Who shall I be today?


I have read somewhere (cannot remember where) that in a promo we see a dark side to Jack and he says something like the above question, is this true? and if so

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7 thoughts on “Who shall I be today?

  1. i believe you are refering to the scene in ‘something nice back home’ where jack is reading ‘Alice…’ to Aaron. Watch the scene to get the full effect

  2. Dabsi usually remembers my posts, I wrote something on this not too long ago…just cannot remember where or what it was regarding, lol
    Remember why I was quoting that line Dabs?

  3. AES, you mentioned it in one of my posts and I think the comment does explain why you brought it up. Here it is:

    The reference is from Alice in Wonderland. The very story that Jack was reading Aaron in

  4. You remember everything!
    I have something that is possibly big coming involving John. Not going to make it for tonights show unfortunatly. Its something everyone already knows about, but maybe forgot about.
    Relates to this subject…sort of…

  5. AES, I have a fairly good memory, and as I recall in that post you were going to relate the story about John, but it was 3:00am, so we called it a night!

    I can’t wait for the post!

    I am now starting to revert back to the earlier seasons, and thoughts I initially had and left behind because there was nothing to substantiate them.

    I suggest everyone, reach back, because there is ‘gold’ to be found there!

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