From the given information, the brief glimpse we have seen of him, the uttering of “help me”, and the constant references to him by Ben, Locke, Richard and even Christian.

Get ready for this:

Jacob Is……

Jacob. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “I FIGURED OUT WHO JACOB IS!!!!

  1. What brief glimpse of Jacob? I thought that was Christian? Did the line “I am not Jacob, but i can speak for him” throw you off somehow in that scene or am i forgetting something?

  2. The moment in the cabin with Locke, you see a shadow of him in the chair….as AES/HB or whoever has pointed out, this is likely an extra used for our only glimpse of jacob…

  3. Its actually prop master, Rob Kyker, filling the shoes. This is known in Lostpedia world. I dont travel their much anymore, but I lived there for a while.

    It came out after the episode was over…someone actually figured this out on another site after it was over…

    Thats deeper than I am willing to dig, but a good find non the less.

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