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  1. Very possible that the Island is a place where the dead come back to life. Why else would Richard demand the body of Paul? So Paul would be brought back to life and be an ‘other’ or ‘hostile’. Are all the original ‘other/hostiles/Alpert’ immortal because they are already the walking dead?!

  2. Nice thoughts NMB. The Egyptian hieroglyphs that were seen on the timer in the Swan Station were translated by the writers, as meaning ‘Underworld’.

    I read that the Egyptian Underworld was known as Duat, where the dead are judged. Coincidentally, it is guarded by ‘Ammit’, the great swallower.

    Wikipedia gives great explanations of these.

  3. Yeah I’m definitely thinking 4 toes means a dog or a cat… both animals actually have five toes, it’s just that the fifth is up near their “ankle”.

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