Is the ENTIRE show a paradox?

I know, bear with me here. I know many of my paradox paranoia theories have garnered some anger, but this is not just a rat or a compass or a notebook. First of all, I think many people don’t know the full meaning of the word paradox. Yes, a paradox CAN be a situation where the event or statement negates itself. Classic example from Socrates is: “The Cretan man says that all Cretans are liars”. Another classic example is going back in time and killing your own grandfather, or in the Back to the Future I model, accidentally preventing your mother and father from conceiving yourself. Ok, that’s a traditional paradox. But a paradox can also be a situation where an event or statement creates itself. The prime example here would be going back in time and having sex with your grandmother, there-by becoming your own grandfather. It’s called a Predestination Paradox. And the writers are backing themselves into a tight corner of one.

There are two events that happened in The Variable that could very well steer the whole show off of a cliff of impossibility a’la The Twilight Zone.

Event 1: Daniel Faraday telling Dr. Chang about The Incident.

Event 2: Radzinsky freaking out on Daniel, Jack and Kate at the gun cabinet and starting a little gun battle.

IF, and this is only an IF at this point, either of those events (or events we have not yet seen involving ANY of the People From The Future) contributes in ANY way, no matter how small to The Incident or the creation of The Button, then we have a problem. The button is what brought our Losties to The Island, and it’s the single most important thing in the entire show. But if so much a one bad egg in one of Hurley’s sandwiches makes one worker sick and he doesn’t put that one rivet in place, bam, paradox. If a paranoid Radzinsky or Dr. Chang does anything different from the way they planned, bam, paradox.

But what if the show Already is a paradox? I’ve been thinking about Desmond alot lately. Desmond is the man who fails to push the button one day and that causes 815 to crash. It occurs to me that the whole reason Desmond was on that boat sailing around the world to begin with was because of a path in life that was molded by his own time-travelling consciousness. Was he “proving” himself against a disapproving father who witnessed Desmond’s flakey behavior caused by an intruding future consciousness? Or perhaps even because of events that happened to Widmore himself in 1977 after meeting his own son? Was Widmore steering his daughter away from someone by the name of Desmond Hume, the time travellor mentioned in his time travelling dead son’s journal?

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12 thoughts on “Is the ENTIRE show a paradox?

  1. The Losties cannot cause the incident. That would be a predetermination paradox. The Losties can have a part in creating the Swan or the button. It’s not the Swan Station or that computer that brought them to the island, it was the incident.

    I don’t see how the gun battle in DHARMAVille even approaches a predetermination paradox.

    Paradox would be a problem for the show, that’s true. But predetermination paradox? It really is something you can only speculate on at this point. As soon as someone went back in time you could instantly say there are hundreds of possible predetermination paradoxes out there. The writers would have to be pretty specific about one for us to be able to say that one has actually happened.

  2. i also believe you are generalizing the pred. paradox. i mean yes having sex with your grandmother has genetic impossibilities intrinsic within it. but causing something in your past to happen isnt necessarily a paradox. if your mother died when you were 5, but when you are older you go back in time to try and stop it…and end up causing it (but obviously never knew it was you who did it all along), it is not a paradox.

  3. pjdkrunkt, great post and some good thoughts regarding the ‘paradox issues’.

    I was under the impression from the writers that although they were addressing all of these time element issues, they were going to push the envelope when it came to paradoxes, but not actually cross them.

    So, who knows for certain what that means. We may or may not see any of these come to fruition, or the finale will hold some type of surprise.

    Good thoughts!

  4. i take a paradox means that logically it CAN NOT happen. the predestination paradox can logically occur. its just weird to think about. i dont take it as a real paradox like highbrow. i just said it stupidly before

  5. Well a paradox is something that is a logically impossibility. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Paradox is a philisophical concept… it basically means that something cannot be understood through logic. The point is that while you can sit back and watch these event unfold on a TV show, their actual occurrence WOULD be a paradox. If something has no origin then that is a paradox. If someone goes back in time and creates the situation that allows themselves to go back in time, that is also a paradox.

    The gunfight I only mentioned because it creates a situation where a heightened sense of urgency could cause an accident. And no, I do not believe the button is exclusive here. The entire Swan station is prickling with oppurtunities for one of our time travellers to create the Incident. The Incident creates the necessity for the button, therefore everything the causal to the Incident is causal to the button, and therefore causal to the crash of 815. In the same way, any event in Desmond Hume’s life that puts him one step closer to getting on a sail boat to sail around the world is causal to him being on the island and therefore causal to him pushing and then not pushing the button, and therefore causal to the crash of 815. See what I mean? It’s not just direct causes leading to direct events… there is a whole web of reality stretching out in both directions in time from the crash of 815… and because our characters are now in their own past, that web has become a loop… an Ouroburus as TheLostProphet says.

  6. I still think the incident may be the fact that our friends the losties are there in the first place, and that the pushing the button is initiated to stop the crash.

  7. Are you familiar with the sign that sometimes appears on a building site which says “DO NOT THROW STONES AT THIS SIGN”……………..That’s art aint it!!

    What about this.The bomb creates the exotic matter which generates electro magnetism which spreads across time like jam.Maybe the explosion becomes frozen in time because of its environment.Then dharma manage to connect the swan to this energy somehow.The bomb becomes its own paradox then, does’nt it?All the power that the island possesses may have come from this one event/incident.

    Question is WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF HE BOMB IS’NT DETONATED?……NOT what will happen if it is?

  8. You know they say that in the real world there is’nt such a thing as an electro magnetic pulse unless its generated by fission or fusion..obviously in a sci-fi story electro magnetic pulses can be generated without fission or fusion.I think in this story the latter doesnt apply.For things to change for the better the bomb cannot be detonated…This story has two possible endings…..And lets face it ,when has hollywood made anything with an unhappy ending………..the answer is never.

  9. Ummm…. there are non-nuclear EMP weapons out there. You don’t hear about them being used in warfare, because let’s face it, the war we are currently fighting is largely against people hiding in bombed out buildings shooting mechanical machine guns and using homemade bombs with mechanical detonation devices, and environment where EMP devices would mostly harm our own equipment and not the enemy forces. EMP during a nuclear explosion is just a side-effect… the actual atomic detonation is far more destructive.

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