do not subscribe to ‘the change’ theories, can’t see what may happen as a result of Sayid’s actions.

We know that the very essence of Bejamin Linus’ character is based upon how cruel his father treated him as a child. Roger Linus made young Ben feel guilty over the death of his own mother! He was relentless to rub Ben’s face in it, at every turn. Roger’s own unhappiness and mental unwellness, was transferred onto young Ben, making his life so miserable that young Ben tried to run away. Roger was hardly what one would call a ‘father figure’, or role model. In fact, he was physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive to his son. He was cold, callous and downright cruel.

As a child young Ben meets Richard Alpert, and Richard tells him that if he wants to join ‘the others’ that he must wait for awhile. Young Ben does this, until he meets a mysterious ‘hostile’ being held in the Dharmaville jail. It is at this time, young Ben seizes the moment, and befriends Sayid. He believes Sayid, is his ‘ticket’ out of Dharmaville and away from his abusive father. One could hardly blame him. But, Sayid has a plan of his own! He is going to kill young Ben, a child he knows grows up to become a ‘monster’ in his eyes, and the cause of much suffering.

We are all speculating about what will happen to young Ben. Will anyone want to save him, who will save him, and is this where young Ben forms a lifelong bond with Juliette, who we now believe is the woman in the future Ben is so smitten with.

I haven’t seen anyone speculate about how Roger Linus might react to the news of his son being shot, and perhaps clinging to life. People say change cannot occur, and it does not have a direct impact on the future. This statement is flawed, however. I will tell you why I believe it is flawed, in this instance.

Have you considered that Roger Linus might be so upset at losing another member of his family, (his only blood tie and link to his dead wife), that it is the one and ONLY event that could turn him around and treat his son differently?

What if Roger is so devastated at the near loss of his son, that it is sufficient enough for him to change how he treats young Ben? What if, he changes his abusive ways, and turns over a new leaf, stops drinking, and starts to become the father he could have been all along? A change so dramatic, that young Ben grows up differently!

What if, young Ben no longer wishes to leave his father, or Dharma. What if, young Ben never becomes one of ‘the others’ and remains in Dharmaville, perhaps becoming the new leader of Dharma, and negating ‘the purge’.

Would that not constitute a change so dramatic, that the future could play out very differently?

Given what we know about childhood trauma, Ben’s mindset was already formulated in early childhood to a degree. Think about what kind of leader Ben would make as Dharma’s leader!

Given that Jacob hates technology and ‘the others’ hatred of Dharma, having Ben as their opposition, just might be the one ‘lethal’ thing that sets up the stage for how the future plays out with dramatic flair.

Ben has known all along, what his objectives are in this game! Unfortunately, we are at a disadvantage. If you believe Ben would never send Sayid to a place where he knew Sayid would try to kill him, unless he knew it was for a different, and/or better outcome, you are correct!

Never underestimate the power of change! It is a mighty thing! Count on ‘change’ as playing a major part in the upcoming events, whether it plays out the way in which I’ve theorized this or not.

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Just curious, has anyone else wondered if Ben’s future spinal problem may have been caused by a gunshot wound in the past?

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Please watch this video on youtube:

It is a video showing Doctor Pierre Chang in what apears to be the late 70’s (or early 80’s). This video was shown in the Comic-Con. It is canon for obvious reasons, please view and coment.

Hs anyone already seen this before?


I dont even know where to begin with this. Im not sure what is more mind blowing to me, the information I received, or the way I received it?
PLEASE, if you have heard this, if I am somehow late on Lost news, or if …someone, made this up and it doesnt work, please…just tell me.
I would say I want it to be wrong to know I am being messed with, but…well, judge for yourself. I dont really get any of this…I am very confused, for many reasons…you will understand.
As we all know, I enjoy playing a mysterious role on the site. I do so for several reasons, the most important is, its fun. Very few people know I watch Lost, let alone frequent this site as much as I do. Especially at the box factory. For those of you in the dark, yes, that is my work.
Regardless, I took the time to go and grab an Apollo Bar and some Dharma soda today. Gone for about twenty minutes total from my desk.
Although I do watch the site for the better part of the day, one thing I do, is make sure I cover my ground behind me, especially at work. Meaning, not staying logged in when Im not at the computer, not ever saying who I am on the site, and make sure NOBODY sees me on, like anyone where I slave would know what the hell I was talking about anyway. In fact, when the few who watch Lost at the factory discuss, I just kind of sit back and…well, laugh. The amount of nonsense that spews from some is beyond me. I overheard someone ask today if we were ever going to find out why Christian is trapped in a cabin in the future last week. I couldnt even begin to explain so I just sat, bit my lip practically to blood, as the other explained how it has to do with the fact that he is actually ALL the losties father, and they just dont realize it yet…I cant make this s#*t up. Being those are the only two who watch Lost there, I have resorted to conversing on why Hiro Nakamura is the key to Heroes…paint the walls with my blood…

But then today, something unexpected, to say the least, happened. I come back from my snack, and there is a note laying on my chair. This sounds fake. I will NOT feel bad if ANYONE does not believe this next part, but as I said earlier, I cant make this up…Im pretty good, but not this good.
So I figure it is some worthless paperwork, instruction, love letter, anything but what it actually is…
As I walk up and begin reading the note, I looked around for the camera, or at least a snicker from a fellow boxmaker…nothing.
I read the note, i read what it said, followed the instruction, and almost lost my job because I became distracted for a solid 15 minutes…Lost almost ate my Life.

I could post a picture of the note, but then, I could have also written the note to post, so whats the point…believe me or not, this is what it said….

What in the hell? …then I did what the note says. I turned it over. And to my suprise, delight, fear, and awe…….it read as follows, mind you, I would take credit for something like this if I did it myself, but I didnt, and thats the kind of person I am. SO here it is, to all of you, the back of the note, and a possible answer we all have been wondering about…. you might want to sit down for this…


Obviously, someone knows more than me. Obviously, someone knows who I am, or at least, what I do at my factory for the better half of the day. The question is, why would anyone do this? If they were into Lost even half as much as I, they surely would be a member of a site and posted this. I would take credit immediatly, not going to lie. Granted, nobody really knows who the hell I am, but credit where credit is due, no?

This is too good. I still dont know what to make of it, all 10 people I know and work with on a daily basis, I find sometimes difficult to believe they tie their shoes by themselves in the morning, let alone figure this out. And no one seems to have seen anyone else pass.

I am aware of the door to endless jokes I am opening with this, but for a half a second, try to just think of what the note said, and not the…”joke” I feel someone is playing.

Take from this what you want. Maybe someone said it before and I missed it, or maybe it is nothing. But the story alone I feel was worth the two minute to read it…

We are all fools, in our own way, I may be, in the end, the biggest one of all…
… but it appears ‘someone’ has just stepped up their game …

Go ahead, make fun, tell me where else you saw it…pick away…Its in fun for a reason…
Just remember…it actually makes sense.

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While killing time at work this morning I wandered around Lostpedia, and came across the video clip called ‘Dharma Booth’, the one from Comic-con. I knew I had watched it before and remembered the general gist of it, but I thought I would take a look at the transcript. It proved to be quite interesting. Here’s the first part that made me smile:
Chang: ‘I’m begging you, no matter what’s happened, it’s imperative that the DHARMA Initiative be reconstituted. You have to continue the research [static] and you have to do it now. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence. [static] Perhaps you’ll be able to find a way to save us, to change the past and to… [static] Please, please! You have to stop what’s about to happen, you can’t let us…[static]’
Ok this immediately got me thinking about what I could possibly pluck from that paragraph that would help solidify my reasoning behind thinking there might be an upcoming change to the past. Depending on how this video came to be made, and depending on what actions Pierre Chang is about to take after learning of his ‘unavoidable’ death….I don’t know..Maybe this is where the whole ‘changing the past’ ball gets rolling. Which is about 1977, no? I haven’t really thought this out a whole lot, a la it being in the fun category. but I don’t know, maybe this is our first clue to the fact that Dharma is going to strive to change the past. And possibly succeed.

One last tidbit I thought I’d throw out there, the last line of the video is: ‘No, no, no, La Fleur what are you doing?! [static]’………..hmmmmm…interesting.

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In the previous episode, ‘He’s Our You’, we see young Benjamin Linus, give Sayid a book, (Ben has a pretty diverse book collection, no?).
This Book give, is titled, “A Separate Reality”

From Wiki….
“it is an allegedly non-fictional book written by anthropologist/author Carlos Castaneda in 1971 concerning the events that took place during an apprenticeship he claimed to have served with a self-proclaimed Yaqui Indian Sorcerer”
“The main focus of the book centered around Don Juan’s attempts at getting Carlos to See, a practice best described as, in Castaneda’s own words, “perceiving energy directly as it flows through the universe”.

I think this may be part what is going on. The title gives us a direction, right or wrong, that we may deal with alternate realities on Lost, if we arent already.
Then as you dive in, it leads to bigger questions. It speaks of the use of psychoactive drugs, and hallucinagens, and other natural substances that can help you along a ‘spirit quest like’ exreience the author refers to as “seeing”.
Using the natural enegy of the universe to see and understand everything.
Is this maybe Bens message to Sayid? That he is in a way “seeing”?
If one of my recent posts is correct, this could play right into it.
“Ben, all seeing, all knowing…” He is experiencing the experience everystep of the show. If he lives, and he very much will, he carries the knowledge he needs to become what we all know, and love to hate.
He could be concience travelling for all we know. This…man, is more knowledgable than anyone on the show. Of the past, present, and future. There is more to Ben. Read my previous posts, along with this, and you’ll see, Ben has something that no one else on the island possess, the knowledge to control the island, what it will cause, and how the ultimate outcome will be affected by actions that occure now…whenever now is….

On a side note…this is the authors FULL name…

Carlos Cesar Arana Castaneda, yes thats right, Cesar… Is that timing or what?
he was born on December 25…
He eventually lived in L.A….
He was very much interested in the effects of psychotropic plants….
Most writings were on their effects, and Lucid Dreams they caused, along with various forms of spiritual discovery, such as visions, hallucinations, ect….(Very ala.. John Locke, in the sweat Lodge)
I think Ben is a “seer”, as somewhat described in my understanding of the book. It is described as…A clairvoyant or a prophet. If Ben has experienced all these years, and the Losties are stuck there with a pissed of grown up, ‘look what you’ve done to me, this is why you are here’ Ben Linus…I imagine Ben may feel as if he is experiencing 2 realities, when in reality, it is as Highbrow describes only one, just like the timeline is actually only one timeline, shown from VERY different perspectives. I think John needs to figure out how to get where he needs to be real quick. Because someones going to have to stop Ben from accomplishing…whatever the hell it is he is trying to accomplish.
To my knowledge, there are no coincidences on Lost… and I imagine this will not be one either.

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I was nerding out the other night and rewatching the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. I noticed somethng that slipped by me on my first watch.

When John is talking to Charles outside. The scene where he gives him the fake Id’s with the name Bentham. John say’s “Jeremy Bentham?” and Charles replies “He was an english philosopher. Your parents obviously had a sense of humour when they named you. So I thought it a suitable name”

Something along those lines.

I find that very interesting. How would a philosphers name be funny in relation to Locke? He in no way shape or form is a philospher. John Locke was a “real world” philospher though. Any ideas folks?

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I’m sure Hurley and Sayid’s name translate into ‘J’ somehow. It’s just kind of odd. (Maybe it’s a clue into what the writers smoke before sitting down to the next epsode.)

I do like how Jack/John are the same name … and the men are two sides of science/faith.

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