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Didn’t want to be a Jacob theorist, but it happened anyway. Hope I’m not repeating anyone else’s thoughts. There is all this talk about how Locke has been resurrected and Christian was resurrected back in season 1, but it just occurred to me that we (or at least I) might be missing the point entirely. The anagram for Canton-Rainier is Reincarnation, not resurrection. Maybe we are interpreting the event of Locke being “alive again” incorrectly. Could it simply be that Jacob is constantly being reincarnated through dead bodies that are brought to the island? I think this still works with Christian saying that he isn’t Jacob, but can speak for him. I don’t know the details of how reincarnation is supposed to work, and I haven’t thought this through more than a few minutes, so any and all critique is welcomed.

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11 thoughts on “Jacob reincarnated

  1. Wookiwok, it would appear Jacob utilizes the dead bodies of anyone on ‘the island’ he sees fit to use. Something, we have witnessed from time to time. I wouldn’t necessarily call that reincarnation.

    John Locke, has been resurrected in the true sense of the word. We do not know the same about Christian Shephard, however. I suppose we could infer Christian has been resurrected, but I feel it is far too soon, to say that about him.

    Reincarnation, implies something completely different than resurrection does.

    It is something worth reading up on. Given that the van and its anagram point to reincarnation, perhaps we are to apply that to something entirely different.

    Just maybe, that something has been staring us right in the face!

  2. I know most feel different, but I really dont think it is Jacob controlling Christian, or any other ‘corpse’ or body on the island. I could be wrong on this one, but I think it is something or someone else entirely.

  3. it feels like there is something inherently different between how john was brought back to life and christian was back to life. christian really seems to be more of a spirit of sorts, appearing at the strangest places at the strangest times. i’m also still a bit perplexed why he could not help john up when he fell down the well.

    from the little we have seen of john lock after the 316 crash, he really seems to be physically there and that he is still john locke. hard to explain it exactly, but it just seems like john is john with a dose of enlightenment.

  4. I don’t really know what to take out of it but I went back and watched the part Juliet wants to leave the island and ben tells her that her sisters cancer is back and that he can have Jacob cure her… Don’t really know but it was just interesting… How can he just cure people off the island

  5. As for John being physically back, what does that really mean? Christian is physically back. He is wearing the same clothes he was brought there in. I think it may depend on the work the island has you do. Who knows, maybe at this point John is not going to be able to physically help people, or at least not supposed to. John may now be a Christian like figure, just havent seen it yet.
    Maybe this is why choosing the knife was such a wrong choice to Alpert.

  6. I believe the episode “This Place is Death”, showed us that there is an evil spirit of sorts on the island. Roussous(sp) crew were inhabited by this spirit. I think this spirit has also occupied the bodies of Christian and possibly Yemi. I don’t believe Christian Sheppard is alive in any way, shape or form. What looks like him is not him. John Locke is completely different.

  7. Thomas, I am thinking even possibly, that he recorded this video this off island trip, and left it hidden or even gave it to his younger self.
    Either way, anyone could have got him the tape, and it makes sense regardless. Bens knowledge comes from the fact that hes done this before.

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