I’m struggling to come up with a good theory, But here is a short one about the origins of the island

1000’s of years in the future people create a machine or “Ship” that can time travel. They were experimenting with the time ship and wanted to go back in time but during there experiments there was an accident and The time ship crashed on an island in the south pacific 3000 years BC. The crew were killed but the onboard computer survived. The on board computer was an Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer. This computer could manifest itself as the black smoke which is really electromagnetically charged iron filings. The AI computer seems to have the ability to bring people back from the dead, when is actuality it is performing a advanced futuristic process of electromagnetically recharging the brain which in the future is a “normal process” used to save lives’. The AI computer was known to the crew as Jacob. Jacob the AI computer brings the captain of the time ship back to life, this captain is Richard Alpert. The time ship was too damaged to actually leave the island but it still has most of it’s functionality and was able to manipulate time, and heal people. Richard lived inside the ship in a state of temporal flux or “time Bubble” which protected him from the normal affects of time, meaning he could never grow old.

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  1. after watching the first season and a bit, i thought the same thing, it was a ship that crashed into the island many years ago. my thoughts were around an alien craft, but it would be more plausible that it was a ship from the future.

    it really feels like the show is not going to go there however. but who knows.

  2. Yeah its a cool theory… you could really go pretty far with it, but I agree with username that that does not seem to be the direction.

  3. This is definatly one of the more imaginative and interesting theories, but don’t think the show is going this direction either.

  4. Hi,
    I also tought the same thing with the username that an alien craft crashed on the island and brought civilaztion to the locals and the loscals somehow moved to the ancient eygpt and carry they civilazation to there. Only this kind of theory can fill all the blanks in this show and also maybe explain the religious quotes. I wrote a theory called the biggest secret of the Lost which depends on this idea. But maybe they are coming from future not from a another world,the same theme from the sphere movie.

  5. Thanks for the comments. I did think alien space craft at one stage as well but I think I would have been dissapointed if it did turn out to be aliens.

    Another couple of things that could ass to this theory.

    When the losties first crash land, Ben gets a list of there names. He then finds out all about them, mabe he took the list to Jacob who communicated with the future scientist team who done the background checks on them and fed the info back, which is how Ben knew everythign about them.

    And it could also explain why Charles Widmore is so wealthy. Having been on the island for so long how was he able to amass such a huge wealth when he got kicked off??? Mabe he used his future knowladge of the stock market to his advantage to make loads of cash.

    It’s probably not the direction the show is heading in, but if it were what else could this theory explain?

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