I See Dead People

So last night I was re-watching season five (couldn’t sleep… stupid time change!)… Anyway, I got to the point where Danielle and her crew were attacked by the monster. We see one of her crew get killed and another dragged down to the Temple (assuming it is the Temple). Then the rest of the crew, minus Danielle, goes down into the Temple to rescue their friends.

Flash forward a bit and we see Danielle shouting at her husband about him being sick. They each have a gun and at first it seems like she’s just upset and he’s trying to talk her down but then when he finally gets her to lower her weapon he raises his and pulls the trigger! Of course nothing happened because she had removed the firing pin but still, he just wanted to kill her. Why? Because he was sick?

The sickness, I think, is death. He was killed and resurrected to serve the island.

Then I thought about Amy and Phil. Poor Phil. I wonder what led up to that situation where a couple of the Others had killed a DHARMA guy and looked to be kidnapping a DHARMA girl… Then later Richard says that they need to take his body? Well what the heck for? Gross…

I think they recruited Phil. They brought his body back to the Temple and he was resurrected and became one of the Others/Hostiles and I think we’ll see him again. Horace is all upset and asks James if he thinks three years is long enough to get over someone… He says yeah, absolutely after telling him the story about losing his chance with Kate then getting over it. As soon as he tells his story about Kate she shows up and it seems like maybe he didn’t forget her face after all (I really don’t think they’ll make any attempt to get back together but that’s neither here nor there). Now Horace feels better about things so maybe Phil will show up again…. maybe standing next to Richard to mess with their heads…

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19 thoughts on “I See Dead People

  1. This is the second or third time I have read the theory here that Richard’s faction of Hostiles are Dead people.

    With the statue of Set or Anubis (or whatever the god of the underworld is) a lot of people are getting on that band wagon.

    Interesting. It would explain Richard’s agelessness but not how his hair grew in The Man Behind The Curtain.

  2. As to Richard’s motivations…

    I think he just wants to flop a cadaver at the feet of his people to let them know blood was spilled on both sides.

    If his two guys started it (and if they are anything like Widmore it will not take a lot of convincing) he needs to have the body to show his people the reason the truce must go on.

    Remember the apostle Thomas needed to touch Jesus’ wounds to believe.

  3. ive been pushing the idea that richard had long hair and shaggy clothing to look more like a “hostile” should, like how mr friendly(tom) wore a beard in front of jack and the losties for a while. never underestimate the power of misdirection

  4. ok so im always thinking about time travel, and the fact that the others are dead could be the reason locke, juliet, sawyer etc. travel through time when the skipping occurs while the others plus alpert are left behind. very very interesting

  5. I like the idea the sickness is Death. Like when smokey took the form of Emi Ekos Bro, This reminded me of Robert. Maybe smokey was trying to eliminate Rousseua and Alex from being born.

  6. highbrow, I think you are correct about Danielle’s crew being affected by a ‘sickness’.

    I had always believed this sickness was the effects of ‘temporal displacement’, and it may still be. However, after seeing their encounter with the ‘smoke monster’, it may have been something else, or a combination of both influences.

    Why this never quite had the same affect on Danielle, is unknown. She was a bit out there, but that could have been from having to kill her own team, and father of her child, and then having Ben, steal Alex.

    I do NOT believe ‘the others’ are the walking dead, and/or wanted Paul’s body, for any diabolical plan.

  7. I agree with dabs, although when I first watched season 1 and saw “the Others” I definately thought they were the dead. The show made them out to be inhuman. Skip to season 5 and one of them is sleeping with a lostie, so definately not the undead lol.

  8. Jin wasn’t there the first time that this happened. He was only there during a time flash, so something else would have stopped her from going down the hole. Jin just did it when he flashed back because he was there. The losties are flashing through time experiencing events that already happening, and we know Danielle lived. So Jin altered the event slightly. It had the same result however.

  9. When Ben seemed surprised to hear that Jin was alive just before he killed John, I thought about this scene and the scene where it is Jin who finds the losties at the waterfall in episode 316. Maybe Ben didn’t want Jin there to help Russeau or the Losties.

  10. I think that is where you are wrong Highbrow. We know that Danielle didn’t go into the hole, but we don’t know that Jin prevented her. If you think about the survivors being on a string and follow that string. Jin crashed on the island in 2004. Then if you follow the series of events that send him to the freighter, and shift through time, and be saved by the Frenchies in 1986 (I think). It is all the same to Jin, because the events happened in orderfor him, only one series of events that lead to where we are today.

  11. This is an argument that we’ve been having for several days now. Can the Losties change things in the past? I don’t think they can. A lot of people do think they can. Neither of us can prove the other wrong because none of us can time travel to test the theory. I’m not wrong… at least I’m far from proven wrong.

  12. Ok, I take back the comment about wrong or right. I think that is where the theory becomes flawed, in that we only see the perspective of Jin. That is not to say that Danielles perspective would not have been different. What I mean is that Danielle lived through a certain timeline. Our losties came in contact with her. We did not know the circumstances of how she got there. We are then shown part of her story from Jin’s perspective. We have no way of knowing that Jin was in any way involved with Danielles original timeline. Which leads to the THEORY that every thing that happens is already going to happen nothing changes except for a few minor details. That is to say the end result remains the same, regardless of the details leading up to the end result.

  13. See that is the distinction I wanna make. I think there is one timeline, just that when someone jumps from the future into the past, they have a perspective of the timeline that they already have done this. Kind of like Deja Vu, if you will (weak similarity at best). In the sense that they have been physically removed from present time and deposited in the past. So what I mean is that they lived the timeline but from their perspective, and now they are seeing it from a new perspective and then being able to affect the timline in a different way than they originally did. I also think that they don’t overwrite what has already been done but add to the timeline in a sense. In other words they are transplanted in situations that have already happened, and in doing so have provided additional ways for things to play out. Do you see where my thoughts are coming from Highbrow.

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