H bomb…Dan said

I have watched lost since day 1 and thought I knew alot.

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6 thoughts on “H bomb…Dan said

  1. Thanks for clearing that up. Dumb question I guess!! Was it explained why the army was
    there and how Dan knew about it? Can’t wait for tonights show and all of you guys insights and thearies! By the way highbrow u are tooooo funny. Great sense of humor. Must be the area where we live.

  2. dizzy, after WWII from 1946 until the early 1960’s, the US Army performed dozens and dozens of tests on nuclear weapons in the South Pacific. They set them up on islands, exploded them underwater, exploded them in the upper atsmosphere, pretty much anything you can imagine. My grandfather served on a ship that took water samples from over-ocean test sites and tested them for radiation levels. He died 50 years later from a rare form of liver cancer that from what my family has gathered, killed every single other man on his boat.

    Jughead is the name of real bomb that was part of those tests. Richard accused Dan because he assumed Dan was part of the Army team that setup the bomb. We can assume they killed all of the crew who initially setup the bomb, and were probably waiting for the reinforcements or even the testers themselves to show up. Dan figured out that there was some kind of radioactive source on the island because of radiation burns on one of the Others. He put the radiation burns together with a South Pacific location, post WWII US Army tents, rifles and clothing, and surmised that they had encountered a possibly faulty nuclear test device.

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