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Written on 16th May 2009


First, I would like to apologize in advance for my poor english, sorry but i’m french!

I practically agree with subliminal’s theory 🙂 => Everything falls into place. Innocence, loopholes, and the great chess game.
But, I do not think Jacob chose the worst mankind.
That is true, most of them were thieves or murderers. But not all of them.

At the beginning they were good people, they were innocent.

Their common point is the absence of support, the conflictual relationship with their father.

1) Christian put a lot of pressure on his son’s back, he humiliated him many times.
2) Kate’s father was a violent and alcoholic man, that’s why she decided to kill him.
3) Sayid’s father pushed him to violence by killing animals if I remember well.

4) James’ father killed his wife and himself in front of his sons eyes.

5) Sun’s father pushed Jin, who was a very nice fisherman into a enforcer with blood on his hands ( i don’t know if that part is very clear).

6) Hurley’s father left his family when Hurley was little.

7) And the worst father ever was John’s. He abandoned his child, stole his kidney, etc. and tried to kill him.

Without the image of a father, they were all LOST. They needed to be guided.

Jacob kinda intends to fulfill this role. We can interpret it in two ways, the image of a father (a parent) and the image of God. Both guide humans in their lives’ achievement.

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