Unanswered questions

These are some questions that havent been answered and im sure that most of you have forgotten. (If they have been answered PLEASE let me know :-P)

#1. ‘Adam and Eve’ from the cave in Season 1… who are they? Jack and Kate?
#2. Black and white stones Season 1 What are they?… these were on ‘Adam and Eve’ Jack clearly pocketed them and the camera made it clear that we would see these again…
#3. Danielle Rousseau’s ‘maps’ that Sayid found, Truth in the translation?… Shannon translated these papers to say ‘Pool of eternity’… purhaps the Fountain of youth?
#4. Mikhail’s Eye found in the episode ‘the other 48 days’ Is that his eye? If it is how did it get there.
#5. Jack was a Pilot (he said he took some flying lessons in the Pilot) Will he use these skills ever again? or was it just something they made him say to explain how he knew what a transeiver was.
#6. Geronimo Jackson… who is this band? Is this related to the Lost story line? or nothing at all.
#7. The Rabbits, why can two of the same numbered rabbits not go near eachother (as said in the The Orchid Orientation Film) and why are the rabbits numbered with only ‘The cursed numbers’?

If you would like to Comment, respond, or post new questions that i may have skipped or forgot please comment and let me know. Did this jog anyone elses memory?

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21 thoughts on “Unanswered questions

  1. rousseau’s papers were lyrics from a french song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.i dont have answers to your other questions.all i know is that no one really knows what their doing…they think they do but they don’t.but i think in the end the dharma will re-establish them selves like before because they did know what they were doing……what we’ve been seeing is “anarchy”on both these remaining sides(the losties and the others).neither of these groups have a clue whats what.maybe the island will be discovered by the government and the donkey wheel will be dismantled so things will go back to any case, the guys that are there now won’t solve anything.

  2. 8) Who is Jacob and how did he get that way?
    9) What is the smoke monster?
    10) What are the origins of Richard?
    11) What is with the lists from season 2?
    12) Who was the musician who programmed the looking glass signal?
    13) Are we gonna get an explanation of the numbers? Or is the show itself done with them?
    14) How is all of this saving the world?
    15) What is the temple?
    16) How did Ben know how to use the Frozen Donkey wheel?

  3. 17) What’s to become of Walt, Aaron, and Yi Jeon?
    18} Why was the purge necessary?
    19) What’s up with Christian and for that matter, Claire?
    20) Where are Rose and BErnard?

  4. I don’t know about all the questions but the rabbits were the same rabbit not two with the same number. That is why it was dangerous for them to be in the same place.

  5. Yeah, the rabbits are the same rabbit. (I just saw that orientation film w/ them on the extras of the season 3 dvd.)

    I’m thinking the temple may be the ‘pool of eternity’ or the ability of the island to move through time.

  6. Geronimo Jackson will be featured in the series finale in their “back from the dead tour”
    They are:

    Ben and
    Kate on tambourine

    (each has shown he can play an instrument except Kate, but every band needs a groupie, right?


  7. Actually the song “La Mer” was popularised in English by Bobby Darrin… You can hear it during the end credits of “Finding Nemo” if you have a copy at home.

  8. Jack pocketed the black and white stones. I think jack and kate would be too obvious to be adam/eve.. a lot of people assume its rose and bernard because they hid in the caves during an attack. i believe it will be penny and desmond

  9. I’ll take a stab at these…

    #1: I’m sticking with Aaron and Ji Yeon but it’s looking like Rose and Bernard are viable options.

    #2: Black and white stones are black and white stones. Yes, Jack took them. Who knows where he put them? I’m sure he hasn’t been holding them in his pocket all this time…

    #3: Pool of Eternity… Could be the fountain of youth I suppose… but I doubt the show will go that way.. seems kind of cheesy. Could be the name of a wicked waterslide on the other side of the island.

    #4: Mikhail didn’t have an open socket in which to put a glass eye so I doubt that it’s his.

    #5: I think that’s just something Jack says to pick up chicks.

    #6: Geronimo Jackson is a band made up for the show. It is related to Lost in that it only exists on Lost. Hippies like their music.

    #7: Because once two rabbits get close to each other you end up with hundreds of rabbits.

  10. also..

    21) What’s the deal with the chemical station, i think its called the Tempest, and was Faraday correct when he said Ben would kill everyone on the island?

  11. Here’s what I have put together:

    #1 and #20: answer each other. I think pretty much everyone agrees that Adam and Eve are in fact Rose and Bernard who got caught up in the time travel mess and died in the cave in the mid 1950s.

    #7: As other’s have said, it’s the same rabbit that passed through time. It’s a classic “time-travel” paradox that actually comes from medieval folk lore, look up “doppleganger”. The rabbits are marked with digits from “the number” because EVERYTHING in the show is marked with digits from “the number”.

    #13: Supposedly the numbers are explained as the key numbers in the Valenzetti Equation in the Lost Experience video game. I’m not 100% satisfied with that.

    #14: I think the saving the world thing comes from the fact that the island has the power to destroy the world, so maintaining it’s secrecy is crucial to keeping the world safe.

    #16: Jacob/Christian whatever. Ben also knows how to summon the Smoke and was reborn by the island’s power… so there’s more going on there than we know yet.

    #21: The Tempest was a facility for making poison gas. It was also described as a power plant. It has a wave with a tear on the emblem. Interestingly enough, when you take sea-water and apply electricity to it, you can make hydrochloric acid, which decomposes into chlorine gas. When chlorine gas reaches your lungs, it reacts with the moisture in your mucous and converts back to hydrochloric acid and basically eats your lungs. Like the gas shown in the show, chlorine gas dissapates quickly and can be avoided using a gas mask. Goodwin’s chemical burns also support my theory. The same process used in manufacturing hydrochloric acid also produces bleach. Bleach would have been a necesity to DHARMA in not only maintaining the cleanliness of their stations and clothing, but in purifing water and in keeping the water clean and clear at the Hydra.

  12. Oh and:

    #2: The white and black stones I think are an allusion to Backgammon, the game that John teaches to Walt. I’ve gone over this before, but Backgammon is the world’s oldest board game, was invented in Egypt and was depicted on tomb paintings as the Pharoah playing the game alone. The symbolism of playing this game of chance alone is that he is playing against Death, or fate, or destiny. This image is alluded to in The Seventh Seal as well as Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, movies dealing with issues of changing fate and time travel.

  13. My personal unanswered questions mostly relate to possible paradoxes in the show:

    #22. Why and who broadcasted the numbers. The origin of the numbers aside, if Hurley or any other Losties effected the situation that causes the numbers to be broadcast, then that creates a paradox specifically for Hurley, and possibly Rousseau and Alex.

    #23. What is the deal with the “apparitions”? We all think they have something to do with the smoke monster, but do they? And are all the occurences of apparitions OFF of the island simply hallucinations?

    #24. Who else is FROM the island? Desmond? Christian?

    #25. What’s up with The Black Rock? How did it get there, and what happened to the crew?

    #26. Why did some of the Ajira 316 people end up in 1977 and why did some (apparently) not time travel?

    #27. Why did the island want Alex to die? Obviously her friends came back from the smoke monster’s lair wanting to kill her and Widmore/the Other’s wanted to kill her as well. (Maybe this has something to do with all of the fertility stuff?)

    #28. What lies beneath the shadow of the dang statue? 😉

  14. Okay just touching on the numbers thing for a minute. Can someone refresh my memory? when Hurley bought the lotto ticket did he play as a “quick pick” or did he chose the numbers himself? I forget. Either way the numbers and their effects are not limited to the island alone as Hurley won the lottery before he ever was on 815. Has anyone explored the idea of the island “picking” people that are not even on or near the island yet?

  15. I believe Hurley picked those numbers himself. It went along the lines of “A couple months after I got out I was buying a burrito and said ‘Hey, I should play the Lottery’, I guess those numbers were still rattling around in my head so I played them.” Obviously not a direct quote but it went along the lines of that. I’ve never played the lottery but how he said it made it sound like he picked the numbers, so I’m assuming.

  16. Why did the smoke monster kill one/two of the French expedition, take over all of the other members apart from Rousseau, then let Rousseau kill all of those that it had taken over, then let Rousseau live on the island for 16 years, without going after her. It could have got her any time it wanted to.

    And then she died trying to protect the daughter that had been stolen from her 16 years ago!

    Sorry, this started as an unanswered question, but I let my disappointment with the Rousseau storyline creep in – well it’s never far from the surface, because it was a very pathetic ending for a pivotal character.

    Possibly the writers had to kill her off, because if not she would have been caught up in the time flashes of season five, but surely they could have made out that she was a survivor, and could have handled anything the flashes threw at her?

    Or perhaps they reasoned that when they decided that Alex had to die in a pivotal moment of Ben’s storyline, then that negated the reason for the Rousseau character.

    Either way, as Hurley might say, “that sucks dudes”.

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