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Well like so many of you the season finale of lost left me pondering quite alot! But what really got me thinking was the final scene…..nothing shocking there! The main thing being the use of the word ‘Ricardus’ I starting thinking when is the earliest the name of Richard being used in an historical context! It never struck me as being a particularly old name! Maybe 900 years or so, early English monarchs like ‘Richard the Lionheart’, etc but nothing earlier.

On doing a bit of research i stumbled upon a site that gave meanings to names…….yes yes I know what you are thinking…here we go again! So maybe this would answer my question……it didn’t!!!

So I typed in Jacob! (I’m sure you could see it coming!) but, what I certainly did not see coming was that one of the meanings was ‘Held by the heel’ yes! ‘HEEL‘… the bit of the statue he lives in!

Now I have nothing really to add to this! But just to say that Jacob could be a description of the man/thing! And not his actual name in the conventional sense! This is after all how names arose in the first place! ‘underhill’ ‘Smith’ ‘Carpenter’ ‘Fletcher’ so why not a first name! So he could be absolutely ancient!!!

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4 thoughts on “Jacobs Heel

  1. That is pretty cool that one of the meanings is held by the heel brother des. I put Ricardus into the wikipedia search and four names came up. The most interesting is Richard of Campsall a theologian and philosopher that, to put it simply, thought all future events were pre ordained if I read it correctly. Richard Alpert was, ofcourse, a contemporary of Timothy Leary and later became a student of Hinduism changing his name to Baba Ram Dass.

  2. brother_des, I think there will be much more focus now, on attempting to understand Jacob.

    I think beginning with the name, it’s meaning, is a good start!

    The writers love symbolism, and they gave us just enough information, to speculate upon!

    Very interesting information!

  3. Another interesting bit about the meaning of the name Jacob is how it played out in the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau.

    Jacob and Esau were twins, but they had a bitter and heated rivalry. The story goes that they even struggled in their mother’s womb before being birthed.

    When they finally did come out, Esau was first, followed by Jacob. When Jacob came out, he grabbed Esau’s heel and thereby earned his name.

    Esau is described as a hunter and a particularly hairy man. Jacob is described as a plain man of the fields who dwells in tents. The two rivaled over who would lead Israel, a rite that should have gone to Esau as he was the first born. However, because of incorrect choices, Esau lost the privilege to Jacob who later had his name changed to Israel.

    Obviously, they are not the litterally Jacob and Esau, but I thought it was pretty cool food for thought, a nice allusion.

  4. It’s also fair to note the the Biblical Esau was brash and angry, and fairly “simple”, as to was Cain…..this anger and jealousy and lack of blessing extends to Ben Linus as well….

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