pennys mom

who is pennys mom?

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9 thoughts on “pennys mom

  1. Good question. And who is her dad? I’m not convinced Widmore is, just because he says he is. He’s gonna turn out to be a liar, wage a war against Locke an crew who seems to be the chosen one, by island. So Widmore will lie cheat and steal to get HIS island back.

  2. TOTALLY!!!!! That would make Desmond Jack’s brother in law!!!! Desmond said to Jack in the stadium “See ya in another lifetime brotha”

  3. That’s if Jacks mom [who we don’t know much about] turns out to have been Claire’s and Penny’s. It would be a great twist to the story.

  4. Well, if Widmore is indead Penny’s father then her mother would have to be someone with a weird face… like maybe Claire’s mom, sure. It must be someone who has about 4 inches between her nose and her mouth like Penny.

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