jacob is not dead

ok, so i was thinking “how could they kill off jacob?!” but then i rememberd what jack was trying to do. if what he was trying to do worked, then everything is reset and jacob is not dead. what do u guys think?

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17 thoughts on “jacob is not dead

  1. I dunno. If everythhing works out for Jack, then how did O. 815 crash in the first place. Miles voiced it last night: “Did it ever occur to you that we might be causing the exact thing we are trying to prevent?”
    If 815 never crashed on the island, Jack wouldn’t be around to set things right in the first place.

    But, if somehow they do succeed, then no Jacob is not dead.

  2. It sucks that a character we never really saw till last night is dead?

    Had that episode never occurred who would have cared if Jacob was dead or not. In fact till last night most people thought Jacob was already died.

  3. thats probably the best point, what would the point in season 6 be if everything was just reset, that ending would have to be at the end of season 6. I think juliette effectively causes the ‘incident’. What i dont understand about jack is he tries to change the past but he doesnt know exactly how the past plays out, he just knows the end result. The only way, if there is a way, to change the past is if you know step by step what happens and then you can do different things. You cant just guess

  4. agreed what is time. everything happened the same way. there were orientation videos with chang having a prosthetic arm, and he seemed to seriously injure his arm here. i believe everything played out exactly the same way

  5. Jacob and the unnamed man at the beginning of the show were talking and the man said I will find a loophole to kill you. The loophole…The unnamed man is John and he still can’t kill Jacob so he has Ben do it for him. The unnamed man lived in the cabin and was released from the cabin when the ash surrounding it was broken. Somehow this allowed the unnamed man to take Johns shape and complete what he said he was going to do.

  6. eko, we don’t know if chang is dead though right? the injury to his arm occurred when they hit the pocket of energy not when the bomb went off (if it did). So maybe everything was the same until then, but when on a very different path after the bomb went off. we don’t know if everything played out the same.

  7. Also, if the Hatch was designed to release the built up pressure of the energy down there, then why did they wait so long just to turn a key and undo the whole problem???

  8. Hello everyone, I’m knew here and this is my first post… I’ve just got to get this out! Dharma Dancer made this point which is the most important in my mind, the fact that Jack stopping the plane from ever crashing is a major paradox. Jack can’t be on the island to detonate the bomb if the plane never crashes, it doesn’t matter what any of the 815 survivors do the incident must happen. The only question I have is why Faraday couldn’t see this if he is such an expert on time travel.

  9. the way I see it, we get some back story on Jacob obviously. more then just going around to the losties and being super nice. back story on Alpert (hopefully). we’ll get to find out who that crazy dude at the beginning of last nights episode is who was all like “I’ll find a loophole”. an explanation for why there are two Lockes, or one impostor Locke.we see Richard Alpert watch the past losties die. and maybe some more neat stuff to see like Rousseau making her transmission. I don’t see any way of it being possible that they changed what happened. unless the writers find some really awesome way of explaining it.

  10. I think everything played out the same way, until Juliet tapped the bomb. That was the change. So if that makes sense I think, they did change something.

    Season 6 will start, however, with all our friends still getting back on the island. Because the island will or fate will have to self correct, as it did with charlie finally dying.

    Does that make sense?

    I can’t wait until January.

  11. i totaly agree with what miles said. due to the fact that jack really has no learned knowledge of proceeding events how does he know hes not just doing what he was meant to in the first place? i mean daniel thought he was changing the past even up to the point when he told that red haired girl ( i cant remember her name ) not to come back to the island but actually was doing everything he was meant to becuase she even tells him b4 she dies that he did so. also all relative theories of time travel state you cant change the past you can only make right by it in the present. ( at least time as a string theories go that way )

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