Former Leader?

What the heck is the Shepherd background that conects them the the Island? Could Ray Sheperd have been leader way back when?

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6 thoughts on “Former Leader?

  1. You mean Christian? I think Christian was on the island in the 70s. I’m almost 100% positive of it, given his current “ghost” status and the fact that Claire’s mother is an Aussie, which places Christian in the South Pacific around that time.

  2. Christian does make sense as former leader rather than Ray. So if Widmore took it from Christian, then I doubt if they are now working together to get it back. So the coming war may be Christians team against Widmore team.

  3. Christian and Locke definitely have a strong connection too, they basically came to the island in the exact same way (John’s second time around anyways, in coffins under a plane with John even wearing Christians shoes) and both seemed to have resurrected… I’m thinking John and Jack/Christian must be related some way, not brothers or anything but John is a tangent of the Shepherd family, much like Claire also was and then we found out how.

  4. Well there’s an idea carpie21… what if John and Jack are cousins? We don’t really know John’s REAL father do we? We only have the word of a professional con-man!

  5. The same con man who screwed with Sawyers family. Sheer coincidence that Sawyer and locke board the same plane along with Christians body, Jack[escorting the body home], Anna luia who at one point worked for Christian, Claire[Christians daughter].NO WAY! The 815 crash had to happen to bring all the big players to island to begin journeys or enlightment so they will be ready to fight approaching war and save island or mankind. To meet thier destiny. Do we know of any other 815’s who had encounters or ties with Locke or Christion prior to flight! Probably all of them! The plot thickens.

  6. I do think that it is possible that Jack and John be cousins, since it is highly unlikely that Anthony Cooper is his father’s real name (although definitely his real father because he needed the kidney and they were a match). One of Anthony Cooper’s aliases, the only one without a last name included, was Paul… perhaps Paul Shepherd? We don’t know much about the Shepherd family, Christian could easily have a brother and we only recently met his grandfather Ray (who many believe to be Jacob, because Jacob is Aaron’s great-grandfather in the bible… as Ray would be to Aaron in Lost… not that I’m sold on that idea by any means).

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