What about the apostles?

The way I see it is we have 12 ‘normal’ key players left.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sun, Hurley, Ben, Sayid, Miles, Juliette, Jin, Lapedis (?), and Richard.

Even though they are not all in the same place, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Miles, Sayid, Juliette, and Jin are possible still in the 70s, and every one else is with Richard, I believe they are all working towards the common good, or at least what they believe it to be.

It makes sense, we have 12 key players left alive, and there were, well, 12 apostles.

I have read recently that smokey is Locke.

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23 thoughts on “What about the apostles?

  1. Juliette set off the bomb. She fell, but didnt die when she got the the bottom. She could be dead now, but that means most of everyone else would probably be too.

  2. Ok, so I’ll give you that she id dead now, but I would still consider her an apostle because she did ‘fight’ with everyone and was involved with helping Jack, and though she died, I say she was important enough to be considered.

  3. Well, I guess they’re all dead, right? All of the ones that were in the ’70s. Killed by a nuclear explosion. Juliet was as good as dead when she detonated the bomb and Sayid I think might have been worm food already.

  4. I think Ilana has to be considered important. (Even though by HB’s standards, she’s chubby chick.) To see that Jacob went to find and ‘recruit’ her…and apparently she knew him even before that meeting. … Yeah, she’s important.

    Highbrow…the lack of acknowledgement that Sayid was bleeding out in the van while Jack went and talked with Sawyer, hung with Kate, scoped things out, and then he was left behind while everyone got into the Swan Shootout… he’s probably still alive. 🙂 Hurley and his magical guitar was probably hanging with him.

  5. We knew Radzinsky would escape and we hoped (at least I did) that Phil wouldn’t. It would have been more satisfying to see him killed by Juliet or Sawyer but I’ll take it.

    No magic guitar is going to save Sayid. I don’t think he was far enough away to survive anyway. A shot to the gut though… that’s tough to survive. His stomach or intestines would probably have been ripped open and he’d be losing blood and he’d be septic and now the doctor at least is toast. There’s no way Sayid lives.

    Ilana is totally important. I wonder what was wrong with her when Jacob went to see her… looked like leprosy. Is she Russian? It sounded like Russian Jacob was speaking but I had thought she was Israeli based on her name. Maybe that’s what Jacob meant when he said they were coming. Are “they” the Jews?

  6. ilana can be russian, and i was surprised at the accuracy of the russian translations at the bottom, they are usually off in tv shows and movies…

    she does have some russian features but she isnt all russian. weird choice for a russian actress if thats what they were going for

  7. AMZ, very nice theory!

    I mentioned awhile back, that the name of the Hotel where Locke was staying while in L.A., was ‘The Westerfield Hotel’.

    Several letters had the lights burnt out, making an ‘anagram’, which translated to read as, The Twelfth Soldier!

    I don’t think this was accidental, and I think the people who do not wish for the show to go in the direction of faith as opposed to science, will not resonate with the obvious!

    Both elements have always been present in Lost, and will continue to be!

  8. I agree with all of your points, as you raise excelent ones, so do you think we could come up with a revised list of who the apostles might be? I definetly think Sayid is, even though he is ‘wormfood’ because they way I see it is Jacob saved his life by asking directions that day.

    So, this is my list of definite conserable apostles,

    Sun and/or Jin

    Jacob has talked to each one of these people at some point off of the island. Which I suppose would go to include Illana, and Locke. But, I don’t know about including Locke in the list, I am confused about what he will play. Technically he is dead, and is, well dead. I don’t think he can come back. But we will see. So, maybe Juliette isn’t an apostle, but maybe a necessary martyr?

  9. AMZ, I made a list of the people who Jacob came into contact with last night. There are nine altogether. That is not to say, there won’t be more, eventually. We still have some characters unaccounted for.

    They are as follows:


    Hope that helps!

  10. At first thought, I would have put Ben on this list to ‘play the part’ of Judas. I know we didn’t see Ben encounter Jacob early on, BUT we do know that if Richard was truly acting as Jacob’s ‘helper’, then Jacob did have a role in choosing Ben.

    I think it’s interesting though because Biblically-speaking, there are some very deliberate, well-explained accounts of the disciples/apostles that Jesus chose (i.e. Matthew) but then there are others that got no explanation. Judas was one of those. Even though at a certain point, Jesus knew that Judas would betray him. And later Judas hung himself, so I can’t WAIT to see what happens when Locke and Ben walk out of that statue…. 🙂

  11. Guys… This is crazy talk… It has nothing to do with the Apostles… It has EVERYTHING to do with Egyptian mythology…

    Yes, it is a mixture of science and faith, but you guys are claiming that faith is the Hebrew/Christian faith, and I truly think it might be Egyptian… In fact, it’s the only logical conclusion based on what they have given us…

    “They are coming”, Jacon is Sobek and he called on the “gods” to come help on behalf of humanity.

  12. is it possible that walt could be a part of this? i know he’s been gone forever but they never did go into why he had those freaky powers. also, aarron would have to be considered as well, i would think.

  13. Thats right, I never considered Walt or Aaron. I did think about the flask at the end, because we all know how lost works, it might not have been the bomb. I was talking about that with my mother, and the only times we have seen those flashes is during the time skips and when Desmond turned the failsafe. I was wondering if when they built the Swan, they included the bomb? Because right now the hatch and fail safe has not been built!

  14. In my experience with Lost and Lost theories, nothing ever fits perfectly. If you believe that Christianity is the key to the show, then how do you explain the abundance of Egyptian themes? Even in the pilot, when Lock was teachign Walt about backgammon, said that it’s the oldest game in the world, older than Jesus Christ, and that sets have been found in ancient Mesopotamia 5000 years ago. I belive that this speach relates directly to the key of the show, and that the “God and satan” theory is too simplistic.

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