Desmond/Charlie ~ What Ever Happened, Happened…

Okay, I’m still in the process of rewatching season 3, and I’ve realized that Desmond always must have saved Charlie, all of the previous times before he died saving Desmond, at the underwater station. Because if that was not the case he never would have stopped the jam, and our survivors would have never made it off the island, unless the freighter got closer, and then there would have been an entirely new set of circumstances. So, I know believe Des never actually changed anything either, maybe he just had visions of possible alternate realities. Thoughts?

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10 thoughts on “Desmond/Charlie ~ What Ever Happened, Happened…

  1. I think the thing that your are missing here is that Desmond could see all the different probabilities and the affects of those probabilities. Yeah, maybe what happened happened, but it was Desmond who chose the path and it was Desmond that could have chosen any of those paths. He had the potential to write history the way he saw fit. There is no conflicting concept here, what happened may have happened, but Desmond got to chose the outcome.

  2. By not pressing the button, did he change everything, like Faraday implies? And, is he the reason Mrs.H doesn’t know what happens from then?

  3. Yes, by not pressing the button, he caused the chain of events for flight 815 to crash. Was that suppose to happen, I believe so.

    He is not likely the reason why Mrs. H doesn’t know what will happen next. In another post it was discussed that it was likely because she has Faraday’s journal and since she shot him there would be no new information in the journal from that point forward. That is just a guess.

  4. I think Eloise doesn’t know what happens next because she has send Daniel to the island, and maybe she hopes that he does something different so she doesn’t shoot him in the back. You know, being the good mother she is and all. 😉

  5. Yeah, Desmond chose the path of events but we all do that all the time when we make choices. Just because he had more information about, as you yourself put it username, the different POSSIBILITIES, doesn’t mean that he actually altered things.

  6. I totally agree that des changed nothing at all and it all happend how it was supposed to I wrote a theory on this you should check it out if you have a spare 5 mins I also beleve you can’t change the future either and that will happen how it is supposed to n all

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