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A question just crossed my mind about the stations. Why are they all undergrond? I can see why the Orchid and Swan as they need to be closer to the EM, also the Flame to get comms needs to be above ground. Its stations like the Pearl, Arrow, Staff that seem to throw me:

1) The pearl was a monitoring station but was built underground to monitor the Swan. If it was only to monitor the Swan then why build it underground outside of the sonar fence? After all the people inside the Swan weren’t allowed to leave until their tour was over with, and you would definetly know if they hadn’t pushed the button. So why the secrecy and why such a remote location wich would surely be outside the remit of the ‘truce’.
2)The Arrow was described by Goodwin as a storage facility again why build it outside of the fence. Obviously the reason to have it hidden was to keep it secret from the Hostiles.
3)The Staff is the medical station that seems to be better equipped than the med centre at the barracks. IT’S HIDDEN, of all the places you would want to be able to find easily it would be this place.

It seems to me as if the Dharma were in fact gearing up to remove the Hostiles. Placing the stations around strategically so when they decided to action the plan everything was ready. Is this the reason why the purge took place? Ben said ‘they were killed as they coudn’t live in harmony with the natives’. Did he tell Richard what they were upto and he decided to strike first?

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10 thoughts on “Strategically placed

  1. bigdaveg, these are great thoughts! I never considered why the stations were placed outside of the perimeter of the sonar fence.

    I had thought they were underground for a specific purpose, that tied them into something larger, and in attempts to keep what was happening inside secret, even to Dharma’s own people!

    I have also considered, that it had to be ‘the others’, in the first place who allowed Dharma to come to ‘the island’ and reside there, and do their experiments.

    I still don’t feel we have the full story of how Dharma came into existence on ‘the island’.

    One other point of interest, would be the agreement that was struck between the Dharma and ‘the others’.

    The ‘others’ had to have had a vested interest in the outcome, somehow.

    They certainly didn’t appear to be just hapless island hostiles, IMO.

    Nice post!

  2. maybe it has to do with it being all connected at some point by tunnels…i think that was said before…but the tunnels are blocked now…..

  3. Cheers Dabs, you bring up an excellent point, why would the others agree to a truce on their own island unless as you stated they have something to gain. What that would be i can only assume would be the pregnancy issue? anybody have any thoughts on this feel free to indulge.

    I dont think that the hostiles allowed them to stay on the island rather discovered they had arrived by this time it was to late to try and kick them off straight away. If you know that the island is incvincible you wouldnt have security or roving patrols etc etc

  4. Henry are you referring to the blast door map? I assumed there were tunnels connecting all the stations but cant remember any references to them.

  5. bigdaveg, the other thing which I find interesting is, that when the US Military comes to ‘the island’ in 1954, ‘the others’ kill them!

    Dharma had to have made ‘the others’ an offer they couldn’t refuse!

    In return, for whatever this was, they agreed on a truce.

    PS: I recall the tunnels were mentioned on the map, and were called Cerberus vents. That was very early on, I believe.

  6. They were probably killed as a result of them being the US Army and underestimating the power of the locals, which could easily have happened.

    Is this where Ben and widmore got there money then? Maybe a substantial amount of money in return for experiments, although i find this hard to believe as the island has everything.

    It seems to me that Richard isn’t happy for the truce to remain. I base that on the way he approached the barracks just before he met LaFluer. So another question is who bartered the truce?

  7. I think we saw the Cerberus vents in the smoke monster’s lair… those holes in the rock. I think the tunnels are separate from that… big enough for people and not just smoke to travel through. I think for whatever reason, the ancient inhabitants built everything underground and had tunnels connecting their underground operations. All of the DHARMA hatches are built in coordination with pre-existing underground ancient stuff.

  8. I think that the remaining folks of the DHARMA are bad people. The good ones were evacuated and the greedy ones took over.

    In that case Ben did a good thing by purging them.

  9. Locked:

    If Stuart Radzinski is anything to go by, I think you are probably right.

    As the Billy Joel song says: “Only the good die young!” and Radzinski goes on to live for another twenty-five years or so?

  10. Bigdaveg:

    I tend to think that all the stations are powered using the island’s own electromagnetic energy. This would mean the underground tunnel system could be conduits that channel that energy to the various stations.

    Just a theory mind you.

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