Jacobs said to Ben before he died..”THey’re coming”. ANy ideas on who is THEY?????

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14 thoughts on “QUESTION???

  1. i personally think he is talking about the Losties… he knows what is going to happen because he especially visited and in some way had a hand in bringing them all back. i think they will go to battle for jacob against the forces of evil…. just my opinion

  2. I would figure, since Jacob spent the whole episode visiting them, he means the Losties are coming. However, I wouldn’t be suprised if them, meant ilana, bram and johns corpse.

  3. losts-columbo, I didn’t know it was a misspell. I thought it was a dirty Scottish word! lol haha!

    You’re so full of cheek! lol

    I am liking what you said about Jacob, too!

  4. hahah! dabs, it does sound like some scotish slur after a wee dram! but its just my scottish spelling, after a wee bhram! ive no idea what that means!


  5. Widmore and his people. If Ben was really following Jacob this whole time and Ben was sopposed to keep the island safe from Widmore, then it would also make sense that Jacob is against Widmore. Widmore and his people might be coming.

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