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Random thought about Aaron’s birth and the whole Jack/Claire sibling thing…

It’s really not a big deal or anything but I was just thinking about it last night and, I guess the reason Kate had to deliver Aaron was that the writers knew Jack was Claire’s brother and, well, it would have been kind of weird if he’d done it, right? I was really surprised watching it the first time when Jack just flatly said “no, I’m staying here”, him being super-Doc and all. But looking back I guess the writers kinda had to do something a tincy-bit out of character for Jack in order to get around the foresight that, well, Claire’s his baby sister.

Imagine if he had delivered the baby and then found that she was his sister.Awwwkkwwaarrrdd.

Anyway, it was just something kinda funny I realized at about 11:00 last night.

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  1. LOL, thanks for the laugh that was great.

  2. Love it!!!! LOL!!! :)

  3. lol, well I think the reason why he stayed back was cuz of Boone.

    great post


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