Who else is Christian…

Who else is Christian related to on the island at some point that we have met?
Could he be another persons father? or Grandfather?
Could he be someone elses lover?
What gives him the same gift that Locke has? Reincarnation.
I think there is more mystery to be revealed. More secrets that will need answered when it comes to Christian Shepard.

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

7 thoughts on “Who else is Christian…

  1. Second cousin twice removed of Jacob.

    But I’m not sure if he needs to be related (biologically or not) to more peope for his specialness to make sense.

    Locke is related to pretty much no one, and Christian has at least 8 known relatives.

    Christian was also “LINKED” to other characters like Anna Lucia and Sawyer.

    But I don’t think that him having the same gift as Locke (assuming reincarnation is a gift of he person and not the island) means that he must be related to more peope than we know. It should be something else.

  2. Gift in a sense of something given to you…but valid points regardless.
    His being linked to certain people may have been more of a use of the island. Maybe the reincarnation is his gift for helping round up some losties.

  3. Reincarnation or resurrection? 🙂 Had to do it, sorry AES.

    It would seem that reincarnation serves the purpose of bettering/completing the person.

    Resurrection seems to serve the purpose of making some people ‘believe’ in something bigger…something greater at play.

    I know that’s not your point though. But, maybe in the case of Christian, just as the case was for Locke, both ‘resurrections’ have to do with getting Jack to believe.

  4. Do we have any evidence yet that Christian is actually alive in a physical form? I mean, how on earth did he get to the bottom of the well that Locke fell down? Even if he had known of a secret passage to the wheel, he would have to of been flashing through time with the other losties and already been on his way down there. How would he have known that Locke was going to be down there at that precise moment in time?

    When he did see Locke at the bottom of the well, he told him what he had to do but didn’t help him physically. He has also disappeared in front of Jacks eyes more than once. So does he have a physical body or is he a spirit?

  5. Christian spun the wheel and went back to real world and had to die to get back.

    He’s a man of science … was he ‘others’ or DHARMA?

    It also gives Jack AND Claire a link to the island itself.

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