Jacob, Rival, and the Incident

Alright, I have a theory I kind of randomly came up with. It’s not one of my expected theories, just an idea I had. Tell me what you think.
OK, first there’s Jacob and Rival. Obviously, they aren’t normal. Instead, they are part of some superior race that live on the Island, somewhat akin to the elves in LOTR. Like the elves, they never age, and are incredibly wise. However, these people have slight telepathic powers; they can subtly influence people’s thoughts. Also, their immorality has a condition; you can’t take the life of another one of them. Finally, also like the elves, they look down on humans. Most of them despise humans, and don’t want them on the Island. Jacob, however, if different. He believes that humans do have good, and if he brings people to the Island they will eventually show it. The first few times, they attack. This is the reason for Rival’s comment about coming and destroying. Then comes the Black Rock. Somehow, either on purpose or accident, the dynamite from the Black Rock destroys all of this race except for Jacob and Rival, who is critically injured. When Rival passes out, Jacob takes him and discovers he came never survive in the same form. So Jacob turns Rival into the Smoke Monster. When Rival regains consciousness and sees himself, he becomes even more enraged at Jacob. However, he knows he still can’t kill him.
Years upon years later, John Locke comes onto the scene. When Smokie (Rival) sees him, he realizes that he is special (which Jacob had already realized a few years before). Taking advantage of that, he disguises as Christian and causes Locke to turn the FDW. Once he’s done that, he uses his telepathy to make Ben kill Locke and bring him back to the Island. Finally, he takes the form of Locke to visit Jacob and have Ben kill him.
This brings us to the Incident. Jack drops the bomb, and Juliet detonates it, shoving the electromagnetism back down for 108 minutes and rocketing the Pasties back to the future, where they meet Rival, Ben, and dying Jacob. Then Jack gets into a big argument w/ Rival for killing Jacob, and Rival tells Ben to kill Jack. Ben fails, and Jack begins treating Jacob’s wounds. Beyond that, I don’t know, but I think Locke will be really resurrected at some point, and Rival will die.

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Mixen Dixon

Hey, I'm Mixen Dixon. I'm a somewhat nerdy teenager, being very enthusiastic about theoretical physics and computers (check me out on LOST is one of my favorite shows. I love to figure out scientific explanations of things that occur in LOST, which is why Daniel Faraday was my fav. character until he died. Too bad.

7 thoughts on “Jacob, Rival, and the Incident

  1. :/ I disagree with most of this.
    Locke is really dead as is Jacob imo. I like the idea of Jacob and Bob being of another race but more like Gods or superpowerful aliens than elves. I also think that it is either just the two of them or very few others who are not dead and characters we already know. It would be too much hassle to explain another group dead on the island.

  2. I think when locke first got to the isalnd he DID meet christian(the christian from the past,not the corpse) and christian DID show him the donkey wheel.I also would like to think that since then locke has been switching people like boone,shannon,eko,anna lucia etc with a future version of themselves.It’s a nice thought.

  3. I don’t think anyone is dead, not anyone from the present anyway.I think there has been a lot more going on,and we will see all this in the final season.

  4. I lean towards gods, too.

    But, why does Rival want so very much to off Jacob? Just ‘cuz he keeps making people come to the island to test his theory that at some time they’ll be nice? And why does Jacob weave? What language was his banner? What does lie in the shadow of the statue? Any translations?

  5. Jacobs body might be of no importance to him. As it seems his Rival can take on another shape or form. They might not be physical in any way. So as far as Jacob being dead, not sure. I doubt he’s gone though. Im thinking its more like a game. They use people as pawns to play their game and position them in ways to kill each other then everything restarts and they try again?

  6. The banner was in Greek and from what I saw, references the Odyssey…basically it looked like, may the gods give you your heart’s desire….
    Richard spoke Latin and it translates to, the one who (will) save(s) us …or…he who protects us…my Latin is rusty!

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