Not Gods

Jacob and his Rival are not gods.

This show in my opinion, has been pretty telling about the origins of all this weirdness. It is the island and is “properties”. Jacob and Rival are just humans like us. Right now I think they are from the future. A future where humanity ends. They came back using the island and it’s properties to do something.

Jacob believes he can change something. The end of the world I am guessing. Which is reflected in his statement “There is only one end. Everything leading up to that, is progress”. Progress toward changing the end I believe. Jacob believes people can change it.

His rival does not see it this way. Maybe he used to? His rival wants it to end, has no faith that it can be changed. That humanity will not change. I would guess he wants it to stop. He is frustrated that Jacob will not let it rest. So he is trapped in some cycle. One Jacob is orchestrating time and time again until it works. This is because Jacob controls the island. The tool I think is from the future.

With this episodes closing screen. We saw the colours inversed. This represents the Rival having now gained control of the situation. The island.

Now in the final act. That will play out. The guard has changed. Someone else is calling the shots. Running the island.

The Island. The main focus of the story is the tool. A tool being fought over by two men (Jacob/Rival) to either change the end, or let it happen.

I just had to get this off my chest! These are Not Gods.

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27 thoughts on “Not Gods

  1. Might just be me but did you noticed the look jacob and rival/locke shared when Ben mentioned moses? dont want toread too much into it but it was like ‘he doesnt know how right he is’. I think that the biblical theme is coming into play and i think that jacob and rival obviously have some sort of powers because they seem to be immortel. If this is the case i think they maybe ancient and have lived through to the future and then possibly come back

  2. I disagree, Lostitute! I definatly believe that Jacob and Rival are God and Satan, and the island is the battleground for them, if you will. Every “special property” about the island is really either God or Satan making a point.

    In the Bible, it is said that there will be a great war between God and Satan, and there will only be one end.

  3. Makes total sense.

    The only question still to be answered is who is who in all that mess regarding good and evil.

    I’ve always saw the island as some sort of Eden garden. A sanctuary to perpetuate life during all the cycles of destruction of the world and even access different time periods to allow things to be changed.

    They kinda reinforce that of Eden on the very first (or second) season by naming two bodies they found as Adam and Eve.

  4. Interesting, is it possible that jacob is satan? In the bible god wins the final battle so God wouldnt need to change anything.
    Jacob did seem jesus/god like in the way he gave people free choice and seemed cool, but if we are going by the bible he shouldve won already

  5. GREAT THEORY….I’m with you 100% lostitude. I’ve always said and hoped that this show is not biblical, but seing last night’s episode and all the clues implying it is biblical…I was a bit dissapointed. BUt you just put a smile on my face with this theory.

    Does anyone remember the Matrix trilogy and why it was so dissapointing in the end? Well I do…I’ve visited the sites that had awesome ideas and theories between Reloaded and Revolutions….and then we saw the final movie and find out Neo is Jesus…, that was a bummer. I hope this show, which is the greatest one ever made does not suffer the same end. Hopefully the writers have better imaginations then regurgitating the whole BIBLE STORY!

  6. I have to say I am shocked that people think it’s going to be biblical. They have never given any real indication that this show is about anything religious at all.

    Faith is relevant but not religion.

    It is very clear that Science is a key part of the show. Time travel and all that.

    So why is everyone so quick to assume they are gods.

    That would be the worst idea ever. Gods are lame.

    Time travelers trying to fix something gone wrong. Far less lame. Why don’t they age? Maybe because they were alive at the end of all things? Traveling back, they wont die till they reach that moment?

  7. Yeah, I’m hoping the biblical stuff is just thrown in as a way of explaining things. Like, it’s kind of like this from the bible or that from ancient Egyptian mythology. I hope they don’t finish up by saying “this person is Jesus.” or “that person is Anubis”. If it turns out to actually be those things then I will be unable to conceal my disappointment.

  8. I will loose hope in humanity if this show ends up explaining things away as “gods”.

    The easiest and biggest cop out answer to everything.

    Don’t do it Darlton!

  9. Time travellers trying to fix something gone wrong would not be lame, that’s true. But what are they really trying to accomplish? Did that fish that Jacob kill in the beginning of the episode hold the key to the end of the world? Was Jacob saving us all by eating it? Or maybe Jacob’s arts and crafts time will prove essential to the survival of man. If they’re trying to save anything they’re not being very productive about it.

  10. Well. Maybe trying to fix something such as the end requires thousands of years and a lot pf patience. The black rock was one test. 815 is another test.

    At that point though where he was eating the fish. I get the idea that he was just waiting. Waiting for the BR to show up. He was pretty busy in last nights episode! Just over a great deal of time!

  11. I got the impression from the conversation they had before the Blackrock landed that their purpose in life was to eff with people which is quite a bit like the purpose of the Christian God.

  12. Really Highbrow? I got the impression that Jacob had hope and the Rival had none.

    They brought the black rock to the island. Is what the Rival said.

    The Rival also said that they always come, and corrupt. He is talking about humans. Jacob is trying to convince him that they are worth saving.

  13. Titus is the rivals name. I have to agree on everything you’ve written Lostitute. I had almost the same theory in my head until i read this. Awesome! Also, I am sick of people talking about the bible. This show has nothing to do with god

  14. also…there seemed to be a big science vs faith theme in the show, maybe you missed it through the 5 seasons. seems to be a lot of faith in religion. hmmm

  15. I don’t yet believe this is about God and Satan but I need to say something when Cain killed Abel God told him that he would be a restless wanderer so when Locke asked Richard why he never gets old he said that it had something to do with Jacob, so if Jacob is God then Richard can be Cain. I know is a little bit crazy but I had to said it.

  16. Faith in something bigger than them but not God or Jesus. Lost fans will be jumping off buildings if someone turns out to be Jesus or anyone from the Bible. It would be too controversial and weird. Be realistic

  17. Sorry, but, as much as it pains me to say it…I believe you’re mistaken.
    Don’t get me wrong…I’m just as upset as you that this whole thing is just going to end up being the age old good vs. evil story…but you can’t deny the hints and obvious throwbacks to SOME form of religion, be it Christianity or the earlier Egyptian mythos.
    We may not like it, but we have to deal with it.
    The way I see it…at least they made it entertaining for the 5 years it’s been on.
    I’m sure the 6th and final season won’t disappoint, in that respect.

  18. If no one mentioned it the tapestry writes: “Whatever Gods gave you, they can take it back” or something like that. It is a sentence from the Odyssey, Homers’ poem. So we have Greek mythology too and we have a reference to Gods.

  19. thank you lostitude, seriously!

    i was losing hope, i even posted my anger and frustration but your take about them two being from the future coming back trying to save it all is very ok with me. it is at least believable and possible. also it can explain….them being from the future that they can be semi-roboto-nano-particle-smokey-advanced-humanoids who can use nanotechnology to transfo4rm into something the losties can recognise.

    it also fits with theorigional idea they threw at us “twin brother” evil twin what was it called..that pseudo-book.

    yes theyve witnessed the end with valenzetti etc and they are coming back to alter things…the matter opf choice…while also including time travel.. very good

    i can watch the show again. thanks man

  20. I agree lostitute. I don’t think that lost is necessarily about gods, but like the bible, the writers use metaphors to help explain the battles between good and evil. I don’t think it is meant to be taken literally, but the biblical connections are certainly present. There is no denying that. I would be disappointed as well if this was a literal battle between god and satan, but i have faith (good pun) that the writers are more creative than this. There is also no denying that the physical properties of the island (science) are real and not the supernatural powers of deities. IMO, there are many other religious connections that include numerous different faiths…buddhism, egyptology and the other abrahamic/monotheisic faiths. I truly believe the writers are using lost to help explain the role and possibly the origins of religion in our society, but again the actual biblical connections are simply metaphors.

  21. I agree. They are not gods. The islands properties make all the things we have seen possible. We tend to think of them as supernatural events. These are all natural events. The islands ability to move in time is what makes the things we see on the island happen.

    We have seen over and over how some events can change in time but in the end whatever needs to happen to keep the outcome the same will.

    It is like fate. The laws of nature will strive for a balance at the end. But it need not concern itself with good or evil.

    Jacob does say “It only ends once. Anything that comes before that is just progress.

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