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Written on 10th April

Hallo everyone

i dont know when most of you started watching this show but i saw season 1 last summer and gone through all seasons and have seen up to episode 11 of season 5. i understand episode 12 aired in the states yesterday (thursday 9th april…correct?)

at some point between season 3 and 4 i thoughti had figured the show out….wrong! i thought it was like vanilla sky extention programmes for people who have lost their way/path in life..

and then in season 5 i see the losties going back to 1970’s in dharma……..wtflol…..where ethan was born.

i have a question. in fact i have many questions but this particular one will help me understand if the writters of this show had already a plan or if they are making it up as they go…

if ethan is the first child to be born on this island…how could he die so ungracefully…in season 1 from a deranged drug addict?

surely this particular island’s first born should be special…not?

did ben send goodwin to die cause he was jealous of him getting together with the blonde?

and how on earth did locke;s father (with the kidney) appear on the island?

i am afraid that the purpose of lost is to create an interractive series where the public keeps it going with its endless opinions and theories brainstorming.

has anyone outthere have a comprehensive and detailed and logical explanation to what is really going on?

i was very disappointed for instance with the episode where they all go to eloise hawking to the lamp post station and she starts explaining or not really expalining anything at all…and the scene and the paths the episode took seemed to be of the disney variety..

and ok the losties are in 1970’s right? at soem point they will have to get back in pre 2004 to catch th eoceanic 816 right?

so how can they not remember when they first crashed to the island in 2004

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4 thoughts on “ethan & eloise hawking

  1. Hey dude you obviously havnt watched the show seriously
    Enough to grasp the concepts designed for intelectual peoples mental grasp only 😛
    I say watch them again especially miles and hurleys argument on time travel ^^
    sorry man but I hate killjoys like this who make assumptions without comprehending the basic facts
    Watch em again b4 voicing an opinion m8 🙂

  2. thank yuo vmuch for your replies although the first reply was a bit patronising but its ok i dont mind. carefree. i wish i had the time to read all the para-science elements that people dwell in but thats where my brain starts boiling…and then i think how on earth can the producers of the show expect the public to have knowledge about cassimir effects and time/space paradox and descarte’s philosophical wackadoo opinions? and what the hell does rennaisance elements have to do with electromagnetism?

    also thank you to the second poster for trying to answer soem of the things im asking although the reply as to how anthony cooper (the others brought him there) doesnt explain the how.

    i mean even the last episode with ben and smokey…..still they dont explain what the smokey is how it was created when it was created why is it there and so on…

    i owuld really hate it if they dont put everything crystal clear on a plate in the end. the way its going i feel they will need two seasons more to explain all the stuff from seasons 1 2 and 3

  3. I don’t mean to be a ball buster, but when reading your post, I felt like Skil1: you don’t seem to have watched the show carefukky enough, but rather rushed through.. Some of your questions have been stated pretty clear, so it’s just hard to understand how you missed them.. However, I must admit that I myself sometimes have trouble remembering things in some shows(Not about Lost, of course) like Fringe(Love it, but gotta rewatch) Hahaha, that’s probably because of certain herbs though.. So, I feel you my man, and besides if you don’t ask questions, you won’t get any answers.. Anyway, yes, Goodwin was indeed sent to die, because of Bens jealosy.. It’s never ever been stated that Ethan was the Islands first born, but he was indeed born there(which by itself, is probably enugh) It hasn’t been made clear what causes the fertility problem, it’s a common belief that it has to do with the Incident, which has yet to occur, hence making Ethans birth on-Island possible. But this is no fact, just what we’ve been lead to believe so far..
    Lockes father was most likely brought to the Island by the Others, being that(as stated by aching_for_perfection) Richard’s been watching over Locke since birth. And therefore, they would have no problem locating John dad.. By his own words, he was in a car-accident and the last thing he remembers is one of the medics actually smiling at him before passing out – only to wake up in what he presives as Hell(or Purgotory if you wish – which we know is NOT the case) As for your fear about the Creators simply making things up – you’re wrong….and right.. From what I understand, it wasn’t clear even to themselves what kind of show would be from the beginning, or what direction it would take. However, once that had been straightened out, they began planning ahead.. And Lindelof and Cuse’s own lips, toward the end we go “Dawn, was that their intention all along, they knew it would come to this right from the beginning..!?!?!” They are indeed making things up as they go along, still – but to what extent is uncertain. They’ve been Telling us not to worry though, it will never be any kind of desperate “It was all just a dream”-ending, The endgame(and even the last line of the show) has already been written. You don’t have to feel bad about having a hard time understanding Lost, most(if not all) of us have.. However, it is worth noting(as I often warn people about)that if you are to watch Lost – you really have to watch last.. You either talk the talk – or walk the walk. You really can’t compare it to any other show. A friend of mine(whom I’ve been bitching on the get his Lost on)one Told me he had started now. When asking how far he’d gotten, he Told me he started somewhere in the third season(Lost doesn’t work like that) As for you enquiery on a site a’la Lost 101 – I would strongly recomend Lostpedia(there’s a -Pedia for everything nowadays) where you will be able to find, well…..everytghing.. Hope I’ve been of some help, so you don’t feel I’m just bitching;)

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