The Volcano

So I don’t believe this is for certain, but I’m pretty sure its been alluded to that there is a volcano on island. Perhaps the volcano is in part responsible for the statue’s destruction? I don’t believe it was involved in the incident…but I’m pretty sure it has more than zero importance.

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I rarely get into tv shows, but as you know lost is something else. I am a daytime, weekday theorist. I usually don't check in on weekends or nights. Helps me get through the workday. favorite characters: eko (duh), desmond, miles, sayid.

9 thoughts on “The Volcano

  1. yeah, i think the volcano destroys the statue. Notice the statue is on the coast and near the jungle, but when Sayid spots it in the future, it’s just the foot and on a cliffside surrounded by water. Totally nailed it with the volcano / possible earthquake idea. Awesome.

  2. I am not sure in the destruction of the statue, but the volcano, or at least the magma part, may play a role in the properties of the island, and possibly even the alluded to “casimir effect”, that it seems to carry.

  3. I dont think the statue decayed…..the statue looks to be very old and wouldnt have decayed in the 30 or so years when the survivors came to the island….its been around for whole lot longer then that

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