Is Jack Amys Baby?


The one problem being over this side of the atlantic is that we get the episode later! Sorry if this has been covered but could Jack be Amys baby.

Why –

He is about the right age

I think Christian is on the island and could be the father of the baby and not Horace

If the baby (jack) was the first baby born on the island it could explain a lot of why Jack is very special

Another poster with a theory that losties could not go back in time to a period where they already were i.e. younger self could explain why jack jumped to a period 3 years later than Sawyer & co. Maybe Amy, Christian and baby Jack left

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25 thoughts on “Is Jack Amys Baby?

  1. Hi

    I think he appears about the right age, but as you say we do not know how old he actually is. He could be 200 years old and ex-captain of the black rock.

    What I love about lost is the writers imagination, they are great story tellers and their unwillingness to get bogged down in minutia while at the same time giving us great detail is amazing.

    Lets Keep on guessing and not take ourselves too seriously.

  2. Hey, I just posted a comment elsewhere that it is Sawyer possibly. Was just going back to say, maybe Jack, when i caught glimpes of this post. My main reasoning would be Christians possible past relationship with the island.

  3. Only if the had physical contact. At least that would be my understanding from the orchid video, most serious sci-fi movies and shows, and the fact science tells us so in a way.

  4. OK, Im going to push this.
    Family tree.
    Ray. Likes magic. Hint with the bunny. Had Christians shoes. Disappears often with no explanation that has proven credible…not much to go on. But a start for only seeing him one scene in the next to last season.
    Christian. Many trips across the ocean to Australia. As if he were trying to return. His constant belittlement of Jack. I have speculated that this was a preperation to make Jack become a great man…By telling him the exact opposite. He and Locke share that “dont tell me what I cant do” attitude.
    Christian has some relationship with the island and possibly Jacob. With all the bloodties, this could be a huge one to reveal at this point. Jack would not only be Claires brother, Aarons uncle, but birn on the island. If Christian was around circa 1977, he most likely would have been an other, or we would have seen him already. He could have used a fake name. This could be why they were putting a bag on Amys head. To take her to Christian. She could have been cheating on Horace and Paul with an Other, Christian. Im full out speculating now. This would also make Jack a product that is half-other, half-Dharma. What side would he choose. His return would also mean that there would be 2 Jacks on the island. Incident anyone? maybe. Or maybe Im rambling again.

  5. I keep getting this gnawing feeling, that all roads to many of the children lead back to the fathers being either Christian Sheppard and/or Charles Widmore, although I think Thomas is likely Ben’s son.

    If anything, I have learned that names are often changed on Lost. Perhaps, for good reason! lol

  6. “Gnawing feeling…” – exactly. How many 815 people did Christian come in contact with before 815? It’s ridiculous to even start to consider now. And basically the same thing about Widmore – because he can lay claim to influencing pretty much all the non-815 characters: Desmond, Daniel, the freighter crew (how many of them were previously on island Dharma-Other connected???), Hawking, Abaddon, etc. Maybe even recruiting Roger Linus and his little Ben…

    Anyway, there are issues that arise in the Christian-island relationship…such as in Sawyer’s case where Sawyer could run into Christian in 1977. It will once again bring up the interaction with Sawyer and Christian at the bar…what came “first”?

    And can I just ask my recurring question while I am at it…


    So if things are headed toward an incident in the past…why do certain things occur in the future of those characters? Why would Sawyer and Christian share a drink and discuss Christian’s son? (Yes, lets go back to the ‘change’ conversation, that’s obviously on my mind.)

    I have so disliked Jack recently, that to see the tension headed toward discovering his relationship to the island is something I am actually looking forward to. I want him to be redeemed in my little mind.

    If he’s Amy’s (and Christian’s) on-island baby, half Dharma, half Other, that will be something…

    It sure will help make the case that Ben has been manipulating the wrong guy…don’t you think?

  7. I would guess Jack is at least 5, probably more like 10 years too old to be the baby. I think Sawyer says he’s 35 or 36 in season three when Ben cons him with exploding pacemaker, which would make him too old as well. I’m going crazy trying to figure who this stupid baby could be, and I just have no idea. If I had to put money on it, I’d say it’s a new character.

  8. Jack is too old. He was a fully certified doctor with a specialty in spinal surgery in 2002. If he was born in 1977 then he was 17 in 1994.. say he started college in 1995… I’m not super clear on exactly what training doctors have to go through to specialize in something but… he finished med school (7 years, right?), residency, then whatever training he needed for his specialty in 6-7 years? Jack is at least 37 in my opinion.

    After reading the comments and having not thought much about the actual timeline… what would everyone think if it turned out that Ray was John Lockes real father?

  9. interesting. I am going to submit a new name to the face of the child…Karl…why not? Would make him about 4 yrs older than alex. No background on him either. What do you guys think?

  10. ha ha…

    I’ve thought it through and I would like to go on record and say that Ray is John Locke’s real father making Locke “Uncle John” to Jack and Claire.

  11. i dont think its miles bc i think miles was the baby dr candle had in that episode…it could possible be daniel with eloise not being his real mother but havin taken him away from dharma…or maybe its ben…and roger linus isnt really his father…but i think thats too young to be ben

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