libby explained??

bare with me on this one.

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  1. Darlton already said that they’re two different Daves. One is Hurley’s imaginary friend and the other is Libby’s husband. Lostpedia has an article for Dave and towards the bottom are the quotes from the discussion where they said this.

  2. I’ve also read that they will not dig any deeper into Libby’s story,
    which is kinda lame. There are still some unanswered questions surrounding her. I don’t believe that Hurley’s friend and Libby’s husband were the same person. Look at Dave, do you think Libby would marry that guy? Maybe, she is crazy after all.

  3. whats wrong with hurleys dave?i mean if hurley was friends with him, and she liked hurley i dont think its a big jump. but yeah they arent going into libby.

  4. Yeah, the last thing I heard about Libby from DArlton was a joke comparing her to Kate’s toy airplane, In other words, no more Libby. Of every loose end they have no intention of addressing, this is the most egegious to me. There was Libby at the end of the episode at the institution with the weird music and thats it. Lame.

  5. Unfortunately Mojo, they’ve actually come out and said that Libby’s story, as far as they’re concerned, has been sufficiently explained. They won’t be going into it any further. I, for one, think they’re wrong.

  6. Theres definitley more than one, highbrow. But I, as many others including you do wish we learn more about Libby.

    If they can bring Walt back, they can bring Libby back.

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