Dimension of Reality… 3rd to 4th

Okay, I don’t know what you guys will think of this, but here goes…

Currently human beings are 3rd dimensional beings. I have read that in time we will be able to progress to 4th dimensional beings. What if the magic of the island is that it teaches individuals how to become 4th dimensional beings, and move through dimensions.

Info on Dimensions: It’s quite large to cut, and paste, so here’s a link:

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5 thoughts on “Dimension of Reality… 3rd to 4th

  1. This could be the case. It answers alot of questions. Maybe the transfer from third to fourth dimentions needs to be made gradually, and when the wheel started skipping this started to speed up or dislodge the change on the characters, hence the nosebleeds.

  2. In physics and with respect to string theory, I believe they know of 10 dimensions and another theory proposes 11. I bet there are an infinite amount of dimensions and they probably will come to that conclusion soon and then decide that none of it makes sense 🙂

    For us there are 4 dimensions to be concerned about, XYZ and time.

  3. As username says, the established 4th dimension is time, and there are dozens of theories out there about how we move through time, or if we move through time at all. We actually really don’t know, which is what makes time-travel stories interesting!

  4. Agreed, I’ve read humans have the potential to move into the 4th dimension, and that we will be able to manipulate time, and space eventually.

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