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I am still very curious as to why they had to recreate the circumstances of the flight. And that made me think of the submarine (before locke blew it to smithereens). How was the submarine able to go back and forth to the island with ease. Also, didn’t the island stop its skipping when the O6 returned? So that would that have made getting back onto the island that much easier than the recreation flight? If they knew where the island was going to be – what made how they get there so complicated?

What I mean to say is that crashing on the island in an aircraft is not the only way people have gotten there. The submarine was being used post-purge, that’s how Juliette got there. And that was about 3 years before the 815ers crashed there.

All thoughts welcome!!

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  1. It had to be done that way as Mrs Hawkings said they have to recreate the events that brought them to island as best they can. It wasn’t as easy as just locating where the island would be it was the events that occured. Thats why i think its no coincidence at all that Frank Lapidus was the Pilot of 316 flight as he was supposed to be 815 pilot aswell. Although i can’t remember why he wasn’t flying the 815, has that been answered yet?

    The submarine was able to go back and forth with ease as they knew the bearing to leave 305 and 325 bearing. Also there was a theory on another site which read that, we never actually saw the sub operating, so did Juliette enter the island via the lampost station as she was drugged when she met Richard and Ethan to go to the island. Maybe the Submarine was just there to make people think thats how they got there rather than experience the flashes as we saw on 316 flight

  2. bigdaveg, Frank Lapidus was not originally on #815, because he got drunk the night before and was nursing a hangover, so his best friend, Seth piloted #815, that day.

  3. carolyndee, The reason the sub was no longer a viable solution, is it no longer exists. Ben blew it up!

    Also, ‘the island’ had been moved, when Ben turned the FDW.

  4. big – thanks, you got me thinking.. we’ve not seen the sub actually operating… hmmm.. I realise that Hawking said they had to recreate the flight – what I was wondering was why.

    dab – I was actually thinking about ‘a’ sub and not ‘the’ sub. The lampost located where the island was supposed to be after it had been moved by Ben. If desmond ends up on the island again (and I believe that he will) will he have to sail there?

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