Only one leader: Charles & Eloise

Quick question (may not be relevant):

Richard tells Locke (dark Locke, fake Locke, Flocke) that there can only be one leader at a time. If this is true, then what exactly was Charles’ role, since Eloise was the Others’ leader, in ’77?

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14 thoughts on “Only one leader: Charles & Eloise

  1. No, Eloise, was the leader. I forget who said it, maybe Richard, that Eloise and Charles had a “special” relationship. Clearly, Charles was not the leader when Richard told him to put his gun down. Richard also revealed that Eloise was their leader when he knocked her out just before Jack and Sayid were to enter the Barracks from below with the bomb. He was “protecting their leader” by keeping her behind.

  2. Good observation, it is interesting considering that Richard acknowledged Ellie as leader – “I’m protecting my/our leader” line when he knocked her out….

    Who all has declared that Widmore was a leader of The Others? Him? Ben? Anyone else?

    Another thought…perhaps Ellie left the island before he did (when she was pregnant?), and he was second in command to take that position.

  3. I think I got this answer right.

    Charles was the leader at one point and so was Ellie. If I remember correctly Charles was still on the island when Ellie was there, so my answer is this: Ellie was the leader and then left, then Charles became the new leader, and then Ben replaced him.

  4. Ben & Richard declared that Charles was the leader of ‘the others’, including Charles himself, repeatedly throughout the seasons.

    Richard stated that Charles & Eloise were in a relationship, which implied a shared leadership between them. Should be ‘split hairs’ over who gets top billing as ‘head banana’?

    From Lostpedia:

    1977: During his time as leader of the Others, Widmore made routine trips off the Island. During one of those trips, he fathered Penny with an unknown woman who lived in the outside world.

    Eloise Hawking, also known as Ellie, is the former leader of the Others and the mother of Daniel Faraday by Charles Widmore.

  5. For some reason the remainder of Eloise Hawking’s portion got cut off.

    At a later date, under unknown circumstances, Eloise left the Island and moved to Essex, Massachusetts, where she raised her son Daniel Faraday, fully aware that he would die at her hands after travelling back to the 1970s.

    Hope this is helpful, oompaloompa

  6. Dabs, I hope you didn’t read into the “who else?” question as if it was discounting that Charles was the leader…I was honestly just asking. It’s not about splitting hairs…overall it’s an interesting question to be considered, so I was ‘thinking out loud’. That’s all.

    Theman…I like when people play devils advocate…interesting spin on using her as an excuse. It’s worth considering, but in a weird way, I kinda trust Richard. 🙂

  7. I trust Richards ‘knowledge’, but he doesnt seem to know the whole story, or at least isnt sharing it.

    When Chuck is gone, someone needs to play the role, and I think that someone is Ellie. Its very possible that she is considered the leader for that simple reason.

    I think Richards word alone is enough to say someone is leader, most likely because he is the only one (in the 70s) that we KNOW has actually spoken to Jacob.

    If Chazz leaves to go frolicking off island, and something happens to Ellie, there would be serious trouble in Otherton, unless there is someone besides Ben sitting back and waiting to grab ahold of power…

    That also leads to the question…where the hell is Ben when all this is going down?

  8. Just throwing this out there. But what if in order to be the leader of the Island, you had to die first.

    Ben was shot and Richard brought him to be saved. Maybe he died and was resurrected and that’s how he became leader.

    Locke was killed and he became leader.

    We don’t know if Widmore was ever killed. but who knows.

    So if Richard knocks out Ellie and says “I’m protecting our leader”, maybe he means Faraday, since Ellie is pregnant with him. And he does die so….

  9. Ellie left the island because the statue was destroyed. The statue repersented a eygptian goddess that protected pregnant women/ She had to leave to stay alive. Then Charles took over.

  10. Did anyone think that the “leader” Richard wanted to protect was the unborn baby, and not Ellie after all? Now who could that be? We aren’t totally sure it’s Faraday, in fact there have been theories that he should have been 8 years old at that time. So maybe it’s one of the Losties? Just a fleeting thought!

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