Christian Shephard Theory

I am new to this site but after reading a bunch a great theories I thought I should add my own.
I’ve been re-watching older seasons searching for easter eggs and other hints that could shed some light on this crazy show we all love.

A question come to mind.. Was Christian’s death an accident, suicide or was he murdered?

One theory of mine suggests Christian killed himself. Hear me out..

We all know that Christian supposedly died from an alcohol-induced heart attack. I believe there is more to his story that we have yet to discover. It’s known that everyone on the island is there for a specific purpose, fate as you will. I can only assume that Christian knew Jack’s purpose and since they were not on speaking terms, his death was the only way to ultimetly get Jack to the island.

Or..Did someone kill Christian?

Ben killed Locke after gaining information which would help him reach the island again in season 5. What if someone killed Christian and then joined the losties on 815? Christian could have been hammered drunk and divulged some secret island mysteries to the wrong person, who then killed him and took a free ride to the island, just like Ben.

I don’t know if this makes sense. It’s hard to make assumptions about Christian b/c we haven’t been given a Christian-centric episode. I do believe in season 6, widmore, eloise and christian will all have their own episodes

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11 thoughts on “Christian Shephard Theory

  1. The idea that Christian killed himself to bring Jack to the Island is actually kind of understandable. Interesting. As for being killed and someone else taking a ride to the Island, I haven’t seen any people who would be candidates for that, so for you to be right about that he would have had to died in the crash.

  2. I have also come to the conclusion that Christian was murdered. It parallels with Locke’s murder, so makes sense. I am not sure who it would be, other than Eloise, for the purpose of creating a situation where Jack would get on the island, or one of Ben’s henchmen, for the same purpose. That is my theory until I see more. I hope you’re right and we do see Christian, Eloise, and Widmore episodes soon!

  3. I really like your theory. I agree that he died by either suicide or murder to get someone to the island. I’m just not sure who. Maybe one of our 815 survivors know a lot more then we realize.

  4. Eloise murdering Christian.. now that would be an interesting episode! Honestly, I’ve never thought about who would kill Christian until now. That would be a great season opener.

    Mixen, to comment on your statement.. Someone could have hitched a ride on 815 and not have even been involved in the crash. Jack and the rest kinda weirdly transported back to the island.. just a thought

  5. I like this. I’m not convinced he died of natural causes. I’m leaning toward suicide. He’s been portrayed in a pretty poor light, and knowing LOST I have a hunch this will be his redeeming moment, where we realise he does the things he does because he has to – not just because he’s a lousy drunk. Hell we might even find he really does have his son’s best interests at heart.

    Also this just popped in: remember when he said to Locke ‘I guess that’s why they call it sacrifice’? Was he speaking from experience?

    Season 6 is probably when we find out.

  6. Very interesting. So maybe the holy grail, which the nights protect, is on the island, hence the powers of the island. I cant help but think reincarnation must play into all this somehow.

  7. Hmm … great thoughts. In fact, I think the Holy Grail was sometimes thought of as a source of electromagnetic energy that one could somehow control, no? I’ll have to check that out!

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