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Joe Oesterle is an award winning writer and illustrator, but what he often fails to mention is that many of those awards were won on a New Jersey boardwalk, shooting a water pistol into the mouth of a plastic clown in an effort to be the first to pop the balloon. Joe has been the Art Director and Senior Editor of the National Lampoon, and his work has appeared in television, radio, books (including Weird California), magazines, and web sites. Joe also has a number of years of experience in both the apparel industry and the advertising world as an Art Director. He has remained relatively unharmed by the experiences. He also wrote, directed, and performed in an animated short that is on display at the Smithsonian Institution. If you are a high powered Hollywood mogul on the look-out for a sheer comic and artistic genius, contact him here, or at He is not much of a business man, so you could probably cheat him out of some brilliant ideas. (Of which he has plenty.) And Don’t forget to check out the rest of this site. Stories, Illustrations, photography, animation, plus lots more….. actually very little more than that…. but come on…. that’s a lot. Just click the Home page, and scroll deep.

7 thoughts on “Joe’s weekly, lengthy and humorous LOST review. Take a chance. It’s fun.

  1. (1) We will find out why some of the tailies were taken.
    (2) This may not reemerge.
    (3) I agree they are with the others.
    (4) I think he had his arm in 1980, but sometime after lost it.
    (7) Maybe the picure is Juliet herself.
    (8) I think we will find out
    (9) I don’t think we will find out
    (10) We might get this story

  2. lost isn’t my only drug of choice either 🙂
    I too have been wondering what happened to Rose, bernard and vincent. I am thinking that they will get into that next season. Well at least I hope so, I would like to know what’s going on. I do agree with you that they may be with the others now. I think they would be part of the others because maybe when they first ran into them after all the flashes they probably explained what happened to them and maybe the others believed them.

  3. Hey Joe! Great to hear from you again. Your posts, as I said last week, are some of the best around!

    Have you ever thought of writing a book on Lost? I think it would be great, and I’d certainly buy it!

  4. 2: The Others pick their leaders as children (I think that was established, at least.) The Island must want them get them (Charles W. was going against the island when he would have had Alex killed, and maybe would have been better off to have brought the child to the island … )

    (Aside: All the leaders to day seem to be from broken homes … ‘cept maybe Widmore.)

  5. (2) – The producers have stated that Rose, Bernard and Vincent are all alive and well, and they are simply not needed for the (huge and complex double) plot at the moment. Once they are needed again (Season Finale I believe it was confirmed) they will be reinstated into the show. So no one needs to worry.

    My theory on their whereabouts is along the same lines as yours. The ’77 island situation seems to be very land-controlled, in that both DHARMA and The Others know exactly which parts of it belong to them. So, because the high-tech DHARMA cameras have not picked up on any of them yet, it could be safe to say that The Others did pick up on them, although it seems that The Others often stay in the confinement of the Temple.

    So, seeing as the reason for us not seeing R,B&V is because of them not being needed and for little complication with the plot, I think that maybe they re-discovered the caves where Adam and Eve were originally found (on a side note I think they are Adam and Eve), and were staying there with Vincent. They have an unlimited supply of water, have shelter and maybe Vincent knows how to hunt boar or polar bears or something for food.

    There is no question that the re-initiation of R,B&V will be a twist, but I think that their story is that they stayed at the caves for the 3 whatever years. Think about it. All they ever wanted was to have time alone together and be free of Rose’s cancer. The island has done that for them. They are probably having the best years of their lives. And they would want to die/ask to be laid to rest together in the same cave that they spent the best years of their lives in together. And they have black and white rocks.

  6. JoeArtistWriter, great wrap-up and some very good questions!

    I believe we will eventually get a much better sense of why the children were isolated, including Walt. I am certain Walt will return at some point.

    I believe that Walt could not be contained, or brainwashed due to his ‘special powers’, and why he was sent away. He was more of a hindrance than a help.

    The questions I would like answered are about Annie, Richard Alpert and the woman in the picture in Ben’s house.

    I know with next season containing the answers to so many questions that the writers will have a difficult time addressing many of the questions you pose, so don’t expect all will be answered.

  7. When Faraday said “you look just like her” he was reffering to either his girlefreind or his mother. Te girl he was talking to was his mom but I don’t think he knew that.

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