RA **Ancient Egyptian Sun God** R-ichard A-lpert – Insane MUST READ

So from everything we have seen so far, it appears that the island has a strong connection with ancient Egypt.

Clues so far –

hieroglyphics – on the swan 108 minute countdown timer, on the temple wall, all over the underground temple, inside the FDW chamber and on the ancient door in Ben’s house.

The Egyptian God Anubis – known as the of the dead, Anubis protected the dead and was responsible for bringing them to the afterlife. He was involved in the mummification process and it was discussed that he is capable of resurrection. He was portrayed as a half human half jackal that carried an Ankh. Look-up a picture of Anubis, you will see that he is portayed as looking exactly like the “four toed statue.” Both the statue, Paul (Amy’s husband) and Anubis carry an Ankh.

An Ankh is an Ancient Egyptian symbol that represents eternal life!!!

RA = R-ichard A-lpert – our favorite immortal Richard Alpert has always been a mystery on LOST. More and more I feel as though his origin is being revealed, and that his name may be a disguise for his true identitiy, the ancient egyptian sun god RA!

In Egyptian mythology it is said that RA comes from Heliopolis – The City of the Sun – the land where he originates and received his power to command the sky, the earth and the underworld.

He was associated with the Falcon, the symbol of other sun deities who protected the pharaohs in later myths. Strange how is one episode Hurley see’s a giant red and orange bird flying over head??? “The Bennu bird (Falcon) is Ra’s symbol of fire and rebirth. The wadjet sun disk, also shown as the hieroglyphic = Ankh, symbolizes the life given by the sun. Obelisk represents the rays of the sun and was worshiped as a home of a solar god.”

E. A. Wallis Budge (1857 ‘1934) claims that Ra was the one god of Egyptian monotheism, of which all other deities were aspects, manifestations, phases, or forms. All of the deities (Christian, Smokey, Yemi, etc.) that have been guiding the losties with advice have all just been a manifestation of Ra helping them along the way.

From what we have witnessed on LOST is that the island is a place of great power, so much power that it must be protected, and that “Jacob” makes final decisions in the islands best interest.

Richard has shown us that not only does he answer to no one, but he is capable of walking right into the temple and saving or ressurecting a life!

We have also witnessed that Richard is immortal, he does not age, and from what Juliet has mentioned, “Richard has always been here.”

Is it possible that Richard is the ancient sun god Ra? He wears eyeliner as ancient egyptian pharaohs did to represent the Egyptian Gods. Maybe Richard is an Egytian God. The eyeliner could be a way for Richard to represent his power of “The Eye of Ra.” The Eye of Ra was considered to be the Sun, a source of great power which allows life to prosper on our planet. The Eye of Ra is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from deities.

Maybe Richard must protect the island because it is really Heliopolis – his original home, which would explain why he has always been there, why he does not age, and why he answers to no one.

As for “Jacob said so” – I am starting to beleive that there is no Jacob, just another deity created by Richard to allow every one else to think that there is some higher power, when Richard is really “The Man Behind the Curtain”

Jacob – In the history of the Jewish people, Jacob is remembered as the father of Joseph (he had 12 children). Now I am sure you all remember the story of Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat, well what is really written is that Joseph was sent to Egypt by his brothers as a slave. The Pharaoh has very troubling dreams that his land was in danger of famine, Joseph was able to interpret these dreams so that The Pharoah could prepare for what was to come. The Pharaoh is so impressed that he makes Joseph the viceroy over Egypt.

When the famine strikes Canaan, Jacob sends his other sons’ to retrieve food from Egypt. Joseph recognizes the brothers who once sold him into slavery and refuses to give them any food without first having his baby brother BENJAMIN, who he never got to meet, and his father JACOB return to Egypt as well.

The brothers return to Joseph with Benjamin and Jacob, and when Joseph sees Benjamin he is overcome with emotion, and reveals himself to his brothers. He invites them to bring their families and their father, Jacob, down to Egypt to live near him, and gives them a place to live in the Egyptian province of Goshen.

Jacob’s final 17 years are spent in peace and tranquility in Egypt, knowing that all his 12 sons are righteous people, and he dies at the age of 147. According to the Midrash, on his death bed Jacob desires to tell his sons the exact date when the Mashiach will arrive, but the prophecy fails him. He fears lest one of his sons is not righteous.

Looking over all this history I found so many connections – first of all that Jacob had a son named Benjamin. That on his death bed he wanted to reveal the coming of the Mashiach (possibly John Locke) but he feared one of his sons were not righteous and could not do so (possibly Benjamin).

Maybe Richard is the one true sun god of Egypt. Before Jacob died he may have shared some of the knowledge regarding the Mashiach to Ra (Richard). He may have told him that his youngest son Benjamin is not righteous and the prophecy of the Mashiach can not come true if Benjamin is in the way. Richard could have been living on “Heliopolis” = The Island, all these years waiting for the soul of Benjamin to return so that the coming of the Mashiach (John Locke) could finally fall into place.

It is not that Jacob does not exist, just that he died a long time ago and Richard knew him back then. “God loves you as HE loved Jacob” notice the past tense in the word loved, as if Jacob is gone or dead. Jacob knew information about the coming of the Mashiach, this is written in the bible.

What is not written in the bible is that, possibly Egypts notorious sun god Ra, needed some answers from this “Jacob” and that he is still waiting to get them. This may be why is seems as though Richard answers to Jacob, when really he is waiting and helping Jacob’s prophecy come true. That being the return of the Mashiach (written in the bible) and on LOST could be the return of John Locke

After we saw “Dead is Dead” we know Locke is now a little more informed about the island, and has now been made the official island leader by the manifestation of Alex in the temple. In my theory that was Ra speaking to Ben, Richard uses smokey because he does tries to avoid confrontation!


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56 thoughts on “RA **Ancient Egyptian Sun God** R-ichard A-lpert – Insane MUST READ

  1. We also see smokey reaching toward Anubis in the carving above smokey’s alter. Now I am not sure if he was attacking Anubis or answering to him, most likely answering to the god of the dead. I believe that Anubis controls smokey, being the god of the dead, he has the ultimate authority whether some one can or should be killed. This may also explain why the island can control if people are killed, how and when. Michael was not supposed to die until the boat, and Locke was not supposed to die, so Anubis brought him back! Anubis and Ra both gods of ancient Egypt! The gods of ancient Egypt and the island are seriously connected!

  2. Joshcgs, congratulations on a very well written theory, and nicely articulated in addition. You certainly did an excellent job researching it!

    I will definitely come back later to add some further comments!

  3. Thank you Dabia, another slow day at work so I am back!!! And after last night, WOW, I can’t stop thinking about that episode. Locke, Ben and Desmond are def my favorites so last night was a treat!!!

    I would love to hear your thoughts, as well as highbrow, AES, etc, all the big players.

    I didn’t even know that in the Old Testament is says that Jacob returned to Egypt as a request of Joseph wanting to meet his brother Benjamin.

    When I read that it blew my mind and I had to write this theory!!!

  4. Big theory Josh, i like. I actually posted a comment about a week ago regarding Richards eyeliner, Sawyer actually references it in Lafleur.
    Theres obviously a crazy amount of Eygptian references in Lost so i think theres definatley a connection, i cant wait till we see a flashback of Richard in ancient Eygpt times.
    The only thing i disagree with is i dont think the smoke monster is actually Richard i think its something else completely, most likely ancient.
    But… what do you think will be the relevence in the end? What does it mean for all the time travel and losties fate?

  5. Joshcgs, there is no doubt in my mind, that you will receive a lot of comments on this theory! And, I will most definitely return, later!

    If you haven’t been around, I did write a theory, on Richard, Ben, the Temple, etc., give it a read, but don’t bother to wade through the comments. We can talk about the similar aspects surrounding the mythology later.


  6. Whatistime –

    I really do not know how to answer that question. I would love to have all the answers but unfourtunately I do not and therefore this is just a theory.

    About the smoke monster not being Richard, you are probably right, but if Richard is Ra, it means that Anubis is just a deity of Richard and therefore controlled by him aswell.

    From what we saw above smokeys alter, it appears as though, “the god of the dead” Anubis, controls smokey!

  7. I like the idea, and the connections to Egypt…I just dont think Ricky is a god…blessed by the gods maybe, but I feel he is human…
    “You do remember birthdays, dont you Richard?”

  8. Something has made Richard Immortal,

    whether he is a god or has been blessed by one, he definitely has some special power on the island.

    If he had been human once, it may be because he was a Pharaoh who’s body was taken over by Ra (sortof similar to the theory of smokey taking over Ben’s body) and now Ra just speaks and acts through Richards Body.

    People have been saying that Richard was a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt, I am starting to beleive that he was a blessed Pharoah that was given the mission to protect his home “Heliopolis = The Island” by Jacob, who prophesied the coming of the Mashiach

  9. – iheartbenlinus

    holes in the bible, in genesis, in the old testament. Parting of the red sea, miracles, things like that just do not happen, so it is pretty hard to believe that they happened back then.

    I am saying that lost is filling the gaps, telling the story of Jacob and Benjamin in Egypt and how we are still awaiting the prophesied coming of the Mashiach by Jacob to this day!!

  10. – Just to add to my theory

    Locke has had so many dreams that help guide his path/future. When Locke wakes up from the dream of Horace, Ben is looking at him and says “I used to have dreams”

    This is just how the Pharaoh had dreams that Joseph has to interpret. Joseph was the son of Jacob and the brother of Benjamin, it is all connected!

  11. Another thing that troubles me with Richard is, assuming he is ancient or at least 100 odd years old, how come he talks like a modern day person? Im not saying he uses modern day slang but his accent is american and he speaks perfect anglish. If he was over 100 years old his language would be completely different. I know that the others also know Latin but Egyptians didnt speak.

  12. again, this is just a theory, you are being way to critical over something I just madeup. I never said it was true, so get off this site if you can’t friendly debate a theory without insulting someones intelligence.

  13. – Whatistime

    Again, a theory, I do not have every answer.

    If I had to answer your question I would say Richard has probably encountered thousands of different people with different accents on and off the island.

    Maybe he took on that American persona so that he could speak with the “American soldiers who brought the jughead, or to speak with the DI” who knows???

  14. Josh you need to chill mate, dont take it so personal, im just bringing up points that could make your theory stronger if thought about and answered. I agree with you about Egypt im just bringing up other relevent questions.
    Jeez if you couldnt handle people disagreeing with you or asking questions you shouldnt have posted up a theory. Not everyones gonna just agree with you man!

  15. It’s a great theory… I’m going to go with AES on this one though and say that Richard is probably not actually the god RA. His initials may have been thrown in there as a clue though.

  16. thank you highbrow – always appreciate your comments, you guys are probably right,

    but why do you think he is immortal, can not age and does not answer to anyone but possibly Jacob who may not even be around anymore.

    I can’t figure it out

  17. I didn’t mean to sound that way, I just thought you were saying that Lost was giving answers for the Bible or completing its story or something. And I didn’t insult you — I was asking questions. Sorry if it offended you. Not looking to argue, like I said.

  18. I do want to have a conversation, just not with you.

    I checked your history on this site and you have never even posted a theory, so why don’t you stick your foot in your mouth before criticizing someone else’s ideas.

    What’s not cool, is telling me what I believe in regarding the bible, I never said I do or do not believe in anything.

    All I said was you know that story “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” well that story was never finished, Jacob never told his sons his prediction, thats where the bible ends the story.

    I said LOST may be finishing that story, showing how it could have possibly continued into modern day.


  19. Why is Richard immortal? Good question. I think this is a good track to take when trying to figure things out on the show. I have a feeling we could found parallels to lots of different things. I think your theory probably holds up pretty well except that Richard isn’t actually RA. But he kind of represents RA…

  20. Hey, I monitor the sites by watching the part at the bottom that shows you the most recent comments and you guys are filling it up and it’s making it hard to see where the conversations are happeneing so could you please both just knock it off?

  21. Gentlemen…I assure you, its not worth the battle, 2 different point of view…
    I want you both to take a minute, move to my terrible theory on shoes in questions, and take turns making fun of me….Just trying to keep the peace, we are doing good here, lets try and get along…

  22. go back and read our conversation, I was answering your questions normally until you insulted me, I do not blow up on anyone.

    Highbrow and I both asked you to stop commenting here, so stop!

  23. Last night/today is Passover,

    When they started talking about Jacob, Joseph and Benjamin in Egypt at the table I was like,,,holy $h*t (no cussing)

    So having my religion mocked on today of all days, I dont care if she is a chick, what she said is not cool.

  24. Religion exists to be mocked in my opinion. Not just one but all of them. Faith I like though. I bet Kate has a lot of faith… all those night she spent praying before bed… “God bless daddy, and step-daddy, that guy who might be a daddy or step-daddy, mommy, my friend, ah… what’s his name? I forget… and Jesus, please help me get the biggest, strongest shoulders of any girl in the neighborhood! Oh, I just want to have huge, strong shoulders I can use to pick stuff up and whatnot… please God? Amen”.

  25. This is part of a comment I left earlier today about the various religious references in Lost, in kimbery’s post, the Unholy Trinity!

    “I think highbrow is correct on any specific religion being focused upon, one more than the other in the show.

    I think they may not want to offend one religion more than the other. I also believe that is why they have selected ancient beliefs, because all religions stemmed from these originally, somehow. And, can still be found in the basis of many religions today.

    I believe that all aspects of faith are being addressed and will continue to be addressed in the show, as it is one of the main highlights, set against the scientific aspects of the show, as well”.

    I hope this comment helps quell this issue!

  26. I agree, that it would be offensive to focus on the beliefs of one religion.

    I just could not help but point out all the connections between, Ancient Egypt – Jacob -Benjamin – Anubis and the Ankh shown allover, which represents eternal life and life given from the sun.

  27. Joshcgs, this is why I felt your theory was so pertinent, and relevant.

    Both myself and AES and several others have been speculating on the very same issues. So, I believe you are right on track!

  28. Thanks again Dabia, you always have such nice things to say.

    I appreciate your acknowledgement of the time, thought and effort I put into the theory, even if I am 100% completely wrong, which I usually am.

    Can’t hurt to try, and I want to do is figure out LOST!

  29. Joshcgs, I do not believe you are wrong. We may all be splitting hairs over the finer details, but in essence, I think you hit it on the mark.

    I know you are very busy with your theory right now, but when you get a chance, please see the others written by myself and AES for additional information, etc.

    We subscribe to the same central beliefs as you do! Both theories had a tremendous amount of comments, with varied thoughts and opinions!

    I fully understand and appreciate your theory. Thanks for taking the time to write it, research it, and post it.

  30. Agreeing that the show will/is not focusing on one religion. I think the writers are incredibly creative and as such are creating a whole new mythology and wouldn’t wanted it to steeped in any modern day religion.

    On that note, I was rewatching the episode What Kate Did last night and it includes a scene that I really loved but had forgotten about. The scene where Eko tells John abou the good king Josiah. About how he sent his men to the vault to get the gold to rebuild the temple. They didn’t find any gold. They found an ancient book (the old testament) and it was on this book, not the gold that the temple was rebuilt. Great scene.

    At a time when we knew so little about what was going to happen in s5, the writers forshadowed the events to come in this scene.

    Maybe this is part of John’s purpose. To rebuild the temple.

    Now, here is the thing. I don’t think the book of law is going to be the Old Testament, or the Koran, or the Code of Hammurabi, but I think the writers were planting the seed of the concept of the book. It is just an book passed on by some wise (advanced? ancient? we’ll see) people to guide our people to the promised land.

    What highbrow was saying. It’s not about religion, it’s about faith.

  31. Thanks for your research and Theory. This story about Joseph is beyond great. And I think that indeed it does tie in. The wr/pr have been saying forever keep reading the Bible and I think this is one of the few things they have been honest about. I believe Richard is who you say RA. About Jacob. there will be a Jacob but not the kind of Character we had thought to be. Kinda like the end of Wizard of OZ. And there are no holes here you just need more info. I hope that you continue this theory.

  32. Looks like things have calmed down.

    Yeah, I get the feeling Jacob will be shocking by being not so shocking at all… kind of like Radzinski. I had this feeling he would be the guy who was totally “in the know” and some kind of super genius… turns out he’s just some balding, paranoid, drama queen… Maybe Jacob will be freed at the end of the show and say “Oh, thanks for freeing me! Let me just find my hot air balloon and I’ll be on my way…”

  33. And Hurley will wake up in the mental hospital, and Jack will be his doctor and Kate his nurse and Charlie will be Dave and….and there’s no place like home, vincent, there’s no place like home.

  34. Yea you guys are probably right,

    Jacob probably does not even exist, and if he does, it is probably not going to be so amazing.

    I still think that Jacob is someone that gave Richard a mission (like to save the island) along time ago, and Richard has been doing whatever neccessary to see to it that his mission is complete. Which would explain why he takes a back seat in leading the others, but when neccessary will make a decision regardless of what anyone else thinks (Widmore and Ellie).

    I cant seem to get over the “God loves you as HE loved Jacob” past tense as though Jacob is gone.

    And I definitely forgot all about Henry Gale. What is his significance and what’s with the hot air balloon?

    All I know for sure is that some type of indigenous culture 100% worshipped Anubis on that island, the statue, the Ankh, the picture of Anubis over smokeys alter. 100%

  35. A few corrections… Ra is not THE sun god. Egyptian religion wasn’t as cut and dry as we like to think today, but more dynamic and depending on where you were in Egypt at what time period, and what the sun was doing at that specific moment would tell you what name to call it. Various gods like Horus and Amun were associated with the sun and in that function would carry the name of the sun with it… Amun-Ra, Ra-Horus etc. Ra is the midday sun. Other deities represented the rising sun, the setting sun and the motion of the sun across the sky. The disk of the sun itself is the Aten. In late Egyptian society Horus was combined with Ra. When combined with Horus (the falcon who’s wings stretch across from horizon to horizon) Ra is seen as a falcon-headed god wearing the Aten disk on his head. Ankh’s are associated with the sun because of it’s life-giving properties and sun beams are shown in Egyptian art as being long lines of tiny ankhs. The ankh represent’s life in all of it’s various forms and that happens to INCLUDE eternal life, but it is not solely a symbol of eternal life… and the term eternal life is a misnomer… living in the afterlife in a different form is different than stepping out of your coffin and walking around.

    The Bennu bird, the Egyptian phoenix, is an Ibis and is the soul of Osiris. It is associated with the Benben stone, a meteorite worshipped by early Egyptians as the first land, which came from the heavens. The Benben stone is the model of the pyramids and the obelisks, not the sun. Pyramids are almost certainly based on star-worshipping cults, not sun-worshippers. During the 1800’s, most archeology was being done by Christians, in fact, archeology itself was a science founded on the idea of proving the Bible. The early archeologists inserted Christian ideas into every culture they stumbled into, from Egypt to the Aztec to the Native Americans. The belief that Egyptian’s worshipped the sun as their primary god is a Christian one… since early depictions of Christ were modeled on Helios, the Greek sun god, and much of the Christ symbolism is shared with those of other solar religions. By extension the early archeologists surmised that since Christ is a sun-god who is actually THE God, then Ra must also be the principle god and everything else is just weirdo semi-pagan stuff.

    Joshcgs: The parting of the Red Sea is interesting. The Red Sea was actually called “the sea of reeds”. It was a marshy region and the only miracle involved in the parting of the sea of reeds may have been the aquisition of a Biblical machete. There is another explanation which is largely unknown and I have put together in my studies. Egyptian temples are modelled (like Hebrew temples) on the creation story. Each section of the temple represents a stage in creation. One of the sections seen in many Egyptian temples is a large hall of columns. These columns are decorated with lotus and papyrus flowers at the tops and is called “the sea of reeds”. The story of Moses parting the sea of reeds may actually be an allegory for his entrance into a temple and may be a parallel to the story in the New Testament of Christ “breaking down the temple” which actually just means a disruption of traditional Jewish religious system, not the earthquake shown in The Passion of Christ.

  36. Ra (pronounced as Rah, and sometimes as Re) is an ancient Egyptian sun god. By the fifth dynasty he became a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion, identified primarily with the mid-day sun, with other deities representing other positions of the sun. Ra changed greatly over time and in one form or another, much later he was said to represent the sun at all times of the day

  37. WOW – pjdkrunkt – If I could clap on this site I would do so for you. That was extremely interesting and informative. I got all my information about Ra from BS websites so I did not expect it to be 100% correct.

    A lot of connections I made were throughout my research, like the Falcon, and I knew there were a lot of names for Ra depending on the time period but it was too much to get into I already wrote enough!

    Hearing about Canaan, Jacob and his 12 sons (one being Benjamin)just got me going on the biblical stuff last night.

    Any thoughts on the story of Jacob and his children and how they arrived in Egypt? Any connection to LOST?

    Maybe Richard was one of his children?

  38. Joshcgs… one thought I have had is that the “Others” could represent one of the Biblical “Lost Tribes”… which were the tribes formed of the sons of Jacob who’s story is not recounted in the Bible. Basically, the Bible covers the histories of a few tribes and the others are “lost”. Wide varieties of peoples all over Africa, India and Asia claim to be descendants of those lost tribes by tradition. The Ethiopian Jews specifically claim to descend from the tribe of Dan.

  39. As far as my history stuff goes… I’ve made it my business over the last 10 years to study ancient cultures and what I’ve discovered is that a great deal of even current sources are full of old ideas and some important new ideas have not officially been accepted as fact. But the general understanding that most people have of Egyptian culture and religion is just flat out wrong which is largely the fault of various Judeo-Christian book and movie traditions. The real culture and what they believed was far more interesting that some of the best sci-fi.

  40. The thing is…its Egyptian mythology..not Egyptian fact.
    This is the problem with applying or possibly more so, denying a theory based upon it.
    You say of the complications, like many religions today, where you are from will present different ideas and myths into the story…Ra was a god of the sun…Just not the sun god…I undersatnd that.
    But either way…I dont think Richard Alpert is Ra, or any other god, so I dont know if its worth the debate for me on this one.

  41. My first post. I had the thought about this stuff before regarding the lost tribes. I believe that the others are one of the lost tribe and t is them the the title of the show refers to.
    Another thing to remember is that in the show a few seasons back where they show ben being born, his mother dies during childbirth. In the bible, when Benjamin is born his mother dies during childbirth!
    Coincidence? I think not…

  42. bebop you are awesome!

    Thanks for supporting and further proving the theory! I did not know that Jacob’s son Benjamins mother died at childbirth, WOW THAT IS HUGE!

    I totally agree about a Lost Tribe of Ancient Egypt, start posting more I like the way you think, check out some of my other theories!

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