why would they have crashed?

Just a random thought: Let’s say the 815ers and thier friends end up changing the future and prevent plane 815

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Dharma Dancer

One thought on “why would they have crashed?

  1. You are so right, Dharma Dancer. The whole time loop thing is so illogical and frustrating and confusing, that if this is the answer to the questions of Lost, I for one will be very disappointed. It doesn’t solve anything to have an endless loop, and lead to an ambiguous ending. For me the real attraction of the story is the characters and their relationships. The time travel element should be subordinate to the exploration of the human condition–that is, the study of the characters, their failings, their ultimate redemptions, and their relationships to each other. Also, two of the essential themes are good vs. evil and fate vs. free will, which can be illustrated through the time travel vehicle. Ultimately though, especially with all the religious and literary references, the story should end on a higher philosophical and moral plane, and not just a science fiction one. These are broader universal themes that writers throughout history have explored. I think that the best science fiction writers merely use it to illustrate these universal themes.

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