Is Dharma still around?

This is my first post so don’t kill me if this has been asked before.

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7 thoughts on “Is Dharma still around?

  1. Ive asked this before and nobody seems to be able to give a satisfactory answer. The answer i’d like is for this mysterious 3rd party to be the De Groots and they’re sort of the off island guardians. They’re keeping the food drops going as they know the consequences of that damn button not getting pushed

  2. DHARMA does not have to be around for the food to arrive. An uninformed 3rd party could easily be delivering crates of supplies from a previously stocked warehouse. Whether they are simply following through with deliveries that were paid in advance, or some other party paid their bill, it doesn’t matter. What IS interesting, and may be a hole in the script, is the fact that DHARMA had to build the Lamppost to find the island in time, that Widmore’s boat and crew had a terrible time attempting to approach the island even from above, but the deliveries seemingly happen without much fuss.

  3. The food-drop plane is in a time-warp, dropping the food to people in a linear time line. It’s the same food over and over, but the first time being eaten at that time for the people receiving it.

  4. The universe can’t create infinite crates of food… it just doesn’t work like that… the food has to come from some where and go somewhere.

  5. The universe isn’t creating infinite crates of food. It’s the same food dropped and eaten in a monthly time-loop. To the crew, each is the first time they did the food drop, kinda’ like Mrs. H getting that journal from her dead son before she gave it to him. If she gives him a blank journal each time then steals it in the murder-robbery, she could have bought just one journal, but have a virtual library of ’em at home – each with a better developed theory.

    It’s simple physics. For every action, there’s an equal/opposite reaction.

    Similarly, the skippers’ food (eaten in 2004) had to ‘go somewhere’ – including to fertilize food they ate in 2004. If they didn’t take a dump each time, something would change.

  6. I do not follow. So do you contend that there is a plane stuck in a monthly time loop just to drop the same pallet of food to different months? Huh? Why? I have not priced the supplies to build an island based time machine recently, (Ace hardware did locate a Mr. Fusion for me though that I got on special order) BUT it seems WAY cheaper to have a warehouse of food, prepay the freight service, and just send a new pallet out each month.

    There is not one pallet that keeps dropping just as she could not have a library of journals. She gives it to him ONE time and shoots him and takes it ONE time. Just because we can rewind our Tivo and watch it again and again does not mean that it happens again and again. He was shot once so there is one journal in the realm of this story. The ONLY way to get multiple journals is to have a time split resulting in parallel realities ala Back to the Future.

    I have seen nothing that convinces me that the show’s creators want to deal with the parallel realities type of story. My evidence supporting this occurs twice in last night’s episode “Follow the Leader”. When John and Ben are watching Richard help remove the bullet from “past” John’s leg either one of them could have jumped from the bushes interacted and changed “past John” This would have created a split reality. Also, same thing when Miles watches his father in 1977 force his mother and infant Miles to leave. Miles could have interacted but did not. Therefor it seems that the show is being kept on a single time line. (Even if characters are in multiple times)

    Just my opinion of course.

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