Breakdown of the “Island”

Ok, I’m fairly new here so don’t laugh to hard.

Say the the island was created in biblical times, and populated with “people” who each had a special duty to do to keep the rest of mankind safe. A great leader, advisor,” Adam an Eve”, gatekeeper, etc.,and these positions were passed down through the generations by the bloodlines. Over the years, outside infuences disrupted the smooth flow of the system that protects mankind, causing it to start to break down.

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One thought on “Breakdown of the “Island”

  1. Before anyone laughs me off site about Jack Adam eve deal, know this. I submitted this after Wed episode unaware of the delay deal [Highbrow clued me in- Thanks man] Between then an now, because of further discussions,I now agree that Jack and Locke are destined to lead together.Lol I can’t change what I already said…just learn from it. And cut back on the Darma beer an bong [or not]

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