you broke the rules

When Alex is shot Ben says that Charles “broke the rules”. And then after when Ben is being judged by the smoke monster it’s because he “broke the rules” by allowing Alex to be killed.

What are the rules?
could it be that they are not allowed to kill children? It would kind of make sense b/c they seem like they cherish the lives of all the children, and were desperately trying to find a cure for the women so they could have more children, and they took care of the Lostie kids. It would also explain why young Ben was saved by the island after being shot by Sayid.

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  1. Here is a crazy thought. What if Ben looks at Children as so special because he can’t remember his own Childhood. Dont know if there is evidence to the contary.

  2. In Dead is Dead when Young Ben was talking with Middle-Aged Charles he seemed to know that the DHARMA Initiative and his father were not things he wanted to go back to. So I think he does remember his childhood.

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