Theory on why faraday may be alive

Remember the well known video shown on Comic-con of “Dharma booth”? On lostpedia, if you search for the script, you can find that the actual camera guy is no other than Daniel Faraday (and you can recognize his voice anywhere), and we all know that Lostpedia is canon and no other thing. My point is simple: This video has not happened yet, therefore, Daniel Faraday should be alive.

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6 thoughts on “Theory on why faraday may be alive

  1. Read further into it on Lostpedia and you’ll find that the video is only possibly semi-canon. And the voice isn’t Daniel Faradays. The accent is different.

    The producers have said about that video that it’s purpose was to give the audience a basic idea of what season five was going to be about.

  2. Even if it is semi-canon and has that only purpose, he’s the actual text from lostpedia. An Daniel’s voice is clrealy his, think of you hearing your own voice in first person (as you always do), and when you see a video or recording of you talking; voices seem different with different tones, is the relative distance of the perception if sound (doppler effect i believe). Anyways, here’s the text:

    Pierre Chang’s transmission
    Pierre Chang sits down in front of a camera in his house at the barracks. He introduces himself as Marvin Candle, an alias he has used in the past, but quickly interrupts himself and states his real name, acknowledging that those watching the video would know it. As a baby keeps crying in the background, he gets up and asks Lara to take him outside, as he only has one chance at this.

    As static continues to interrupt the video, Pierre explains that he is a professor of theoretical astrophysics from Ann Arbor, Michigan and was brought to “this godforsaken island” to conduct experiments to study the Kerr metric solution of the Einstein field equations. He estimates that the video should be able to be seen roughly 30 years in the future, via a “pinhole” that he is trying to keep open. Pierre shows his knowledge of the future by referencing president George W. Bush and the Internet and adds that he and his colleagues are inevitably going to die in a violent purge. He claims that his source for this information has proven to be reliable.

    Daniel Faraday then interrupts from behind the camera to say that none of that matters and urges Pierre to get to the point. Pierre continues and says that the transmission’s success would validate his work on the Island, which he says has “extraordinary properties”. He then emphasizes to the viewer the importance of reconstituting the DHARMA Initiative and that its research must be resumed immediately, saying, “Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence.” Pierre expresses his hope that the past might be able to be changed to save his group and to stop what’s about to happen.

    Daniel interrupts again, saying that its useless and that the transmission will never be seen. Pierre gets very upset as Daniel tries to turn off the camera. The video turns to static.


    And the trascript (clearly is is dstated that the camera guy is Danile Faraday):

    DR. CHANG:: [static] This information comes to me from a source that has proven himself to be credible.

    DANIEL FARADAY’S VOICE: None of that matters. It doesn’t matter. Just get to it. Please! [static]

    DR. CHANG:: Regardless, (another male voice in static) if this transmission is successful, it’s proof the work I’ve been doing here is valid. This place, it has extraordinary properties. I’m begging you, no matter what’s happened, it’s imperative that the DHARMA Initiative be reconstituted. You have to continue the research [static] and you have to do it now. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence. [static] Perhaps you’ll be able to find a way to save us, to change the past and to… [static] Please, please! You have to stop what’s about to happen, you can’t let us…[static]

    DANIEL FARADAY’S VOICE: Pierre! This is useless! All right? It’s just use–they’re never gonna see this, Pierre. How do I turn this off? Where’s the…

    DR. CHANG: No, no! W-w-what are you doing [unintelligible]

    DANIEL FARADAY’S VOICE: How do you turn it off? Where’s the swi–


    So, it is Faraday, no questions left, only if this is or is not canon or semi-canon. At the end only time will tell if he is alive or even maybe he is dead, but afterwards someone will travel back in time and save him from the death we see. Maybe the Dan shown in the video is a Dan from the past, who was infromed by some other person who knew that faraday died (in the episode the variable), and warned him that he would die soon.

  3. Well I don’t know about the whole thing… it was a very interesting video but the way I see it nothing that happens outside of the show is canon. If this is semi-canon then what parts are and what parts aren’t?

  4. Highbrow, it was you who said that it was semi-canon, not me. I concider it canon. It is all relevant.
    We’ll most likely see that it is when Dr. Chang hears of the soon coming slaughter of the DI,(informed by the Losties), that he’ll try to change the past (his future). If Chand does not hear about this, and dies with no knowledge of the future events to come of Di slaughter, then your right.
    Only time will tell.

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