As we can see on last episode, Ben’s adult charactersistics was formed due to kate’s and sawyer’s decision on giving him to Richard and the others. Had they not done that, he would have not become the ben we know (aparently). So, the question remains, WHAT IF THEY HAD NOT DECIDED TO DELIVER TO THEM? What if, they all had decided to kill him by shooting him again in the head, or not save him? Well, let’s supose the universe/island/fate would not let Ben die, by any means necesary, well, if so, aparently, if not delivered to Richard, Ben wouldn’t have become the adult ben from the future (the not inocent, villan, all knowing, all umpredictable Ben).


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You wrote this as a comment in another post…please expand on this. It makes a lot of sense and very much questions why Hawking needs Desmond to return to the island. If everything happens the way it happend, than what would it matter?

“This is what I don’t understand about whatever happenend, happened; AKA immutable time theory. It absolutely implies that whatever the future holds for you, then it holds that no matter what your actions are. It implies that if someone came from the future and told you this is the way it will be, then you will have no way of keeping that from happening, no matter your actions. So if someone like Ms. Hawking actually believes in an immutable time line, then there would be no need to take action. I mean, whatever happens, happens anyway. The writers of Lost can construct any kind of time theory they want for their fictional work, but intellectually, I just cannot buy immutable time theory. And judging from so many theories centered around things changing in the past, many of you agree with me.”

This is very intriguing to me, and I must know if you have more thoughts on it…

Please allow Lost4815162342 to answer first, his thought, and I really want his thoughts before anyone elses.
Whether here, or a theory of your own, please expand.

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Pretty self explanitory question. He seems to be in charge right now. I have questioned before if it is actually Locke, that in some way, becomes leader at the wrong time, and somehow is the one to make the order.
But now, I wonder, could have been as easy as Widmore, and why would Ben want him off the island?

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You all remember the episode where Ben tells Locke that he was born on the island. Later we find out that he was born premature in Portland and was helped birthed by Horace & Olivia.

My first instinct told me, yea Ben lied, shocker!!! But now I am thinking that whatever Richard does to Ben in that temple will represent a the rebirth of Benjamin Linus because he will have no memory of any life before that time. I believe that Richard will inform Ben of his Dharma origin and about his father who he once desperately wanted to get away from. That explains how Ben will be able to go back into the Dharma Initiative as a spy and inevitably lead the purge.

This all gives Ben a valid reason to claim that he was “born on the island” since his first memory of life is probably waking up in that temple. This would also explain the gap in Miles theory when Hurley said “how could Ben not remember being shot by the same man (Sayid) who was keeping him captive in that room of the hatch” Finally Miles had no answer.

My only huge fault is that we have seen Ben reminisce his childhood by admiring the wooden dolls once given to him by his childhood friend Annie. He looked at the dolls and said “do you remember birthdays Richard?” She gave those dolls to Ben 4 years before he was shot and brought to Richard. How could he remember that???

What do you guys think?

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Lets Discuss ” Whatever Happened Happened”

What Will the Hostiles Do to Ben?

What Will Locke Do to Present Day Ben?

What is Going to Happen Next!!??

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In the episode “what kate did” a sleeping sawyer suddenly grabs kate and says “you killed me. Why did you kill me?” Does this mean that kate will kill sawyer/le fleur in current time line,1970s? When he was semi-conscious in hatch was he reliving or having a premonition of his death?

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I don’t think that anything on lost is just a throw away scene … but there is one that i cant think of a reason for, the first time we see Richard he is not the same Richard we have now … when we first see him he isn’t clean shaven or well dressed, but every time since he is why would they should us Richard like this then?

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Everyone wants to the truth.
When discussing “LOST”, the truth is hard to determine. Reality and fantasy are only fractions apart from each other. So much like the moments before you wake up from a horrible nightmare. The one you think is impossible to escape alive from.
Well here’s the truth about LOST.
There is none!!!!!
The so-called Shamans of the island are so non-typical of that type of being that it is not even worthy of discussion.
Locke is a willy-nilly spineless wimp, who has no idea of how to interact with other human beings.
Ben is a cold blooded murderer, not your common shaman trait. (i.e. charles mansion)
Richard Alpert – aka jim jones. Hey everyone, follow me. Lets kill anyone who doesn’t look like us, think like us, or smell like us!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way Jacob told me kill you.

I have a funny feeeling that the show is going to end and there are going to be a whole lot of angry viewers. Directors, writers, producers, actors will all have to run and hide for fear of the wrath of the angry LOSTIES.

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When leaving the church after giving Jack the St Thomas speech, Jack asks him “Where are you going?” Ben Replies “Oh, I made a promise to an old friend of mine. Just a loose end that needs tying up.”

I think he is gouing to kill Penny Widmore, just like he told Charles. “Just a loose end” shows how sinister he is too. Whether he may or may not have killed her, she must’ve put up a fight, as later in the episode he is seen with multiple bruises and what appears to be a broken/sprained arm. Also, he speaks over the phone to Jack next to a harbour. This is presumably where Penny had the boat while waiting for Desmond.

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So we see the scene where Ben’s father catches ben bringing sayid “the hostile” a sandwich. now sayid has escaped and ben is shot far from where he lives and should be as a child…

if ben gets better(which i am assuming he will) then his father can be privy to the fact that ben had a hand in sayid’s escape. it would seem an appropriate reason they showed that scene besides further prove what a jerk his dad was.

this will give his father another reason to be an ass to his son, and either use this info to make sure his son listens to him… or give ben up to dharma. he can even bring up his mother painfully again…saying: “you’re nothing but trouble, you killed your mother, and you let a hostile out and got shot. WORST SON EVER!”

ok im semi joking but i think something along these lines could happen next week (not tonight)

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What if the tumor that Jack removed in 2004 wasn’t a tumor at all, but Sayid’s bullet?

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Has anyone ever wondered how people like ‘the Hostiles’ can get out of the island? When they travel off the island in the 2000’s we see them using the sub that belonged to the Dharma Iniciative, sure, but that was post-Purge. How did Richard, after knowing about Locke’s birth in 1954, go off the island in 1956 and then comes back? We know that he’s back in the 70’s when he talks to little Ben, and he still doesn’t have access to the sub or any other means of transoprtation of the DI.

Also, assuming that you have to go through a specific bearing to travel to and off the island, it would require some technology, wouldn’t it? Or he can just teletransport himself…

This has probably been asked before, but I don’t remember seeing theories about it, so if someone has a thought, please share.

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