The rules don’t apply to Desmond, or Richard

I think Desmond has the same special ability as Richard. Perhaps time doesnt effect Desmond anymore, like Richard, so he wont age.
I’m not sure what the special ability Richard has not to age, but I feel Desmond has the same ability, as when Daniel says to him “The rules, the rules don’t apply to you”.

I dont think this means Desmond is as old as Richard, I think Desmond might have recieved this ability when he turned the hatch key.

I cannot prove this until we find out what Richard’s ability is, or if we see Demond in the future and he hasn’t aged.


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8 thoughts on “The rules don’t apply to Desmond, or Richard

  1. Maybe richard will start ageing again when he gets back to where he came from.

    If the bomb is dismantled people will start dissappearing permanently by going back to where they came from.

    I don’t know!.

    I think the explosion is what causes all the supernatural events to take place to begin with.

  2. I definitely disagree w/ that one 50th state. We know for a fact supernatural stuff is already happening in the 70’s b/c the hostiles take a dying kid, Ben, to the others to be cured. So the island mysteries are alive and well prior to the bomb.

  3. but the time travel door was opened when the bomb detonated in the past.these guys think that detonating it will fix things but there probably the ones that make it all see it dont matter where you are in time because it spread through time when it went off.they could fix it by dismantling the bomb.

  4. do you think des believed ellie in the jewellery shop when she told him about where he would go and what he would do.maybe its all a plan by widmore.

  5. I am still waiting for Desmond to do something big, I am a big fan of him but he hasn’t done much for a while. This is why I dont understand all the talk about Destiny from Ellie when she talked to Desmond.

  6. Pez123, Ms. Hawking tells Desmond that pushing the button was/is his destiny, and the only great thing he would ever do.

    I expect that Desmond will, do something ‘great’ in the future.

    I do not see Richard Alpert as having any of the qualities, and/or gifts that Desmond has. He seems to have proven himself not to have much insight into anything, with his choices.

  7. I didnt mean ‘great’ as ‘massive’, but I believe too he will do something soon.

    He had to answer to Ben, and perhaps Jacob for a long time, and we dont really know what Richard’s ability is at all, we dont know much about Richard as a whole, either.
    All we know is he is very, very old because he hasnt aged. I think Desmond may be similiar.

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